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Robin talks about what she learned from following her passion early in life, her biggest lessons from her darkest times and the importance of her current mission in life, to help others shine their light.

Robin Treasure is a sales professional, author, speaker, and sales coach. She is passionate about sharing her heart-centered approach to sales, which has enabled her to grow her sales territory in dietary supplements from $220,000 per year to $2.8M per year in revenue - all while being regarded as a strategic partner by her clients. While her experience is in the dietary supplement industry, her approach can absolutely be implemented in any industry, leading her to write her book called Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition. Robin is also a sales coach who offers one on one trainings and group coaching.

Robin talks about what she learned from following her passion early in life, her biggest lessons from her darkest times and the importance of her current mission in life, to help others shine their light.

Robin Treasure is a sales professional, author, speaker, and sales coach. She is passionate about sharing her heart-centered approach to sales, which has enabled her to grow her sales territory in dietary supplements from $220,000 per year to $2.8M per year in revenue - all while being regarded as a strategic partner by her clients. While her experience is in the dietary supplement industry, her approach can absolutely be implemented in any industry, leading her to write her book called Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition. Robin is also a sales coach who offers one on one trainings and group coaching.


Robin Treasure – Sales Professional, Sales Coach, Author and Speaker

[00:00:00] Today we are speaking with Robin treasure. Robin is a sales professional author speaker in sales coach. She is passionate about sharing her heart centered approach to sales, , which has enabled her to grow her sales territory in dietary supplements from 220,000 per year.

[00:00:18] 2.8 million per year in revenue, all while being regarded as a strategic partner by her clients. Her experiences in the dietary supplement industry, her approach can absolutely be implemented in any industry. Leading her to write her book called heart powered sales, grow your sales exponentially with emotional intelligence and intuition.

[00:00:42] Robin is also a sales coach who offers one-on-one trainings and group coaching. I'm really excited to learn more. Robin, thank you for joining us on fresh blood, please. Could you tell us a bit more about your story and getting to where you are today? Yes. Thank you. And it's really great to be here with you.

[00:01:00] Yeah. So you know, a little bit about me and my background and I guess I'll start with the present and then work backwards. So as you mentioned, I am a sales coach. I work primarily with women. I have a real passion for connecting with people for the art of communication, what it means to really communicate.

[00:01:22] Someone to really listen to what they need and what they're trying to say. I have a real passion for serving people and. That is absolutely what you're doing when you're in sales. And if you're doing well you're serving and I wouldn't have known that years and years ago, I would have told you that sales would be the last profession that I would get into.

[00:01:48] Yes. So there still is a bit. Stigma sometimes of, to be good in sales, you have to be pushy or, sales is a, a sleazy or, that there's an ulterior motive. And really when it's done the right way, that couldn't be further from the truth. And yet, because there is that bit of stigma and because there is a lot on the line when you first approach a customer that means that there's a greater challenge.

[00:02:17] There's more on the line and I love that challenge of. Shining through with your heart and your integrity and making it clear that you're not attached to the outcome and that you're there to serve the customer. But yeah, like I said, years ago that would have been the last thing that I would have understood.

[00:02:35] I'm curious, what was the first thing that you wanted to do years ago? Yeah. So years ago my, my first passion was foreign languages. Yes. So how many languages do you speak? I speak aside from English, I speak to others, so conversational Spanish, and then fluent Italian. Wow. Interesting. Yeah. So did you do something.

[00:03:01] Yeah. So actually that was my first career was an Italian translation. Wow. Okay. That's super interesting. What did you do with that? Where were you living be? Where were you living here? So I, I studied Italian as an undergraduate in college in Boston. And then. So it fell. So in love with the language that I said, I want to go on and make a career of this.

[00:03:26] I want to be a translator. So I got a master's degree in Italian translation in Boston, and then I moved to Rome. I moved to Rome and I had a little bit of savings to my name. I moved over there with no job. I knew one friend of a friend. Wow. And I didn't know how long I would stay there. I ended up staying for four years.

[00:03:52] I love this. Yeah. So you got a job and just settled in Rome and started living life. Yes, I did. Yeah, but it was, I was freelancing as a translator, mainly in the film industry and then also wine. So it was, yeah, it was just a constant fluid. Free situation where I was just, getting translation jobs here and there.

[00:04:17] And, they, I made enough money where I could make a living and have fun and go on weekend trips and amazing. What was your big takeaway from that time? What did you learn from that experience? Absolutely. My biggest takeaway. Take risks. Go live your dreams, follow your heart. If you have a passion and you know that you can dedicate your heart to that and really give it your all right.

[00:04:47] It doesn't matter if you don't have a perfectly logical game plan, or if it doesn't make perfect sense. And so well-meaning, people may try to talk you out of doing something like moving overseas without a job. Did your parents have something to say about that? My parents have always. Supportive and, they chose a very different lifestyle for themselves.

[00:05:11] They, live on a mountain top in New Mexico and yeah, and that's where I was born and raised. But they always just shook their heads. And so well, Robin am, we're proud of you. What do you want to go? Do it, go do it. Yeah, that's great. And so where'd you go from there? When did you, when you left Rome, why and where'd you go?

[00:05:32] Yeah after it had been nearly four years in Rome and just an amazing experience and, that was in my mid twenties and to getting into my late twenties, I suddenly had this feeling of I think I've lived out my experience here. I think I want to return to the states. I want to start building more of a future.

[00:05:53] And and so once again, I followed my heart. I didn't want to go back to New Mexico. I didn't want to go back to Boston and I just felt drawn to the San Francisco bay area. Probably also because it is an international city and I figured I, Possibly use my Italian here. And so I, I moved here.

[00:06:14] I, I knew I had a few loved ones who lived here. And so I moved here to the bay area again with no job. But at least now I was in my own country and I had a few loved ones, like I said, who lived here. And I lo and behold. So fortunate to find a very rare job working for the Italian cultural Institute, which is the cultural arm of the Italian consulate.

[00:06:42] It's amazing. It's amazing. There is a handful of jobs of that type of job in the United States. That's actually through the Italian government. So I was very fortunate. I was in the right place at the right time. And so who says that you can't go and make a career out of something that you love, like the Italian language and, it's, I couldn't have predicted that I could have done as well as I did.

[00:07:11] And when I did get that job at the Italian cultural Institute, it ended up being a wonderful career for nine years there. I was with the Institute and had extremely rewarding experiences working with. I was translating. I was working as an interpreter. So translation is written and then interpreting is oral, right?

[00:07:32] So when visiting filmmakers, Italian filmmakers would come from Italy to the bay area to present their films at film festivals, I was their interpreter standing by their side, translating for them in front of the audience and helping the filmmaker to understand the audience's questions and then translating or interpreting the answers, the filmmakers answers so that the audience could understand.

[00:07:59] Yeah, I was gonna say that sounds like so much fun and so interesting. And does it, is it as good as it sounds. It really is honestly it was the highlight, and that's not what I was doing every single day, but a few times a year, that's what I was doing. And that was really the highlight of the year.

[00:08:14] It was thrilling and so much. That's a great, that's wonderful that you've built this career. Like you said, on something that so many people would probably give you some questions about, would you have a backup and things, and you've also gone through a lot of change. Moving to Rome and having to build this life there and then moving to San Francisco and other new place and building a life there is it.

[00:08:41] That's not always easy. Is there anything that, that you would share that helped you build, successfully build your life in these places that might help other people? Because there's are a lot of people in flux right now in change? 

[00:08:54] Absolutely. The number one tool and resource that each of us has is our intuition.

[00:09:02] And I'm a huge believer in following your intuition. And we all have this gift, this tool, this skill, but the question is just. Have you been trained to use it and to tap into it? Most of us have not exactly. But it's something that we can really access and by training, I really put that in quotation marks because it's really about each of us feeling into what we know to be true.

[00:09:30] So certainly in times of flux, like now We might be tempted to use our heads and that's important. We do need it. We do need to use our head and to be to leverage our logic and our strategic thinking, but not at the expense of what our inner intuition informs us as well. So when making a big leap, whether it's moving overseas or making a career change, My biggest piece of advice is to tap into your intuition.

[00:10:06] I like this a lot. Now, what you said is very true. A lot of us have not been trained to do that. It's ignored, it's almost like they, people learn to ignore it. I know that was something that I did. And is there anything that you've done to help you get in touch with you in. 

[00:10:23] Yes. So I feel and I do write about this in my book that we can get into a bit later, but I really feel that in order to access your intuition, it's about connecting to your heart because by connecting to your heart, it helps you to strip away a lot of the self doubting thoughts.

[00:10:44] That, that can really, that we can fall prey to. And it helps you to get to this quiet place of truth where you can receive guidance because your intuition I've heard it said, and I can, can't remember right now who said it, but intuition is not thinking it's receiving.

[00:11:11] So it's really about getting quiet and it's less about doing and more about not doing in the moment. It's about getting quiet. It really almost visually in your mind, drop down from your head and into your heart. And that's where you'll receive that. It's it should come as a relief that you don't have to do a lot.

[00:11:36] Before making any major decision, once you make your decision, then you get into action and you do, and you want to use your head then, so that you're doing things in a really in the most productive way possible. But before you take action, That's where you get into non-action and just receiving, receive the guidance through your thank you Robin.

[00:11:59] That was really helpful. That's beautiful. Now tell me, I'm curious, how did you go from the Italian? Translation into sales. Where did that come from? Yeah, so that that came at a time where I was becoming more and more passionate about health and nutrition. And I was, that idea was percolating that, I think I would like to do more with health and nutrition which I'll tell you how it gets. They do connect the dots, do connect. So I started getting into, I was interested in health and nutrition. And then as it often happens, when you have a challenge in life that actually becomes your greatest gift.

[00:12:38] So I had a, I went through a period of great challenge where I had some health challenges. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, it was hard. Yeah. So the, the health challenges were really precipitated by stress, by emotional stress, financial stress. I had a newborn baby was, the economic downturn around 2008.

[00:13:03] Really hard time. And and so as I recovered my own health, I learned a lot about health and nutrition, and I really started putting all of that together and restoring my own health. And then I said, I really want. Other people do this too. So I eventually got my health coaching certification, started my own health coaching practice started supporting women in recovering your health from burnout.

[00:13:36] And I did that for several years and then I. Learned of an opportunity to become a sales rep at a high quality nutritional supplement company. So it's a manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements that are used by healthcare practitioners, whole holistic health care practitioners in their practices with their patients.

[00:14:03] And you can trust. Yes. That's really going to create the beneficial health outcomes that patients are looking for. So that was my. Introduction to sales where, at first, when I first heard of that opportunity, I said I'm no sales person. I can't do that. And the person who let me know of this opportunity says, oh, but you can, because you can connect with people.

[00:14:32] You can help them find solutions. And when she put it in that perspective and that context, it just helped me to embrace sales in a whole new way. And you weren't trying to sell them something you were trying to help. Yes. Bring this product that you knew could be trustworthy that could give them what they're looking for.

[00:14:53] Yeah, exactly. And it's, so it really was a triple win because these high quality products that I already knew and loved, I knew would benefit the patient. And it also Benish benefited the health pack, health care practitioners and their practices because it became a part of their clinical protocols.

[00:15:14] And the products were actually a part of their business and revenue as well. So it was a triple win for everyone and I, that. That's wonderful. And do you still stand behind the products you still feel good about you would present a hundred percent? Yes. I'm no longer with the company, but I love the company and the products are just the best in class.

[00:15:36] They're amazing. And this is where you perfected your sales technique that you were writing about in your book, correct? Exactly. Exactly. Is there anything that you can tell us about that? From what you're going, because in the introduction, you talked about how you went from 220,000 to 2.8 million, which is fantastic.

[00:15:53] I try, if I was smart, I would tell you what that percentage was, but I, it's not my strong suit that it's impressive.

[00:16:06] Did you do that? Is there anything we can learn from you here? Yeah. Absolutely. As I got into the work and and really, I had almost, I would say the benefit of not having any formal sales training aside from some business building courses that I had taken in my health coaching practice.

[00:16:24] But I really was able to approach it from a place of service. So first and foremost, Was about connecting with each individual health care practitioner and understanding their true needs and wants. And that's where I really can connect that experience back to my work as an Italian interpreter and translator, because it's really about understanding the words behind the words.

[00:17:00] And understanding what someone is really wanting to convey. So w hearing what they're saying, not just through their words, but then also their body language tone of voice. And when you can connect with a customer and really understand what they need and want and transcend your own fears about being pushy.

[00:17:24] Okay. And only presenting your product or solution once you've truly understood what it is that they need, and then presenting it by speaking to the needs and wants that they have expressed to you. A sale happens naturally. It feels organic. It feels good. Yes. And so that's what I did, and it really was customer by customer.

[00:17:51] It, none of that happens overnight. It's about a process, right? The right process. Yeah. I think that's wonderful. And what brought you to the point where you decided right. Yeah. Towards, into my fifth year in, in that position I really started to put my ideas together and truly the seed, what started, it was just this feeling again in my heart being guided by my heart, that it's time to write a book.

[00:18:24] It's time to share what you've learned. So that others can benefit as well. Yeah. So that's how it started. It's been a year and a half long process and I have just enjoyed it so much. And it's been really exciting to see that it's in my experience. And I think for everyone writing a book, it's going to be a little bit.

[00:18:50] But for me, it's been a, almost a layering or almost like Russian dolls where you start with that little core message. And I sent it out to several beta readers and they said, okay, this is good. And I want more of you, more of your stories. And so then I'd add another layer of the Russian doll.

[00:19:14] And I went through several rounds of that. And so I also learned that it's really about having the courage to own your story and own everything that you want to. 

[00:19:25] That's big too. It's not easy to have the courage to share your story and to put yourself out there. Did you have any, you've done a lot of, you done a lot of things.

[00:19:31] You went to throw me, you, you, you went to San Francisco, you started your own practice in the wellness industry, and then you started your own practice in the sales industry and he wrote a book. Did you ever question yourself, did you ever fall back and and struggled to get past your own self, if you will.

[00:19:49] A hundred percent. Yes. That's I feel that's a challenge that's never really done. There are moments where you feel on top of the world because you've helped someone and you've transformed their life in some small way. And then there are other days where you really doubt you doubt yourself, You have major imposter syndrome who am I to do this?

[00:20:13] Who am I to write a book? Who am I to say that I have anything figured out, but in those moments I take my own medicine. I coach myself. Through the same process that I coach my clients and that I share in my book, which is, when you have those moments first of all, just surrender because when you have those moments of self doubt, you are not in your heart, you are up in your head creating stories.

[00:20:43] Yes. It's a hundred percent. Yes. And I think we're all really good at that at fabrics.

[00:20:53] Yes. I, yes, I can fabricate these crazy intricate stories about, why I'm not good enough or smart enough, or, just filling myself with self doubt. And that is really all up in my head. And so my message is drop out here. Drop into your heart, surrender those thoughts, the thoughts of I'm not good enough, all of the self doubt also surrender your emotional attachment to the outcome.

[00:21:24] So that means surrender. We're actually emotionally attached when we have those self doubts. Because there's a lot of prescriptive language about good enough. There's a lot of judgment, right? Not good enough. I am good enough. Better. Not as good. So there's a lot of emotional attachment there.

[00:21:45] Just like we can have an emotional attachment to. Having an emotional attachment in the sale is the thing that's going to trip you up and prevent you from making the sale. So if you can release the attachment and know you're going to be okay, no matter what, then you can be more present with your customer.

[00:22:06] Yeah. That's very good advice. I give this advice to my recruiters as well. It's not about them. It's not about, yeah. It's about the other person, always a hundred percent. It's about, how can you show up for the other percent and just be present for them. And so when you've got those moments of self doubt and you're spinning in your head, just drop into your heart, get quiet release, emotional attachment, ask for guidance.

[00:22:38] That's great. You're right. And it is anytime that negative thought pro it is a thought process that those negative feelings happen. It's because it's swirling in the head and you're trapped in that, those stories that you're creating around yourself. So that's really good advice to drop out of your head and into your heart.

[00:22:55] And the heart is where things feel. Yes. A hundred percent. Yeah. What do you feel? Out of all the things that you've done, what do you feel has been your one or two of your greatest successes and why?

[00:23:08] One of, one of my great achievements, and I think that this is more the external is, being recognized as a top performing sales rep. And then being able to mentor others in the company and then go on to become a sales coach and coach others who are in their journey and seeking success in sales.

[00:23:30] And that is a success that I'm very proud of. But really it's, and what I've learned in that is just do. Just do the work, go through your process, trust the process, release some emotional attachment to the outcome, just do it and just trust. I think another achievement that I am proud of is.

[00:23:48] Crazy move to Rome that I made. That's a big deal. It's a big deal. It's a big deal. Knowing, recognizing that, I guess I am a risk taker and it's, and it can really pay off in spades to take risks. You never know until you don't, until you try. I don't, I've only met you today, but I can only imagine the level of memories that were created in that four year span.

[00:24:12] So the richness has got to be off the charts. So yeah, making those following in your passion and you want, where you don't regret those moves, you don't regret it when you do that. You really don't. You rarely do you regret something like that, and worst case scenario. You get a ticket back home,

[00:24:36] literally. Yeah, exactly. What about the flip side of that question? What about a time of a great challenge? Big mistake. Yeah. Some big obstacle they had to deal with and he had to overcome. And how did you deal with it? Some mistakes that I've made in the past. Nothing was too major.

[00:24:56] And yet when I think back to it, there's an emotional sting there. And those mistakes happened when I was listening to someone else's well-intentioned advice.

[00:25:12] That's so true. Yeah. Yeah. So when you listen and again, it could be well-intentioned, but it's advice that does not resonate with you. You, it doesn't feel good in your heart, but you go with it because you think it's what you should do. So those are some, because of that, I did make some mistakes in my past not irreparable, but and you learn from it.

[00:25:34] So those are some things. That I would say, and then in terms of obstacles that, that period of health challenge that I mentioned, that was a difficult time. It was a difficult time. And again, that's when I had my daughter was just a newborn and toddler and.

[00:25:49] I was tired.

[00:25:53] I was on top of that. Exactly. And so that was a really hard time. And when I look back on it, I realized I wasn't listening to my body and my need for rest. I wasn't listening to my heart to do what I really want it to do. I wasn't listening to my intuition. So those are some lessons to just that I always keep coming back to is just follow your heart, follow your intuition.

[00:26:26] But those challenges were a huge gift because of everything that I learned. And it really gave you that passion to dig deep into health and nutrition and into become very knowledgeable, very quickly about the use of supplements. About the, nutrition, different dietary theories.

[00:26:46] And so it was a crash course and all of that. And if I hadn't had that, I wouldn't have had the passion and knowledge to go on and become a sales rep. Representing a product line of 300 different products that would, it would have been really hard to understand what each of those products did.

[00:27:06] If it hadn't been for the fact that I was a supplement junkie, trying all kinds of different supplements on my own and with my clients in health coaching, and so it's so amazing how those Challenges just become your greatest gifts later on. I agree. It is amazing, isn't it? But it is a matter of perspective and learning from it.

[00:27:27] But so this is a study of success, and living a successful life, but I'm curious, everyone's different definition of that. So what is your definition of success? And then based on that, what do you think is key to having continued success throughout.

[00:27:42] There can be so many different definitions of success, but I think it's whatever you determine is your goal and setting out and achieving it. But you have to be sure that those goals align with your desires. Okay. So if what you really desire is for example, more freedom and flexibility in your schedule and your life and prosperity.

[00:28:14] If you set a goal for success that doesn't give you that freedom and flexibility, then I don't know if that is a success. Even if someone else may use that as their barometer of success. Yeah. So it's really up to you to I think success bottom line is your personal. So my personal definition of success is can I have a positive impact on other people in whatever small way, can I have a positive impact on someone else?

[00:28:49] And can I help them shine their light? Each of us has a light to shine. And I see that with my coaching clients, that they're almost afraid to shine their light, or they might dismiss it. Yes. I think a lot of times people are taught to dismiss it, shine it and we all need to be given permission.

[00:29:11] We all need to be acknowledged that you are a bright, shiny light, and you need to have permission to go ahead and shine that light everywhere and by doing so, it gives everyone else permission to shine their light. So thank you for being someone that is helping people shine their light. I think that's an incredible.

[00:29:29] And find people important thing to be doing with your life. Thank you so much. I love how you just put that. That was really beautiful. It really is about giving permission to others to shine their light. I think we all need a little nudge. We all need a little bit of permission to shine our light.

[00:29:45] Yeah, I completely agree. And, based on everything that we're talking about, and I know you've learned a lot in your life, what's something that. You've learned, cause we've talked about a lot. There's some really great things. What do you feel is giving you the most benefit in your life?

[00:30:03] Really? Knowing from an early age that I had to follow my heart to follow that guidance. And and going back to the earlier question about, how do you achieve success? That's the key, right? Is to follow your heart and and you will receive guidance that you didn't know you had until you read until you were able to listen.

[00:30:30] Yes, no that's very big, and you've actually made changes in your forties too. And I know that. Part of the inspiration for this was a lot of times changes, after the age of 40, there's a lot more struggle and difficulty and there's a lot of fear. And I love talking to people who have made these changes and have thrived with them.

[00:30:49] Is there any advice that you would give someone who might be in that position that are struggling to find the right path, the right next opportunity in figuring themselves out? Yes. First of all, I have loved my forties more than any other decade of

[00:31:07] wonderful. I'm 48 now. And I just absolutely have really, truly loved my forties. And I think it's really a time where you come into your own and you own your story. Like I said, Quite literally if you're writing a book or just, or if you're, changing careers or just making major life decisions this is a time where you're really empowered, especially as a woman to make those changes and to to really own it and to enjoy your forties.

[00:31:38] And of course in your forties, there can be some major transitions and changes. And again, before making the leap get still and get quiet, that's the most important piece. And if you're going through what I might call the dark night of the soul we all go through it. We've, maybe a couple of edit, a couple of different cycles through our lives, right?

[00:32:03] If you're going through that time. Don't rush it, it can feel really uncomfortable and you just want to end it and stop it and get out of it, but just be with it. Feel the feelings you have to feel the feelings, allow them to come through you so that you can move on when the time of. The only way out is through that is always with me because it's it.

[00:32:31] It's true. You have to go through it to get out. Otherwise you're going to get stuck. You're not going to get out until, the lesson. Let go of you until you really learn the lesson. Yeah. I've seen that. I agree completely. And making these changes in your forties, I'm curious, have you ever experienced ages in yourself?

[00:32:51] And if so, how did you do. So I'm really fortunate to say I haven't, as far as I know been the the subject of age-ism or been subjected to age-ism, but what I will say is that I think the worst age-ism that I've experienced is in my own. Where, yeah, where, this is where the comparing voice comes in of, I'm not as young as they are, you get all the self doubts as a woman, if how old you look how do people perceive you?

[00:33:22] And that's the worst kind of ages. Because it comes from within, and that can be so destructive. And what I would say is that you teach others how you want to be treated. So if you can Be proud of who you are, own your story own your accomplishments. Know that you're not a 20 something who doesn't have much experience under her belt.

[00:33:53] You're much further along. You have so much to share so much wisdom that you've gained and really own that. You will convey that message and that confidence to the people that you're working with

[00:34:08] on the contrary, if you are, dimming your light and in a in a state of contraction, not wanting to take on opportunities because of self doubt or because you are comparing yourself to younger colleagues. Guess what. That may be what you get. You're teaching other people that's how you show up what a great answer.

[00:34:32] Thank you for that. That's really good. And I'm curious, besides the book that you've written, is there another book that you've read or a talk you've listened to, or maybe a movie you've watched that had a really big impact on your life that you think could benefit other than. Yes. So I in my early forties, I was going through a little bit of a dark night of the soul, a lot of self doubt, huge time of transition.

[00:35:01] And I really needed some guidance at that time. And I came upon a book called the anatomy of a calling by Dr. Lissa Rankin. So she's a medical doctor who has really become an incredible voice in the world of spirituality and the title, the anatomy of a calling anatomy alluding to her medical background training.

[00:35:31] And then she experienced, many changes and she shares those changes in that journey that she went through in the book. And she draws parallels between that and the hero's journey, the classic hero's journey. And, one of the lessons that I learned from the book is that exact message of don't try to rush through the dark times.

[00:35:57] Feel your feelings and to be okay with the space between stories. And that is huge. And that has stuck with me for years. If you are in the space between stories, which means one chapter has ended and the next hasn't yet begun, that can be very uncomfortable and scary. Yes. And you know that I found myself at that point And again, not, that was before I got into sales, I was done with my Italian trans translating career.

[00:36:37] I was in health coaching, it wasn't quite feeling right. I hadn't yet found the position in sales. And so it was that dark night of the soul for me. That was a little bit it was scary. I was also newly divorced and. It was a lot. And I'm very fortunate to say that I'm very, I have a very amicable relationship with my ex-husband and he's a wonderful person, but regardless it was just difficult.

[00:37:05] It was a very difficult time of transition. So this book, the anatomy of a calling really helped me to sit in that space between stories. To feel the feelings to be okay with the discomfort and to know that none of it is permanent. None of it is permanent. Yes. Thank you. What, I'm going to read that book.

[00:37:28] I've not heard of it, and I don't think I'll ever forget that the space between stories, because that is exactly that stuck space. Is there? No there's being stuck in them. There is that. The ending of one chapter, right? Haven't started the next one. Yes. Yes, exactly. And, we can really shy away from uncertainty, like when we're in that space between stories, everything feels uncertain.

[00:37:52] And so we want to rush to certain, to, we want to rush to the knowing. So a way to embrace that along with just being in the space between stories, but embrace. That what you don't know yet could be absolutely incredible. Your next chapter can be. Absolutely. Jaw-dropping amazing. Yes. Yes. And so just be in that positive state of expectation.

[00:38:27] I love it. Yes. Thank you. So Robin, for people who want to learn more about you, I will have links in the show notes, but please. You know right now how they could find more information about you and information about your book. Yeah, absolutely. People can go to my website, which is Robin and you can learn more, a little bit more about me there.

[00:38:53] And then also find the link to my book, which is also available on Amazon. Again, that title is heart powered. Grow your sales exponentially with emotional intelligence and intuition. And the book is really the heart powered sales method that I created in the course of my sales career. That really teaches you to use your intuition, to find business opportunities, to know what is.

[00:39:26] Best step and to connect to your customers with emotional intelligence, how to help them feel heard and understood how to create, how to release that emotional attachment. That can be such a stickler in sales and then how to put together an action plan where you do have a second. Business plan to know how to approach your day-to-day work in sales and how to be in action, but taking really strategic action so that you are getting the best ROI for your.

[00:40:05] Very valuable. Very valuable. Yes. And are you taking on additional clients for sales coaching if people are interested as well? Yes. Yeah. So they can find out more information about that on my website, Robin I am taking on individual coaching clients and then also I run group programs periodically.

[00:40:26] Great. This has been wonderful Robin. It's been such a great talk before we sign off. I want to ask you my last book. Yes. What are you sure of in life? What I am sure of is that we are all being guided. We're all being guided by an energy that connects us all. And I like to refer to this energy as loving consciousness,

[00:40:56] loving consciousness, one. Us to succeed and wants us to be happy and wants us to have prosperity and connection and a sense of fulfillment. And we're getting those signs every little day. Those every day, those little nudges the guidance shows up in. Something that you hear in a podcast or something that you read or a message within your own heart that guidance shows up.

[00:41:28] And that is what our intuition does is our intuition connects us to that guidance. So beautiful. I loved that answer. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate your time, Robin. Thank you, Jolie. It's been really a pleasure talking with you. I really appreciate it. Great. Thank you.

Jolie Downs:

I loved talking with Robin, there were so many great lessons she shared through her story. I absolutely love that Robin followed her passion early in life, getting her degree in something she was excited and interested in regardless of the stories others might have told her- you know the comments – maybe you should go in a more reasonable direction, how are you going to make a good living with that degree- and I’ll stop there because the right questions can be found in those comments - the good living – the reasonable direction – by whose standards is something deemed a ‘good living’ or a ‘reasonable direction’? Who is to say what a good living is but yourself. The only reasonable direction you need to be concerned with, is the direction that is right for you, whatever that may be. 

Robin listened to her own inner voice and she followed her dreams. When she graduated, she moved to Rome, exactly where she wanted to be, even though she had very little money and no job, this was what she wanted, so she made it work. And she was rewarded with an incredible life experience that she carries with her today. 

After spending 4 years living in Rome, Robin felt ready for a change and once again she followed her heart. She didn’t want to go back to Boston or NM where she had built previous lives, she was drawn to the SF Bay Area and once again made a major move without having a job. Once again, she found the perfect role for her at that time working for the Italian Cultural Institute. 

Through these experiences, Robin learned the value of taking risks. She leaned to follow her heart and listen to her intuition. She learned that if you have a passion and you know you can give it your all, it doesn’t matter if you have a perfect game plan or if it makes complete sense to others, it only needs to make sense to you. Well-meaning people will always try to talk you out of things they don’t understand, but these are not the voices you need to be concerned with, the only voice you need to get in touch with, is yours. 

I’m curious, are there any risks you did not take in your past that you wish you did? 

Was there ever a path your heart told you to follow and you didn’t listen? 

What is stopping you from taking that risk now? 

Is it possible to follow your heart in some small way? Studies show that people who are at the end of their lives do not regret the things they did, they regret the things they did not do. 

What can you do for yourself today that your future self will thank you for? 

Robin had excellent advice around learning how to tap into our intuition. Getting in touch with your own intuition is an incredible gift you can give yourself. Most of us have never been taught about intuition let alone trained in how to get in touch and listen. This is something you can learn and develop, easily, yourself. It’s a practice like anything else and Robin gave great step by step insight. So before making a big change, a big leap or a big decision, take a moment and check in with your inner self. As Robin shared, your intuition is not thinking, it is not logic, it is receiving, it is about getting quiet, becoming still, being in the moment with yourself, dropping out of the chaos of your thoughts in your head and dropping into your heart center. Your heart is where you get to the truth and receive the guidance. So your practice is to close your eyes and visualize your soul essence collecting in your mind, visualize this essence, this light, dropping down from your head into your heart, this is where you ask yourself the questions to which you need the truth. And that truth, it will come as a relief. The hardest part is making the decision but when you make that decision by getting in touch with your inner knowing, everything becomes easier moving forward. You can then make the decisions needed to move forward in a productive way.

Robin shared she went through a time of life that held a great deal of stress, including dealing with difficult health challenges. This was a worrying, hard time for Robin but she learned, as many of us do, that often our greatest challenges lead to our greatest gifts. When Robin struggled with her health issues, she devoted herself to learning about nutrition to help with her own personal recovery. When what she learned helped her heal, she wanted to share and support others who were dealing with something similar. This led to her getting her health coaching certification which in turn led to her finding and accepting her first sales role.

I loved what Robin learned about sales during this time. 

Robin found, she excelled in a sales role when she realized it was about connecting with each person individually and understanding their wants and needs. When she realized successful sales was simply taking the time to understand people and then help them- everything changed. When you connect with people on their level, with the intention of helping them find the right solutions for them – you are no longer a sales person, you are an ally on their journey, you are a guide on their path. 

This is true for all aspects and relationships in life. When you surrender your personal attachment to an outcome and can instead focus on what is best for the person standing in front of you, you will find success.

With Robin’s new view of sales, she quickly went on to excel and succeed in her sales techniques. Once again, she wanted to help others do the same. Robin became a sales coach and ended up publishing her first book, Heart Powered Sales. Another story proving, that when you set out to help others, you in turn end up helping yourself. 

Robin also learned an important lesson going through her difficult years. You can not rush the dark times. We all go through a personal dark night of the soul in life and it is undoubtedly uncomfortable and something you want out of but really, you cannot rush these feelings, you cannot outrun them or ignore them until they go away. They will always be there until you deal with them. The only way out is through. You must feel all the feelings so they can move through you and you can move on. If you don’t, you will get stuck, as Robin said, the lesson won’t let go of you until you learn the lesson. So be ok with your space in between stories. When one chapter ends and the other has yet to begin, it can be an incredibly scary place to be, so If you find yourself in this space, I want you to remember Robin’s advice and remind yourself that what you don’t know yet can be absolutely incredible. Your next chapter could be jaw dropping amazing. Don’t you owe it to yourself to embrace that positive space of expectation? 

What is the absolute best case scenario for you in three years time? 

Focus in on that picture and hold it to be true. 

I also loved Robin’s personal definition of success, to have a positive impact on others’ lives and help them shine their light. So many of us have been dimmed by others peoples stories, by society’s stories, by the stories we have picked up and carried along with us. We need to be reminded of the truth, that you are ready, that you are worthy , that you are deserving, that you are enough. Everything in your life has been fertilizer to grow your own personal garden. You are a bright light, a wondrous miracle here for the very purpose of shining your unique beauty on the world. We all need a little nudge from time to time as life can so often weigh us down. We accept these stories that don’t belong to us and they become like an anchor on the soul, dimming our light day by day. If you are dimming your light, you are in a state of contraction and therefore not taking on or even noticing opportunities because of self doubt, because of comparison to others. When You dim your light, you dim your life.  So this is your reminder – that you are whole and complete, alive in this moment and absolutely a powerful being of possibility. Moving forward, refuse to dim your light in fear of others perception. Own your own personal greatness, recognize and embrace your uniqueness, proudly, and by doing so, you will illuminate the darkness that others may find themselves sitting in. You will give permission for others to do the same. 

So that is my wish for us all, that you will no longer shrink to fit the small minds of the world but will instead, step into your greatness, shining at your full wattage, proudly and unapologetically, owning the beauty that is you. 

Until Next Time

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