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Artie talks about how he developed his talent, what he’s learned from doing thousands of readings and gives insight into healing and fully thriving in life.

Artie Hoffman is a master level psychic, comedium and spiritual advisor for over 3 decades and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. A nationally renowned speaker, healer and radio personality, Artie’s weekly radio show, Angels and Answers, gives listeners a chance to connect with Artie and ask questions about a variety of personal topics. Artie has performed his show throughout the US, he offers personal readings to his clients (including many celebrity personalities) and provides seminars, workshops and psychic development classes to the public.

Artie talks about how he developed his talent, what he’s learned from doing thousands of readings and gives insight into healing and fully thriving in life.

Artie Hoffman is a master level psychic, comedium and spiritual advisor for over 3 decades and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. A nationally renowned speaker, healer and radio personality, Artie’s weekly radio show, Angels and Answers, gives listeners a chance to connect with Artie and ask questions about a variety of personal topics. Artie has performed his show throughout the US, he offers personal readings to his clients (including many celebrity personalities) and provides seminars, workshops and psychic development classes to the public.


Artie Hoffman – Psychic, Comedium and Spiritual Advisor

[00:00:00] Jolie Downs: [00:00:00] Today we are talking with Artie hoffman, Artie is a master level, psychic a comedian, a spiritual advisor for over three decades and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. He is a nationally renowned speaker, healer and radio personality.

[00:00:23] These weekly radio show angels and answers. Give the listeners a chance to connect with Artie and ask questions about a variety of personal topics. Artie has performed his show throughout the U S he offers personal readings to his clients, which include many celebrity personalities, and he provides seminars, workshops, and psychic development classes to the public.

[00:00:44] I'm really looking forward to learning more about your journey already. Thank you for joining us on fresh blood. Could you tell us a little bit more about your story and getting to where you are today? Oh I started it. It was all on a fluke. I know there's no such thing as a coincidence is, but for human sake, we'll call it a coincidence.

[00:01:06]Artie Hoffman: [00:01:06] But it was at the age of 27. When I got a postcard in the mail, I was married at the time. And it said, how would you like to develop your psychic ability and intuitiveness come to the Edgar Casey foundation in Virginia Beach for this one weekend seminar, learn how to develop your abilities.

[00:01:27] I said, oh crap. I didn't know you could learn how to do this. I figured anything. You were born with it, you had it, or you did. And so he asked my wife, who was my wife at the time. He says, this looks interesting. You want to try this? She has not, I don't give a shit about that. You can go if you want. I'm not interested.

[00:01:41] So I. And I went away for that one weekend seminar and there was about 50 of us from all different parts of the country that was at this seminar. Interesting. And they got yet to learn, to be very unconditional with your thoughts and your feelings, like no judgment whatsoever. And so we, after, after breaking everything down of any inhibitions or worries or concerns, they just ease everybody and they broke us up into groups and they said, whoever you're with, just share your thoughts with share your feelings and your thoughts with them.

[00:02:17] And then just tell him what you think don't judge it. And if they don't understand it now they'll understand it later. I was telling people my thoughts and my feelings, and most people are telling me I was pretty accurate and I was blown away because I've never done this before. And then people were doing the same thing too.

[00:02:35] So I said, cut it out. No, I'm only kidding. So I said, so it was just amazing. So after that one weekend, it literally changed my life forever and to look at life through a different perspective and, they were great speakers, also talking about God and spirituality and life beyond this life and endless possibilities and of way of manifesting or creating thought or connecting with God, how everything in life is endless.

[00:03:04] The only thing that's limited is our thoughts. Not life. Yes. That's actually a good post. I should write that down. I swear to God, that was an epiphany. I tell you, the spirits were talking to me. . And isn't it amazing. What happens when you, your mind opens up to these new perspectives that, that you hadn't previously embraced? What did that do for you 

[00:03:32] it did everything for me. It, you know what you know, like when you get drunk and it's you're not, if you're getting drunk or high, you have no fear you're numb or you're doing drugs. You're numb. Not that I did drugs. I never did drugs. I can't say that once I did drugs, once I did drugs and it was amazing and it let go, I let go of all fears that I felt nothing but pure.

[00:03:56] I felt nothing but pure love. And I had no fear whatsoever and it was amazing. It lasted I don't know that an hour or so. It was like Lucy in the sky with diamonds. But when I do what I do the reason why see, I, I've never done drugs, literally my entire life and my friends would always say already pick any drug you want and I'll buy it because if you're this high on life without drugs, I can only imagine how funny you would be and how awesome you would be on drugs.

[00:04:27]But I always stood out from everybody else always and not even trying, I'm just me being me, but any case. But I want to get back to the story from before. So when you were asking me about, developing the gift, so I went home after that seminar and I started reading for friends and family for a few years, just for the fun of it.

[00:04:48] And people were telling me how accurate I was. There's a lot of detailed messages that were coming through that were like right on the money. And I was like blown away that people were coming by with these testimonials. I'm just telling people, stuff at the top of my head, this is what I feel.

[00:05:02] This is what I think this is what I'm getting. And you're right. You're right. You're right. And now was I right? A hundred percent of the time no,, no psychic in the world is ever right a hundred percent of the times because there's this thing, what I call psychic probabilities because not everything's written in stone.

[00:05:20] So there are times where people would say, Hey art do you see me making it in this relationship? And I said if you do certain things yes, it's in cement. This is what's going to happen, but blah, blah, blah, boom. But then there are situations where if you go with this, if you try it out with your husband, this is what's going to happen.

[00:05:39] If you try it out with the other guy that you were seeing on the side, this is what's going to happen. If you go for counseling, this is what's going to happen. And if you go on your own, this is what's going to happen. And they go, okay what do you see me doing? I said, I could only tell you what is going to happen based on your choices, psychic probabilities.

[00:05:59] I said, that's your choice. I can tell you what I would do if I was in your position. But I'm telling you from a logical point of view, when you're emotionally invested, when emotions are high intelligence and smarts goes right out the window. Yeah, no, you're right. You're right. That's it. Now, were you doing so you were doing this on the side.

[00:06:21] Is this something they did on the weekend? And then you started doing it for friends and family. So what were you doing? So what happened? Wait before I get to that. So what happened was I got to a point in my life because of investments that I was making, I needed a lot of extra cash quick, and I had to pay back some people from investments that I made.

[00:06:39]I'm thinking, I'm saying other than the money that I do that I make now, I said, what else can I do? And I said, you know what? I know how to do readings. So I threw an ad in the paper and it said, if I don't pull through no charge. So 90% of the people paid me. So through word of mouth and through a little more advertising, my career just took off like gangbusters.

[00:07:01] Oh, wow. What a way to do it too. That's smart. Yeah. So what I did and I've been doing it for 40 years and I have 10 people who work. I have the window planning, power washing business called peeping Toms window cleaning, peeping Toms. That's a great name. And on my card it says binoculars not included.

[00:07:24] I love a good sense of humor. Yeah. Yeah, so I was, doing that at the time I've been doing that for 40 years. I've been doing readings for 33 years and both careers are doing its own thing and I'm able to balance it out. But now my career is starting to get bigger. And now I have to like readjust my life.

[00:07:47] According to, as my site, spiritual world is starting to grow and grow. So it's pretty challenging now I would say, thank God, I. In my prayers other than for love and health and good feelings like that. I also pray for balance, not so much as manifestation. I do pray for prosperity, but balance is so important in life and every single day without fail.

[00:08:17]I say this prayer to my guardian angels, I call upon cause we all have guardian angels with us 24 7. We have at least two guardian angels with us 24 7. And sometimes it's more now some people think who's my guardian angel. So they're thinking is it my mother, my father and my brother and my sister, my kid, or my best friend?

[00:08:34] No, they are loved ones who are with you. But an angel is an angel and a loved one is a loved one. And his spirit, God is the spirit guide. And then you have your ascended masters and the holy spirit. So it's all different energies. Okay. And where you learned to get in touch with all those guides through all of your learnings, correct?

[00:08:54] Yeah. Through, through meditations. So the prayer that I say every single day is I call upon all my loving guardian angels. Thank you for intervening into my life. You need to say intervening because you have free will your guardian angel is not allowed to intervene into your life. Unless if you ask them to do something for you or whatever, the only time an angel could intervene into your life, when you don't ask them, if you're in a do or die situation, and it's not your time to go, your angel will intervene to save you because it wasn't your time.

[00:09:32]Awesome. So you can ask your angels at any time to help you and you should ask them to help you. Is that correct? Yes. And so I say, I call upon all my love and guardian angels. Thank you for intervening in my life. Thank you for creating peace harmony. Balance and serenity into my life today. Thank you for all your loving white light, love and protection.

[00:09:54]Thank you for blessing. Me and my child and my close friends and family, and the name of the holy spirit. Amen. So this is the prayer that I say every day and I do ask for prosperity and I do as for, tight relationship, for love and protection. And when I go to the beach, I asked for a close parking spot, a quick close parking spot ASAP just for me.

[00:10:22] Yeah. And it's okay to ask all these things. So they know a lot of people think that you should only ask for the big things, but I've heard that it's okay to ask for the little things. Everything. And I mean everything and anything you shall ask and the churches and the temples have it all wrong.

[00:10:39] When they say you should not ask for money from God or whatever it's being selfish and get after their sermons and ceremonies are over, they put out their pews or they put out their little baskets and they say, can you please give to the church and to the temple? And I say, I would say, To give it to you.

[00:10:56] But you said you shouldn't ask, you're asking me, I don't want to turn you into the devil's work. So I'm not going to give you any money I would love to because that's the kind of guy I am. But you said I shouldn't ask. So therefore you shouldn't ask, so leave me alone. Now I'm curious. How did your family and coworkers react to this new talent that you were developing?

[00:11:20] Oh, they thought I was totally crazy. They thought I was, what else is already going to get into? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Is what my family and friends said, oh my God, what's Artie into now. But when they heard me on one of the more popular radio stations in New Jersey which is they have a view, they have a list of ship of 500,000 plus.

[00:11:44] So I managed to get onto their program, which is an interesting story. How I got on that program. Okay. So here I am, I'm doing one of my already parties. People hire me to go to their houses and I read for the friends and family. And I'm reading for this one lady and I'm telling you all about her son and she's saying no.

[00:12:07] I'm telling you about her daughter. No. I'm telling you about a relationship. No. Telling her about her job. Maybe, yes. I don't know. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, she thought I really sucked. She thought I did not hit her. I wasn't even close yada. What happened was a few months later, everything that I told her about her son, I call it.

[00:12:26] Cause I told her, I said, your son's going to need a root canal. I said, but they're not going to get it right. The first time he's going to have to go back a second or third time she goes, my son has perfect teeth and my father's my dentist. She goes, you don't know what you're talking about?

[00:12:38]He ended up needing a root canal and he didn't get it right. The first time he had to go back two more times to get. The problem that was going on. And then I told her, I said, your son is going to be changing his major or minor to philosophy. She goes, my son philosophy. You never been more wrong in all your life.

[00:12:56] Halfway into the year. He comes home with a new set of books and he goes, mom, I'm changing my minor to philosophy. She goes, what are you kidding me? And I told her that her son was going to have problems with his wrist. There was nothing wrong with the wrist. At the time his son, her son ended up spraining his wrist from his job.

[00:13:14] And then I told her she's probably going to end up breaking up with her boyfriend either. It's going to grow a lot or it's going to be broken up in the month of August. And she, and then she said, there's nothing wrong with my relationship. We're like best of friends. I don't know what you're talking about.

[00:13:29]In August they ended up breaking up. And then I told her about her job and then, which was correct. And I told her about her daughter, which was correct. All these other things were coming to it turns out she happened to be the number one salesperson at the radio station. And I was talking about New Jersey and she said to the main DJ, she says, you've got to get this guy on air.

[00:13:48] He's amazing. So when I got on the air and everyone heard me on the radio, they said, oh, he must have something now. And then they became believers. And then I did a quick reading for somebody at another radio station. And then she happened to have friends who worked for Fox TV. And so they got me on Fox TV.

[00:14:08]And and then I performed at Trump casino. Again, because people heard me on the radio and stuff. So clout, it just was building and building and it sounds like I'm bragging and I'm not, this is my story. I'm curious. How did you deal with it when you knew this was something that was, that you were growing and developing, you knew it to be true, but other people were questioning you like your, especially your loved ones.

[00:14:31] How did you deal with that? I got news for you. I was questioning myself because I never took anything for granted. When I first started doing this and people were started to pay me for this I'm telling people stuff, and I'm going to that, that after that, then after that. And then I'd look at you and I go, huh.

[00:14:48] And I'm waiting for either a positive response or a negative response. And when it was positive, I go to myself and sign myself, go, oh, thank God she could relate. Or he could relate to it. And then when they said no. To me. And I look at them and then my thoughts, I'm saying, I feel so bad for taking your money.

[00:15:03] I really suck at this. And then, but again people might not have related to what I had to say in the moment, but then days, weeks, or months later, things started to happen or they were verified what they didn't know to be true. They verified with their other friends or family members. What I said actually were true or came true.

[00:15:28] And it, like I said, it just manifests them manifested and it's really cool because growing up. I always wanted to become a therapist. I cause I'm good with people, but I sucked at school and I had no patience with books and I wasn't one that came from a lot of money as far as dealing with the finances of college and all that stuff.

[00:15:50] So I really never went to college, but I did write two books. One is called angels and answers and another one is called, have your angels call my angels. And in my first book, angels and answers, it says, I went to the university of Maryland in Boston for two years, but that was just to visit my friend.

[00:16:13] That was my college education experience. The thing is by reading so many people, cause I literally read for over 33,000 people in my career, no exaggeration. So that's what gives me the clout and the experience. People call me their psychic therapist. And helping people yeah. People every day.

[00:16:33] And I'm probably one step of be above and beyond the therapist only because I get to see what's in the future. Also, not just what's in the moment or what they're feeling, and they don't even have to say anything. You don't even have to say. And I already know, I don't have to know what your problem is, but I know what you're emotionally going through and how, what your perspective is.

[00:16:52] So when I help you relook at your problems or your circumstances, I give you back your power because you're not allowing that person to get the best of you, or you're not allowing the situation to get the best of you because you're looking at things from a better perspective, you're getting back your self-esteem and self-confidence and and that's what helps you give you a quality of life.

[00:17:16] So I would probably say that's my biggest blessing. Is giving people back their power. Now, does everybody take to it? No, because there are people who are stuck in their hamster wheel. I told them what to do to get out of it. I told them how to do it, but, so it depends. Do you want to do the work to get out of it or do you want to remain stuck for the rest of your life?

[00:17:37] It's your choice? Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. And you've done a lot already. You've run a successful business for many years. And you did you, you did this without a college education. You learned these psychic abilities develop these psychic abilities and you've created a successful business for yourself through that with shows throughout the U S radio show, books, client, personal clients, all these different things.

[00:18:02] What would you say has been your greatest success and what did you learn from it? My greatest success there's Four things I want to say about it for four separate things. Number one, being able to make a living out of it. Something that I love to do. Number two, healing people's lives, giving people back to power healing, their lives, healing, their hearts communicating to their loved ones who have passed away giving them an open perspective.

[00:18:34] That's number two of giving people back their power and stuff like that. Being on certain social medias was also a major success. Plus there's still a lot more to accomplish. And I would probably say one of my greatest successes and it's probably more than I even realized, but one that I know firsthand, which is my favorite reading of all thousands of people I've read for.

[00:18:56]There was a gentleman who called me up wanting to read. And he says, he goes, I'm in despair. He goes, I really need your help. He goes, I'm very depressed. He says, can you help me? And I could hear it in his voice. I said, sure, come on over. So I saw him the next day. He came into my place and he was down and out.

[00:19:17] And I started talking to him about the meaning of life and the meaning of his life. I just gave him a really good, healthy perspective of what life and his life was all about and what he could look forward to. And so after the reading was over now why I said what I said, I don't know. I just say whatever is said to me, my thoughts what the angels are sharing with me are the spirits sharing with me and my thoughts.

[00:19:45] And after the reading was over his whole demeanor changed and he gave me a big hug afterwards and he says, all right, you saved my life. Now a lot of people will say that, you're a life saver. You saved. And I said, oh, it's just, oh, that's not, that's it. That's okay. He goes, no, you literally saved my life.

[00:20:03] He goes,

[00:20:07] he said

[00:20:08] he said, I wrote a suicide note and I was going to kill myself tomorrow morning. And he said, because of you, I don't want to do that anymore. Wow. So that's very powerful and tingles all over. Yeah. So it's important. Yeah. So it's life altering life saving and it makes a big, after I explained to him, I said, cause I did tell him, I said, the people who do commit suicide, not realizing in the moment that he had that on his mind.

[00:20:39] I said, the people who want to commit suicide or kill themselves, I said, they think they're running away from their problems. And they're not. I said, what happens is that, God gave everybody free will. You could do with whatever you want and create whatever it is you want in life. And I love you unconditionally and I'm not going to stop you from doing what you want to do or what you create yourself to create in your life.

[00:20:59] He goes, however, you are responsible. That's the catch to free. Will you are responsible for all your actions. So when people are dealing with their life and say, you know what, I don't want to live anymore. I'm out of here. What happens is that they're going to be reborn. It's what another family right away that will lead them to the exact same circumstances.

[00:21:18] They just tried to run away from because they have to deal with what they've created. Only on the next go around. It comes with interest.

[00:21:25]People think that, I'm outta here. I'm not gonna deal with this anymore. Guess what, you're going to have to start from square one all over again for what you just did not to mention that people don't realize the amount of pain that they create with their friends and family by communicating, just connecting themselves from life itself, so they don't realize the cause and effect that they have with their lives.

[00:21:46] And what happens is that you feel all that pain of what everyone else is going through. When you cross over, you do feel everyone's pain and it's not that God's punishing you. It's just karma. And it's just, it's the law of the universe. It's the law of balance that creates. So that's why God says, treat the number, treat the neighbor as you would yourself.

[00:22:08] Because when you put out good, you will be blessed by tenfold and Goodwill come to you. You might not always get it in the moment, but it will come to you. But if you put out bad and negative, It will bite you in the ass and you'll re whatever it is that you put out there. So it's like when you look at all these hurting people in third world countries, all these people who are starving, hurting, raped poverty sickness.

[00:22:37] Now, how do you know, in a previous life that these aren't souls that were reborn, who might've been Nazi Germans in a previous life, and now they're paying the price so they could feel all the pain that they'd given to everyone else. Wow. So there's the reason why, when you see somebody struggling or hurting, or they had everything and it was taken away, or why in the conscious moment, in that moment, we do not realize what the karmic reason is, why they call for this to happen in their life.

[00:23:11] But before you're born into this world, You already know by meetings with your angels and your spirit guides, you already know all the major challenges you're going to be dealing with in this lifetime and all the major people that are going to be in your life. You already know that you're the one who picks your parents and you already know how you're going to die.

[00:23:31] And when you're going to die, because you've picked it, you already know it. And as soon as you're born, you're blessed with amnesia because now it's taught to play the game of life. According to all the pieces you picked now, why do we pick all these stupid ass challenges? Because it's to help us spiritually grow.

[00:23:50] And while we go through these challenges, we're learning about unconditional love. We're learning about blind faith. We're learning about being compassionate about being giving and the list goes on and on forgiving being forgiving. So it's you cannot spiritually grow if you're not.

[00:24:11] Experiencing these challenges to utilize these beautiful seniors. So I always tell people, if you want to become a good boxer, you need to take a good ass kicking. You need to learn to take a good ass kick. If you're going to become a good boxer. So if you want to spiritually grow, we chose a very hard life in this world.

[00:24:29] Most of us did, most of us did to deal with these challenges in our life. Why would I pick these alcohol? I didn't pick these pants. Why would I pick alcoholic parents or poverty or rape or whatever. They are your strong teachers. And it sucks. A lot. My father taught me what love is not because he was a very difficult personality.

[00:24:47] Not that he was all bad, he wasn't, but my mother definitely taught me and my brothers, what love was, so I had the best of it on both ends. I wrote my father a letter one time and I said, thanks for being my dad. I said, because of you and I've learned what not to do. So he's created so much pain in our lives that I've just, I said, I do the opposite because I would never want to cause anybody that kind of pain, especially my significant other yeah.

[00:25:16] He taught you how not to act. And that helped kinda been easy though, growing up. How did you deal with that growing up? It was emotionally challenging. It wasn't even so much as just for myself. I was always felt like I was protecting my mom because my mom was taking the wrath of my father's arrogance. My father wasn't into drugs and major alcohol. You drank once in a while, but it wasn't an alcoholic at all, You know it, like I said, the, unfortunately a lot of people became the people.

[00:25:44]They do not like, because they were raised by being beaten up or being abused. So therefore they do it to others because that was what was taught to them. Whereas for people like myself, the pain that I saw, somebody give was so bad, there was no way that I want it to be that person. So people, a lot of times become the people they don't like because they mimic what was done to them.

[00:26:10] So I always tell people, I said, whatever you wished you got the kind of love or appreciation from others, you got to give that to other people. What you wish you got from your parents or from your lover, from whoever I said, give that off to everybody else. And then those other people will give that back to you.

[00:26:31] But a lot of times, a lot of times people have a hard time appreciating compliments or love from other people because it's not coming from the people or the person they want it from the most. So they have a really hard time accepting compliments or appreciation or love because it didn't come from the person they wanted it from the most.

[00:26:51] So what would you tell them to help them with that?

[00:26:53]Love yourself. It's all about self-love and, I say this at almost with every show, the love and respect that you give is the love and respect you deserve. And people will love you and respect you as much as you love and respect yourself and the ones who don't love and respect you in the way that you love yourself.

[00:27:12] Then you need to ex them from there, from your life. And so long as you keep on allowing yourself to stay in that position, then you deserve it. You're staying there, you, by your choice, you're staying in there rather than making a conscientious choice to make changes. So if somebody keeps on, you keep on repeating the same lesson over and over and over again, waiting for things to change people.

[00:27:39] Won't change circumstances, won't change. You have to change. And when you change, you force other people to change when you change. But a lot of people. A lot of people don't want to change because there's too many inconveniences. They're afraid of the transition. They're afraid of the fear. They're afraid of rejection.

[00:27:57] They're afraid of all this other stuff, it can also be because there's anger as well and hurt. And I've experienced this myself and I have to say there were moments when I didn't want to change because of, excuse me, because of the anger and hurt. But I knew exactly what you're saying already is a hundred percent.

[00:28:17]I knew that I couldn't change the situation and I could not change the person that only left changing me. And when I did change myself, even though I didn't feel like they deserved it. I changed myself and you are a hundred percent, it completely changed everything and it changed them and it could change the situation.

[00:28:34] And it was like a miracle. And sometimes, a lot of times, not sometimes a lot of the times, it's not until you leave that. They appreciate what they once had. But so long as you keep on staying in there and you're allowing them to still get the best of you when they don't deserve it, they're never going to change because they could still be a piece of crap and you're still willing to be there.

[00:28:58] So you're living in their limited way of thinking or in their limited world and their bullshit world. And you're allowing yourself to stay there. So it's not just their fault. It's also your fault for allowing yourself to accept this poor behavior. That's really profound. Have you dealt with big failures in life, big mistakes, big challenges that you've had to overcome, that you could share what you've learned from it with us?

[00:29:24] Oh yeah. My last relationship, my last marriages, I've done that a few times. Been there, done that. What have you learned from those experiences? What I've learned.

[00:29:37]What I've learned. I know each relationship brings you lessons. I've learned more of what to accept what I'm willing to accept and what I'm not willing to accept. The reason why I went through and I literally did go through a few marriages besides a few relationships and I really am great.

[00:29:54] And I'm not just saying this, but I really am great when it comes to being in relate. I'm very good. They love everybody loves the way I am with them, but it's because my biggest challenges in my relationships is because I do what I do for a living and my time isn't always available. So it's not a matter of.

[00:30:15] How I am with them. It's not what I do to them. It's that they want more of me. And I say to whoever I'm with, I could give you quality of my time. I can't give you quantity of my time because my life is so busy with the public. So it's like being married to a professional musician or a professional performer or a comedian or sports person.

[00:30:40] You have to be able to have a strong enough personality to deal with it. And plus 98% of my clients are women. So it's a lot of it's about trust. And I'm all about that. I really am all about that. And my parents have stayed together for 64 years in her marriage. Yes and no, because no, because 62 years of it was challenging.

[00:31:06] Bull crap. And so my mom, they were raised back in the day. You don't give up, you stay there. And my brothers are still married to the same women, which I wish I was capable of doing, but it wasn't me. They're in happier marriages, a lot more happier marriages than what my parents were a lot happier.

[00:31:23] But for me, it wasn't that way. So I learned from my parents by seeing my mother miserable for so many years that know when the show is over, I really compromised. I really give my best, but when it's not enough, it's you know what? I can't make you happy and you're not making me happy. So that's it.

[00:31:43] So I'm going to, I'm going to explain to you the words, the true meaning of the words till death do us part. There's two meanings. When you're saying your wedding vows, according to the physical world, according to religion, till death, do you part when one of you physically die till death, do you part you stay together no matter what come hell or high water?

[00:32:05] Honestly, I think that's bullshit. However, the true meaning behind the words till death, do you part show you always be together till death. Do you part unless if your heart dies in the relationship until death, do you part when your emotional heart dies? If your heart emotionally dies in a relationship til death, do you part you don't want to be staying there and you don't want to stay there and it's keeping you from spiritually growing.

[00:32:35] So somebody is meant to be with you say from one years old to 10 years old, other people are with you from 11 years old to 28 years old. Other people are with you. 28 to 37. And you have people in your life at different times. Some of them are lifetime and others are part-time, you don't stop yourself from growing because you're not responsible for everyone.

[00:32:59] Else's happiness. So I made a lot of people upset as I kept on evolving because I was not meeting up to their expectations. And I said to them, like I said to my mother, because my mom was upset when I was going through my first divorce. Even my second divorce, she was very upset because she loved both the girls that I was with.

[00:33:17] And when she went, I said to her, I said, mom, I said, I'm not responsible for your happiness. I said, I'm doing what feels right in my heart. I'm not doing what I'm doing to hurt you, even though that's the cause and effect I'm doing what feels right in my heart. The people who are gonna stand by, you will stand by you with unconditional love and the people who are gonna judge you and hit you with conditional love.

[00:33:41]Then I don't need you in my life because you're judging me with conditions and I can't live in that limited way of thinking. So I always do give my heart and my soul and my best, what my intentions are. So I'm very playful that you'll laugh at this one. I'm very playful and I do have a flirtatious personality, but it's not to a point where I'm like super nasty, but I do have a playful flirtatious personality.

[00:34:07] And I got that from my father. And so one of the girls. Who I knew. I haven't seen her in a long time and I was just being playful with her. I wasn't being promiscuous. I was just being playful. And she looked at me and she goes already, are you trying to get my pants? And I said to her, why is that?

[00:34:23] Where you keep your money?

[00:34:27] I said, I'm not trying to get in your pants. I said, I'm just having fun with you. That's all it. Just having fun, connecting with people. I'm connecting. Yeah. I'm just having fun ARtie being Artie. I'm just living in Artie's world. There's so much that you've imparted to us. That's been really profound.

[00:34:43] And have you been learning a lot of this through your guides and in talking with the higher levels of spirit, are you reading, learning about this through books? Where are you learning about all of this? Yes. And yes. To everything. Yeah. Through reading, through experiences, through beditations.

[00:34:58]Hell at the beginning of this session, I just created a beautiful post just by talking about life is limitless. I said, oh, I got it. So it's I'm trying to get a point across the angels will we'll share a beautiful thought in the moment. I said, wow, that's really good.

[00:35:12] I got to write it down because if not, I'm going to forget it because my memory sucks. Yeah. Right there with ya. It's all gotta be written down. I was just curious because when you were talking, it was so enlightening and I read a lot, I read a lot and endless books. And a lot of what you were saying is very congruent with a lot of what I've read about the spiritual world.

[00:35:31] And so it was curious if there was some kind of book or a talk or a video that you had, that's had a really big impact on your life that you think listeners would benefit from listening to or watching as well. All right. Like I said, there's three books. All right. I'm going to be prejudiced. Two of the three are mine.

[00:35:52] No, but no, but if you appreciated what I had to say right now, I promise you with all my heart and soul. I'm not saying this because I wrote the book angels and answers and have your angels call my angels, which you can get on or These books, you are going to think that I personally wrote this book for you.

[00:36:18] It will have that direct impact because you're going to have a lot of aha moments. I talk about a lot of deep subjects, but I write the answers in a very simplistic manner. And so just the way I talked about big topics on your show tonight I explained things in a very simplistic manner that you could understand that everyone could understand.

[00:36:41] And that's the way my books are. The book that literally changed my life, that really helped change my life and opened my eyes up to like above and beyond was the book by Neale Donald Walsch. He has three volumes and I'm only recommending the first volume and it's conversations with God. Oh, it's so good.

[00:37:03] I agree. Conversations with God volume one volume two. Was it nearly as good volume? Three was better. Volume three was better than two, but not as good as one. Yeah. One was. Yeah, the number one was like, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. It really put a huge perspective on life. And I've read that book a couple of times.

[00:37:29]And that's the type of book you have to reread and reread certain pages because it's that deep, but it's so profound and so beautiful. It was Neale Donald Walsch who helped me realize that there is no physical place called hell is an emotional experience. There's no physical place called hell, but there is a heaven.

[00:37:50] Heaven is up everywhere. Yes. Yes. It was a really good book. I do highly suggest that as well. Thank you for bringing that up. I am curious with all that, because you've learned a lot clearly through all of the spiritual traveling that you've done, what. Advice, would you give someone who might be in a position of struggle right now?

[00:38:09]Either trying to find the right path for themselves or the right next opportunity, the right decision. Is there any kind of advice you give to someone who's in that kind of a position? Each person has their own set of prob have their own set of issues to deal with psychologically, emotionally, their upbringing.

[00:38:29] There's no protocol. The best advice that I could say to you, there's a couple of things. Number one, create a dream board, right? A dream board, meaning get construction, a large pizza, a large piece of construction paper or construction board and put your face in the middle of it and then put pictures around your picture.

[00:38:57] Of the kind of house you want to live in the kindest family that you want, the kind of car you want to drive in the kind of person you want to be. Anything of pictures from magazines or anywhere you get picture had these pictures around your face so that you could draw that energy. And it needs to be in a place where you could look at it, stop accepting lower energy from other people and respect yourself.

[00:39:31] And just because people has a perception of you like a piece of crap or whatever it is, it doesn't mean that it's your reality, that it could be their reality, but if you accept it and you keep on hearing it over and over again, Respecting yourself. You're not loving yourself. You need to respect and love yourself and say, you know what?

[00:39:58] You are not good enough for my life. You're not good enough for the beautiful garden that I am creating. And I am no longer on your emotional bullcrap stage because I'm not accepting it anymore because I think higher myself. So you need to start creating boundaries of what you're willing to accept or not accept.

[00:40:16] And you also need to start creating an island of beautiful eyelid. If you don't like where you are. All right, you need to start creating a beautiful island for you to look forward to go to a something. If you do not create, say that new apartment, that new house visualizing being in a different relationship or visualizing being in a different place within your life, you need to start within your actions, creating the money or the resources to get yourself there.

[00:40:46] You need to start doing within your actions to do it. If you don't and you're just living it day to day to day, you're going to be on a hamster wheel. You're only surviving your life. You're not living your life. Really good advice. Thank you for that. Really good. And by the way, I'm looking at my dream board right now.

[00:41:04] That's cool. Do you know what a lot of people, a lot of people, when they have kids or family members or friends, are druggies are alcoholics or yeah. Who are addicted, to these lower forms of energy. And they say, do you see them getting better? Do you see them getting better?

[00:41:22] I said, I only see them getting better only if, and I just said this on my last show because I have a Facebook live show that I do every Sunday night. And it's called angels and answers. Facebook live show. I do free ratings for one hour, 8:00 PM. Eastern time, Sunday nights, 8:00 PM.

[00:41:40] Eastern time CPM Eastern. I'm going to go check it out already. I'll be there Artie. Hopkins, angels and answers. So I do free readings. And so somebody just asked me, do you see my daughter getting better coming off the drugs and stuff? I said, only if you give her, help her. Only if you help her create a beautiful island or something to look forward to, to get her off the drug, to give her a motivation so that when she's off the drugs, she's going after a new career or new desire or whatever, there needs to be a reason why she's getting off the drugs to keep her off the drugs, because a lot of people get clean, but then they go right back into it because they have nothing to look forward to.

[00:42:23]Yes. No, you're exactly right. They need to fill their lives up with more joy, more purpose, more things that are exciting to them that will get them up and excited to do that instead of the drugs. And one of the biggest mistakes that people do in relationships is that they live their life through their partner.

[00:42:42] They don't share their life with their partner. They live too much of their life through their partner based on how their partner feels. They feel based on their happiness, that's their happiness based on what they say. They look at their partner as that's the word of God, rather than having their own thoughts and opinions, and then it takes away your confidence.

[00:42:59] And then you always feel like you're walking on eggshells. You're so right. It's that asking yourself? Is this my belief? Is this my story? Is this even my energy that I'm holding on to? Or am I absorbing it? So many people are afraid to lose their partner. Who's treating them like crap or lose their partner where it's not even a good match.

[00:43:19] I know they're so afraid and it's more painful to be alone in a relationship than it is to be alone on your own. Yeah, no, you're so right. And it's easy. You've gone through this. If anyone is trying to transition, what have you found is the best way to transition yourself out of relationship?

[00:43:38] Say I'm outta here.

[00:43:48] for yourself. Of all the things that you've learned in and have grown through. What has brought you the most benefit in life? 

[00:43:57] What have I learned? Respecting myself. Always knowing that it's okay to be unique. It's okay to be different. It's okay if I find something humorous, whereas other people might not it's enjoying yourself and loving yourself and then being able to share the love and laughter with other people.

[00:44:19] So I always, a lot of times I tell people I love you and people say. How do you know you love me when you just met me. I say I don't know if I like you, but I do love you because I'm a people person and you're a people. So I do love you. I said, I, there's no reason for me not to really not love you.

[00:44:36] So they'd say people say I like you, but I don't know if I love you. I said it's a lot like ice cream. I said, I love ice cream, but I don't like all flavors. I know that answer. That's so great. So that would probably, yeah, like I said enjoy life. Life is limitless.

[00:44:54] It really is. It's limitless. And God gave everyone free will to create whatever it is you want. And if you don't like what you got or who you're with or whatever, then change. Yes. It's easier said than done. I'm fully aware of what I just said. It's easier said than done, but every journey starts with one step with one moment.

[00:45:13]But so long as you're doing it towards a something, and if other people don't get you, that's their problem. They're not walking a mile in your shoes. It's not your problem. It's their problem. So if you're happy with you being you and you doing you so long, as you're not directly trying to hurt somebody doing it, then you're good.

[00:45:34] Yeah, you're good. So I would probably say the most spiritual thing, the most religious thing, the most, I would say just as much as prayer, if not more, is to be kind to others, to love others, because then you are loving yourself and you're allowing more, love, more happiness, more good karma, more good things to happen to you as you share the positive and loving energy outside.

[00:46:01] But there is a boundary. You don't give so much of yourself where you deplete yourself of nothing. And that's a big mistake that people have. They try so hard to fix everyone. Else's life that they deplete their life while trying to help out other people leaving themselves behind the eight ball or between a rock and a hard place.

[00:46:20] And that's not right, because you do have to take care of your own necessities first, before you start helping out people in the way that you want. And they've learned that one the hard way myself too. That's really nice. Yeah. It's like when you're on the airplane, they tell you, when the air cup drops, you have to put it on your first, before you help your chil children or somebody else.

[00:46:41] Because if you're not breathing in good air or good energy, How can you help out others if you're not helping yourself? So that's why I say, don't be afraid to love yourself. Don't be afraid to ask God for a million billion dollars when you start your own business, say, oh, I hate when people say this, my big pet peeve, I just need enough to pay my bills and just the need enough for this and just screw that shit.

[00:47:04] I am in it to win it. I am in it to make a lot of money. I'm in it to have a comfortable lifestyle I'm in it because I want a really good, comfortable lifestyle. And when I'm in a very good position or when you're in a very good position, that means you could comfortably help out other people more in the way that you would love to.

[00:47:24] But if you're giving away all your fruits and vegetables and you're giving away all your seats that you can't even re fertilize replant for yourself, Then what good is it seriously? What good is it? Then you end up in the same Fox trenches that they're in, that they're trying to get in because you overly gave to yourself, but you didn't take care of yourself.

[00:47:43] So whose fault is that? And then you're complaining to God how your life sucks by whose, by what choices have you made. So right. Thank you for that. That was a beautiful answer. I'm curious. Since we should get wrapping up here soon is there anything that I haven't asked that you feel needs to be said

[00:48:03] All of life is nothing more than a perception. Everything in life is as big as it is, and as crappy as it is, and all of life is as small as it is or as beautiful incident. It all depends on the energy and perception you give it. It still is what it is.

[00:48:25] It's still is what it is. People or situation only is what it is. According to the energy that you give it, all of life is nothing more than a perception. And I'm going to give you two really good pieces of examples, of what I really mean by perception. So if you look above your head, you're looking at the ceiling and reality, it's a piece of wood.

[00:48:50] All right. It's a piece of wood. If you walk upstairs where you are right now, if you walk upstairs where you are right now, that ceiling, that piece of wood from upstairs now becomes the floor. The piece of wood never changed. Only your perception. It's changed the wood. It is what it is.  So then 15 minutes is 15 minutes, a long time. It all depends. What side of the bathroom door isn't that the truth. And then I tell people is eight hours a long time. If you're sleeping for eight hours, it seems like a half hour. And if you're working for eight hours, it could seem like 12 or 13 hours.

[00:49:31] It's still eight hours. 15 minutes is still 15 minutes. And the piece of wood above your head, it's just a piece of wood. Whether it be the ceiling or the floor or the wall, it's still, it is what it is. They are what they are. So you can't, you might not be able to change the person, but you can change yourself and you don't have to accept what there is.

[00:49:56]What they're giving to you. And if you accept. Then it's your fault. It's not just theirs. It's your fault for living in that limited way of thinking. That's and that's a really important distinction that you are the one that's accepting it. You have the choice to not accept. And that's something that we forget.

[00:50:12] I think I am. So can I ask you already, is there something that you could tell me about myself as far as maybe something I need to know about my life right now? You're wonderful. You're beautiful.

[00:50:30] All right. Before we wrap up, I want to ask you my final question, which is my favorite because I just like to hear what people's answer is. Wait. No, I'm gonna, I'm gonna see if I can get, give you a little something though. Okay. I meant it but but I was saying it playfully

[00:50:42]There, the spiritual world is, are showing me cats around you. And when I see a cat, but I'm seeing a beautiful Siamese cat and it's like a cat is they're very good on their own, but yet they can also be very cuddly and nurturing. And I feel like that's the way you are. You're the type of person who could be very powerful, but with the right person in your life or the right people in your life, you are a very cuddly kind nurturing person,

[00:51:17]but who's ever with, you needs to understand. How you operate, you can't change who you are to accommodate somebody else's, needs, I can accommodate your needs, but I could accommodate your needs in the way that I could accommodate your needs. I can't always accommodate your needs in your world. I could accommodate your needs from my world and the way that I could do it, this will always keep you very well balanced and the ability to love myself and not feel guilty about it.

[00:51:54] Awesome. That's pretty cool. A lot of what I've been going through, I would say, so that was good.

[00:52:05] So my final question already, what are you sure of in life? What am I sure of in life

[00:52:15]myself? There you go, 

[00:52:18] what am I sure of in life?

[00:52:21]myself, I liked who I am. I love who I am and I love the way that I am with people. I feel like I have a great relationship with God. Don't ever fear God, to be your best friend. And the same thing with the angels always include everyone. I hope when I told my daughter while she was growing up, she's 29 now, but when she was growing up, I said, always treat strangers like they are your best friends.

[00:52:44] And so when I see strangers always, I always give my best to the stranger, or whoever I'm with in the moment in my company. And. No, sometimes I'm not in the best of moods. I'm human. I have those poopoo caught moments too. Yeah. But I, when I'm in those moods, I don't like to be around people because I don't want to share my negative energy with other people.

[00:53:08]I'd rather just deal with it myself. Or if I need to speak with, one or two friends here or there who I can go to, but on the most part yeah, it's when I'm sure of, I'm sure that I'll always get through life. I'll always make the best of what I, whatever God gives to me.

[00:53:26] I just give it up to the answers. And like I said, with the prayer that I said with the angels thank you for intervening into my life. And it's about giving up control, knowing just to when problems or situations are hitting you really hard rather than trying to fix them sometimes.

[00:53:41] Everything just needs time for it to unravel itself. You don't always have to fix everything right away, sometimes time or other circumstances or situations will unravel whatever's in front of you. And that's letting go of control with blind faith and trusting in your angels and the holy spirit. Thank you.

[00:54:04] And I'm sure I'm pretty sure on my gifts too. At least people tell me that I love the answer. I think it's perfect. So thank you so much for your time. I'm incredibly grateful. This has been wonderful. Thank you. And I just want everyone to know again, if they want a private reading or if they want to join my angels and answers Facebook live show.

[00:54:23]My information's I have a lot of cool little mini videos that I've created and you could reach me, or if you wanted to call me seven three, two seven seven. 71 73 or my one 900 number for $5 a minute. And let's put all this in the show notes too. I'll make sure and have your number and email and website so everyone can find you time.

[00:54:54] I should add that as well. I'll add that to the note. Oh yeah. With the FaceTime. Oh and every single day, if you go to my Instagram already hop in Instagram or my already hop in Facebook every morning, I have inspirational messages that I start off the day for everybody. Fantastic. I love it.

[00:55:13] I'm going to sign up. Thank you, sir. I like it a lot. I like all of you all absolutely amazing. I tell ya. It was perfect.

Jolie Downs:

I loved learning about Artie’s story. He has successfully owned his own window cleaning for 40 years now. The work has served him well through his life but it doesn’t sound like it was ever a great passion, which I’m sure many can relate to. While it is the dream to work in your lifes passion, it is not always the reality for so many. 

However, 33 years ago, Artie got a flyer in the mail and decided to educate himself, checking out a weekend seminar. That one weekend changed his life, setting him on a new course, one centered around his new passion and he has now spent the past 33 years doing psychic readings for clients and radio guests.

It’s important to note that Artie was not actively psychic before he went to this seminar, this was something he was able to grow through learning. We truly can learn how to do anything, our brains are fascinating, truly a miracle how our brains work and how they are able to grow and expand or slow and retract depending on how we use them. Artie has lived his life with an open mind and as a consistent learner allowing him to tap into parts of the brain that for most, lie dormant. Anyone can start lighting up new parts of your brain with new learning. 

What have you always wanted to learn about? What is that thing that has always piqued your curiosity? If you could learn how to do anything, what would you learn how to do? 

Find the opportunities that will help you open these doors in your life. And then say YES. Take the class, go to the seminar, when you spend money on your learning it comes back to you tenfold. It’s happy money. Invite the growth and expansion in. As Artie shared, 

Everything in life is Endless

The only thing limited is our thoughts. 

What Artie learned through his seminar and subsequent teachings has changed his life forever, seeing the world through a new lens. 

He learned how to be unconditional with thoughts and feelings, letting go of all judgements, with no judgements given. I want you to think about that for a moment, what your life would be like without judgements both from yourself and from your loved ones. What would that look like? What would you do differently if you weren’t worried about being judged – both by yourself and by others? For really, the people who are the most judgmental of others hold the greatest judgement of themselves internally. It’s like your personal prison that you carry with you everywhere. What would it feel like if you were free from that judgmental prison? 

What if instead of being judgmental, you turned curious? Why are you judging this person this way? Or Why are you speaking to yourself that way? Where does that judgement come from? What story have you been telling yourself and is that story actually serving you? Why does the person act this way or do this thing? What makes them want to do this or what happened to them to get them to this place? 

Moving forward from this place of perspective will create peace within you and around you. 

So next time you start mentally picking on yourself or someone else – think of Walt Whitman’s’ quote – Be Curious, Not Judgmental. 

Artie shared with us some of his experiences growing up. He shared that his father was not the role model one would hope to have, his father taught him what love was not but luckily for Artie, his mother and brothers taught him what love was. And Artie was lucky, because not everyone was given the gift of being taught what love is at a young age. When people are hurt in their youth they often mimic what was done to them, continuing the abusive cycle but the key to healing and finding success in life is breaking these negative cycles. 

The love and respect that you give, is the love and respect that you deserve. You must give to others what you wish others would give to you. 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation with loved ones and you keep repeating the same things over and over waiting for something to change and it won’t – because you can’t control people and you can’t control outside circumstances - then it’s time to focus on what you can control and change – which is yourself. What do you need to change about yourself so that you can find peace within this situation or within this person? And this question can make all the difference. Put this question in your pocket and pull it out every time you are faced with a something or someone you can’t control – What do I need to change about myself so that I can find peace within this situation? 

As Artie said, those that don’t give you the love and respect you deserve you exit out of your life. And I agree, we need to surround ourselves with people who help us be our best selves. People who see the good, the worth and the beauty of our souls and help us to see that in ourselves too. 

But what if the people who aren’t giving you the love and respect you deserve your family members or your significant other, someone you truly love and want to keep in your life? 

I want to share with you something I learned when negative cycles formed in my household. Many years ago, when the kids were young, my husband and I fell into a negative cycle of arguing and bitterness. I could see that it was happening and I tried communicating with him about it but by that time, the negative feelings had grown so much, it was hard for us to hear each other. 

Me being aware wasn’t going to be the catalyst for his own awareness and therefore his own change.

I could communicate all I wanted but I could not make him listen. I certainly could not make him change. 

At this point in my marriage, I was very angry and very lost. It was an incredibly difficult time. I was not feeling friendly feelings towards him at all. 

I mean. At. All.

My best friend had turned into my greatest pain and I didn’t know how to fix it. 

I started to reflect on our situation and I knew it was not sustainable. Something had to change. If I couldn’t change him, and I couldn’t change the situation, then that left the option of trying to change myself.  

I made a plan. I decided I would kill him with kindness. For one month. And see where that left us, I would re-evaluate from there. 

I decided to give him an advent experience and give him a gift every day for the entire month of December. This was not an easy decision to make – because I was very angry with him and did not feel he deserved my kindness. I didn’t feel he deserved one thoughtful present from me let alone 31. 

However, I stuck with my plan. I threw myself into finding little things that would please my husband, make him happy and light him up. I started thinking about him, his wants, his needs and how I could provide them. We were struggling with money so it’s not like these were extravagant gifts but there was still a gift wrapped present for him every day. Each and every day there was special attention given to him, focused positive attention, directly from me. Something that I realize had become missing since the birth of our second child.  

At first he was a bit wary about what was happening. A bit grouchy about it – wwe don’t have money for this kind of thing. But he quickly began to warm up to it, getting a little more excited each day. With each little gift unwrapped there was more thawing of that ice that had formed in our relationship. Each day he became a little warmer, a little more attentive, a little more excited to come home. Each day I became a little warmer, a little more attentive and a little more excited for him to come home. A new cycle was forming. We were connecting again.

We began to have meaningful conversations, on what we wanted in life, on how we saw our family, how we could make each other happy, and We began to enjoy each other again. 

When I decided to spend a month killing him with kindness I stopped the negative cycle we were swirling in. By stopping my end of the cycle and starting something new, I gave space for his own self reflection and created a situation that made us both want to be better partners. I realized our feelings were so hurt by each side that we had been unable to hear what the other was saying, once we were able to shift those base feelings, our ability to listen and really hear grew exponentially. 

This month of kindness completely turned around our habits and behavior. It created a new positive cycle. I repeated the experiment when I found myself in a similar downward spiral with my teenage son and once again was able to break the cycle. 

To be clear, It’s not the presents that make the difference, though, those are nice, it’s the positive attention, the being made to feel as if you are special and meaningful each day that makes the difference. And anyone can do that. 

If you find yourself struggling in a relationship that matters to you, might I suggest you try killing them with kindness for a month and see what happens. 

If however, your month experiment creates no new changes in the situation, then it’s time to re-evaluate and make some new internal decisions to find that peace. Do not allow yourself to accept poor treatment from anyone. You are not responsible for anyone happiness but your own. 

Artie had great advice about what to do if you’re feeling stuck in life. He suggests you create your dream board, or your vision board. This is an incredibly powerful tool for pulling what you want into your life. Take a large board or piece of construction paper, put a picture of your face in the middle and then start adding pictures and words of the kinds of things you want to bring into your life – your dream house, dream job, dream car, dream vacation, the things you want to learn, want to do, want to create, add words that create the vibe you want and this practice will help draw that energy into your life. With this you are creating your ideal reality, creating your own definition of your personal success. This is how you truly live rather than just survive. Focus on the wants rather than the don’t wants. You create the vision and from there you create your actions. Each journey starts with one step. All it takes is a small baby step every day and eventually you will reach your goals. 

If you don’t have a vision board, I suggest you create one for yourself immediately and refresh it each year. I taught my kids the power of the vision board two years ago. My teenager put a number of things on that vision board that I told him, good luck on that, that’s never happening – but lo and behold, somehow it did in the course of the year, even with things I had complete control over. Same with my vision board, I’m looking at it right now and it’s uncanny how much of it has come true or will be coming true in the very near future. 

The universe works in mysterious ways. 

Life really is limitless.

As Artie shared, all of life is a perception. Life is as big and wonderful as it is or as small and crappy as it is according to the energy you give it. It is your choice. 

As Albert Einstein said, the single most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly. For whatever you choose, you will be right as you are the author of your story. 

Don’t you owe to yourself to make the choice that makes you feel good? 

I choose to believe we live in a friendly universe, one that responds to us as needed and it’s up to us to find the good, to the find the gift in whatever comes our way. 

Finally, I love how Artie finished our talk, with what he is sure of. That he loves who he is, he loves his life and he always gives his best to whoever he may be with at any moment. And that is my wish for us all, that you love yourself, you love your life and you share that love right back, lighting up each person you come in contact with. 

Until next time

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