Fresh Blood Podcast Episode Guest - Kristin Knight

Kristin talks about the acceptance of self, the acceptance of body, deepening that connection between self and others and the freedom of embracing the life you were meant to live.

Kristin Knight is a certified intimacy coach, tantrika, yoga teacher and voice for women’s empowerment and sexual liberation. She has been guided to work with humanity in their conscious sexual awakening and calling forth true personal power. Kristin is trained as a VITA Coach, (Vital and Integrated tantric approach) and supports clients in transforming the relationship to their bodies, minds, and emotions to liberate trauma, self-limiting beliefs and sexual blockages.


Kristin Knight – Intimacy Coach, Tantrika, Yoga Teacher

[00:00:00] Jolie: [00:00:00] Today we are speaking with Kristin Knight kristin is a certified intimacy coach. Tantrika, yoga teacher and voice for women's empowerment and sexual liberation. She has been guided to work with humanity in their conscious sexual awakening and calling forth that true personal power. Kristin is a trained as a Vita coach, .

[00:00:22] Which is vital and integrated tantric approach and supports clients in transforming the relationship to their bodies, minds and emotions, delivery, trauma, self-limiting beliefs and sexual blockages. I am really excited to learn more. Kristen welcomed a fresh blood. Please tell us a little bit about your story and the path that led you to where you are.

[00:00:43] Okay.

[00:00:44] Kristin Knight: [00:00:44] Yeah, so wonderful to be here, Jolie. So how did this all begin? It's been quite, quite a journey but really interestingly enough, a really pivotal point in my life. And in my journey was when I was about 25 years old and I had this impulse to do a 30 day vegan detox. And before that I ate everything.

[00:01:09] You know what I mean? Just was very about media. Yeah. All of it. And I was feeling, I just wasn't feeling great in my body and I was reading some stuff and yeah, I just got called. I'm like, okay, I'm going to do this. I'm going to go 30 days vegan and just see what happens as an experiment.

[00:01:26] And it totally changed the trajectory of my life. And it's quite incredible. But the moment that I started to become aware of. What I was putting in my body and where things came from and how things were processed and then, how animals retreated. And it was just all these light bulb moments that started to go off.

[00:01:48] As I went deeper and deeper into just this very small part of my path, which was being vegan, which I ended up being vegan for five years. I'm no longer vegan, but what it really did was set me up to be conscious of what I consumed. And it deepened this connection I had with my body, with my mind. And wasn't too long after that I found yoga.

[00:02:13] And so then that completely, again was like this next level jump. When I found yoga. Funnily enough, my mom was the one who brought me to my first yoga class, which also totally changed my life. She had a lot of arthritis. Yeah. So she was like, okay, I've heard about this thing called hot yoga. It's supposed to be really good for arthritis.

[00:02:35] I'm terrified to go by myself. Will you go with me? And I thought, yeah, I'll give it a go do hot yoga. I've been eating really clean for the last few weeks. And I just thought, okay, that's perfect. Vegan, yoga. Maybe I'll see what this feels like. So we go to this first hot yoga class and you I don't know if you've ever done yoga before, we

[00:02:53] Jolie Downs: [00:02:53] I haven't, I'm scared too. I'm going to be honest. I love yoga, but I've been scared of the hot yoga. So tell me what this first experience is like.

[00:03:01] Kristin : [00:03:01] Like nothing I'd ever experienced before in my life. It was the most hardest the most like mind bending body bending experience, they talk for 90 minutes nonstop. Like you go into this trance where it's, you're sweating and everyone around you is sweating and you feel like you're going to die multiple times of the class, but what they the ethos of hot yoga or why it's so hard is it's okay, kill yourself for 90 minutes.

[00:03:30] So then the rest of your day is easy and that's what it became. So me and my mum, we walk out of this and this 90 minute yoga class, we look at each other and we're like, What was that? Like, it was, and this is back in 2007. What was that? And what, no, but we just, we know that we're coming back tomorrow, even though it was so hard, but the feeling that you got after really pushing yourself through this incredibly challenging process was just elation, freedom, accomplishment, all these things that I never thought that I could do being so challenged for 90 minutes as a result of that. And after a few more classes, my mom planted the seed. She's I think this is. This is what you should do. I think you should do this teacher training.

[00:04:16] And once that seed was planted I was like, okay. It was really this moment where I started to find myself find who I truly was find my essence before that, it was corporate, a little bit of corporate work, a little bit of sales and marketing waitressing, just really trying to find flow in my early

[00:04:33] Jolie Downs: [00:04:33] Figured it out.

[00:04:33] Kristin : [00:04:33] and figuring it out.

[00:04:35] Exactly. And so after. After, we did that first year of the class and I made the decision. I went to teacher training in 2009 and I then taught yoga, hot yoga, traveling the world. It took me to all these incredible places and left, I left the relate because I was in a relationship.

[00:04:51] It was like, okay I guess we're going to get married and have kids and, settle down and this and that. And I just knew that there was something more for me. And after I did that, the yoga teacher training, which that was nine weeks of hot yoga, which was in incredible another story.

[00:05:06]But after that, yeah, it was really where I got to go out and experience the world through this discipline, through this path of yoga. And so I did that

[00:05:15] Jolie Downs: [00:05:15] this is amazing.

[00:05:17] I was so curious. How did you get to travel the world? Teaching yoga, please tell me.

[00:05:23]Kristin : [00:05:23] What's really interesting. Is that with the hot yoga or Bikram yoga back in the day, I think Bikram yoga has had its golden years. It's not so popular anymore. But back in the day, because everyone that does Bikram yoga is certified in the same at the same training and Bikram yoga studios were all over the world.

[00:05:39] So the moment you become a Bikram yoga teacher, you can travel the world from studio to studio and get jobs because you're the surgeon you're certified in Bikram yoga. So if the studio is that from yoga, you can just study, if they, if there's positions available, you can just start teaching at any of those places.

[00:05:55] So it was, it was great. I lived in so many different places. It clicked me. My travels took me to Europe. And I did some traveling and teaching around there and another interesting moment and pivotal part of my journey, which has actually got me to the women's sexual empowerment and intimacy coaching that I'm doing now was when I was in Portugal.

[00:06:14]Oh, no, not when I was in Portugal, I specifically went to Portugal to live in an intentional community. And this is also when it was a vegan community and they were living on the land and doing permaculture and studying about consciousness and all these things they're super into.

[00:06:32]So I arrived at this intentional community called Tamara and. The, it was very different to let's say the brochure was like coming or, and do your eco design. So it was an eco design village certificate, so learn how to build an eco village. And that was all part of it, but there was this part.

[00:06:52] There's this other part, where they studied sexuality and relationships under a spiritual context. And there were actually more of a free love learn to love without jealousy love, without fear, love without possession. And the whole community in and of itself was this kind of sacred sexuality, free love experiments.

[00:07:16] And that was just so mind blowing to me that they're like communities, how to do love, how to do relationship and end the war between man and woman, because what one of their tenants really is, if we can end the war between man and woman or our interpersonal relationships. That's how we end war on the planet.

[00:07:39]Cause the micro is just reflection the macro. And so for me, and so that's where it also became political activism as well. It's if we can actually learn to live in harmony and peace and in alignment with all beings, then you know, there won't be, there won't be war in the planet there won't be suffering on the planet.

[00:08:02] And so I ended up staying for four months, really going deep into what is love? What is sexuality? Oh, you mean my sexuality is sacred and this is actually what completely changed the dialogue for me around understanding my body, my pleasure, my sexuality, the way that I loved, the way that I engaged with men and just a whole new way.

[00:08:24] It was extremely healing and, looking back on relationships and using my sexuality to get the attention from men to feel validated, to feel worthy. And so having to really look at those patterns and dismantle and let go, a lot of that conditioning and find the sacredness within myself, my sacred, erotic energy within myself, and really finding so much power through that because it was a reclamation of kind of taking it back and realizing that my sexuality, my pleasure, and my body is for me first and foremost, it's not to attract.

[00:09:01]A man so that I feel worthy so that I feel okay. So that was, I could talk about my experience there for the nucleus, that's like a little, it's like a little synopsis. Yeah. I can't not tell about this incredibly pivotal transformational four months. That just blew my mind open and it was just such a deconditioning process.

[00:09:25]I was able to let go of so much conditioning that was actually very disempowering and start to reclaim my power through my sacred sexuality, which was really really huge. And so I didn't become yet, so I become a coach straight after that, but then I continued to travel and teach yoga and this, but I got to a point after teaching, eight for eight years, full-time group yoga classes, alongside, I've been studying this on my own self studying reading all the books and following all the teachers and doing a lot of workshops and things.

[00:10:03]And so it was about. At the very beginning of 2018 is when I decided to leave the world of yoga behind and really wanted to dive more deeply into this work in a way to serve women and serve the empowerment of women.

[00:10:17] Jolie Downs: [00:10:17] that's great. So that's when you started to go full force. Now I'm curious with this four months in, in expanding in Portugal, it sounds like an absolutely amazing experience. How did you notice your own self change after that experience? What did you see in yourself?

[00:10:32]Kristin : [00:10:32] There was this activation of life force and there was also a deepening of my. My spirit, my spirituality, my spiritual essence, like I, I started to connect to myself at a level that was so much deeper than what I looked like, how much I weighed at comparing myself to all the other people, all of stuff.

[00:10:53]That is where I got to let a lot of that go and find. Feel connected to myself at a level that I'd never experienced before and alongside yoga as well. It was like I started to really connect to the essence of my soul my, my infinite divine nature that has always existed and always will exist.

[00:11:15] Jolie Downs: [00:11:15] ah, that must have shifted so much in your life. Because that's shifting your very, the way you feeling inside of your body. So that must have affected everything for you.

[00:11:25] Kristin Knight: [00:11:25] Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And it wasn't it, it just completely changed my outlook on life. And the other thing that really changed was. That there isn't just one way to do life there. Isn't one way to do relationship there. Isn't one way to love there. Isn't one way to you don't have to do like the marriage kids, house mortgage one, all of that.

[00:11:49] I was like, wow, there's so many other ways to live. And of course, traveling opens you up to that and just meeting lots of different people along the way. It was just this huge, broadening of the understanding of what's possible and how we can actually create whatever we want.

[00:12:05] Jolie Downs: [00:12:05] No, there are many ways to live and we can create what we want. And we are not really taught that growing up. At least our generation wasn't fully taught that, so I think that's fantastic now through all of this, because you've done a lot in your life and you learn different disciplines that have really obviously helped you in what you're doing.

[00:12:23] What would you say have been one or two of your greater successes in life and in what did you learn from it?

[00:12:36] Kristin Knight: [00:12:36] I think , backing myself and making the decision to turn what I'd been studying for so long, like into now what I'm doing for a living. Was huge. And what I learned, and what I learned was this whole thing of backing myself, like how to really back myself and to own what I want to do and to take that kind of leap of faith and the way that I'm in, that the way that I was able to do that is learning how to slow down and be present in my body.

[00:13:15] Jolie Downs: [00:13:15] Oh, So many of us don't know how to do. How do you share with us really quick? How do you have a way that you do that? Because let's be honest. I, there's a lot of people out there who probably have never really taken that time to really get present. And I would say this because I had the experience where someone did this with me and I felt that I was like, I don't think I've ever experienced this.

[00:13:40] I feel like maybe, like I wasn't fully present for all of these years.

[00:13:44] Kristin Knight: [00:13:44] Yes. Yes, exactly. And that it's such a different experience of life when we slow down and when we get really present. So back to the greatest success, I think like one of my greatest successes would be actually learning how to do that and how to do it consistently. Because what that enabled me to do was to listen and feel where the energy of life was taking me.

[00:14:06]So yoga was a huge part of that. One of my greatest successes, being able to trust myself and trust that if I have an impulse and the impulse is carrying me somewhere that I can trust that because I've slowed down, I've gotten really present and I'm in my body. So that's, and that's another thing like, even from being a yoga teacher, right?

[00:14:24] So our breath. Can only ever be in the present moment, and our body can only ever be in the present moment. So learning how to be in the body, which is just feeling sensations in the body and learning how to breathe. Know, you're breathing in. As you breathe in, know, you're breathing out as you breathe out and slow down.

[00:14:44] Then we can feel ourselves more. We can listen more. We can that golden thread, right? Our path. That's like calling us places, our soul that's calling us places. It's very hard to listen to. If we're in here at going a million miles a minute, either thinking about the future or, reviewing the past, it's very hard to hear what's alive in the moment and where the energy is pulling us where that golden thread is pulling us.

[00:15:12] Jolie Downs: [00:15:12] so true. It's so true. Because like I said I was very much that person living up here and learning how to bring it down and become present. It was. A life shift. It was a huge change and a blessing. Absolutely. So what about the flip side? I like both sides of the question. What about the failure, the challenge that you, the obstacle that you had to deal with and what you learned from that?

[00:15:35] Kristin Knight: [00:15:35] Yeah. Yeah, this is really interesting. I feel like one of the biggest challenges and especially over the last few years building a business is because I've been really, when I decided to walk the path of, or a path of spiritual awakening of consciousness of not just identifying with this 3d world, but really feeling what the part of me, like I said, that it's always been there.

[00:15:57]The kind of soul essence of myself. That comes with a lot of like letting go of identity and dissolving the ego and, to get more to feel myself at a deeper and more true level. And at the same time I was building a business around having to create a brand that was basically a brand about myself and having to be this forward facing, person identity sharing a message and

[00:16:27] it was extremely, it's such a paradox, right? To dissolve oneself, to let go of ego and to connect to this deep kind of still essence soul essence, and then having to do all the things of creating a brand and marketing myself out in the world and that paradox. Put me into a lot of frees, especially in the beginning.

[00:16:49]So biggest obstacle, existential paralysis, like really trying to understand. Do you relate to that kind

[00:17:00] Jolie Downs: [00:17:00] Yeah, I know many people.

[00:17:05] Kristin Knight: [00:17:05] Exactly. So one of my biggest obstacles has been yet this kind of existential crisis, existential paralysis going, but none of this matters and I'm a soul.

[00:17:16] And then also being like, but I have to do all this stuff. And this marketing seven is business stuff, and really sell myself and show who I am to the world. In order to actually do what I want to do, which is coach and serve and help other women to feel sexually and spiritually empowered. So what I learned from this from slipping into existential crisis again and again, was that couple of things.

[00:17:41] Both can be true. I can hold the paradox. I can hold that both of these realities are true, that none of this matters and that, I am not my ego and I'm disidentified with my body, or with the human experience say, and then also. Fully embrace the human experience and market myself and show myself and being able to hold both at once has been what really got me through that as well as playfulness.

[00:18:09]Also looking at the whole thing, like a game like just keeping it lighter and playing with it and playing with this whole marketing myself as a sexual empowerment coach, but then also knowing. It's just a beautiful light game as well and not taking it so serious. Of

[00:18:29] Jolie Downs: [00:18:29] Fantastic. That's really good advice, everybody, it just that's how you should take it. It should feel that way. It makes all the difference in what you're doing and how it feels, which will result in, in, in how your outcome is really.

[00:18:44] Kristin Knight: [00:18:44] Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And it's not, I take my work very seriously, but the whole kind of persona that, we have to, that we have to put online these days. You can I, I don't have to identify with that so much. I don't, I can keep that blue, playful and light and just it's like a big experiment,

[00:19:00] Jolie Downs: [00:19:00] I really like

[00:19:00] Kristin Knight: [00:19:00] to not

[00:19:01] Jolie Downs: [00:19:01] that to social media too, because I feel that I really do feel that. So I like the playful aspect. I'm going to take it there.

[00:19:09] Kristin Knight: [00:19:09] I love that. It's just a big experiment. And just to also look at life like this big, crazy human experiment. And so that, that means we can hold a lot of things to be true at once. Even if they feel diametrically opposed.

[00:19:22] Jolie Downs: [00:19:22] That's good. There are so many things that are diametric to post really inside of myself. There's so many things.

[00:19:30] Kristin Knight: [00:19:30] Exactly. So then running.

[00:19:32] Jolie Downs: [00:19:32] Yes. Both things can be true. Yes

[00:19:34] Kristin Knight: [00:19:34] Exactly. Running a spiritually based or soul based business, you have to have a lot of room for a lot of things to be true at once. Because again, it's yeah, really playing in this world of capitalism, how to create in this paradigm of capitalism that we are in, but to really still hold the soul based business and bringing our soul out into the world through this kind of lens, which doesn't always feel super great.

[00:19:58]So it's like how to really hold both. And then. Finding what's authentic to yourself. And just sharing from this very authentic place has also really has supported me not trying to change myself to fit this particular brand or this or that, but really trying to feel my authentic essence and express it fully in playfully.

[00:20:24] Jolie Downs: [00:20:24] Yes, that's great. So what do you think is key to continued success in life to having that fulfilled life? If you will.

[00:20:36] Kristin Knight: [00:20:36] Continued success, I would say. Yeah, that's what I want to say. So keeping this perspective, so it's the segue or what we were just talking about. Not taking things like, so if things are a super dire or really scary or overwhelming, whether that's in your successes or your failures, Understanding that we are here for a blip.

[00:21:04]And just to keep that perspective. So the way that I really get perspective in my life is being out in nature. So honestly, holding perspective and going to the desert and staying up all night, looking at the desert sky with all the stars in the sky or watching the sunset into the ocean or climbing to the top of a mountain.

[00:21:24] Those are so important to my success because it gives me the perspective and I don't then slip into whether it's an existential freeze or feeling really scared by some content that I'm going to put out or something like that, because I know it's like we're here so quick and. We are on that, a molten bowl an orbiting, a giant star in outer space.

[00:21:54] And I think that's really important to remember when things feel too big or too scary or too overwhelming.

[00:22:03] Jolie Downs: [00:22:03] I completely agree. It's so important. It puts us in our place. It reminds us where we are and who we are and what life is all about. It's, there's so much bigger. There's so much bigger.

[00:22:14] Kristin Knight: [00:22:14] Exactly. Exactly. We're so tiny.

[00:22:16]Jolie Downs: [00:22:16] It is an important perspective because all of those things that are so big in our lives that are just taking up all that space you're right. Having that perspective and putting them back down to really where it is, it puts everything, it aligns everything back into your life with that, that right way.

[00:22:32]And I do the same for me. It's I need to go into nature and when I'm all upset and worked up, if I go out to nature and to spend that little time. It brings it all back down, relaxes. It all puts into perspective. You realize that it's going to be okay. I can, you can work, whatever it is, get through it.

[00:22:49] Kristin Knight: [00:22:49] Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm so glad you connect to that. Yeah. That's just been so key. So key.

[00:22:56] Jolie Downs: [00:22:56] So is there any advice that you would give someone in the 40 plus category who might be somewhat struggling right now to figure out their right place in life or their next move. If you will. Is there anything that you would share.

[00:23:10] Kristin Knight: [00:23:10] Like networking has been really great. And it's not just like this term networking, but if you have if someone has an inkling to try something new or to change paths or looking for an opportunity, find other people that are already doing it and just have a conversation with them and really understand what does that day-to-day look like?

[00:23:32] Does that really align with what, how I want to spend my day to day? And just have conversations with people, exactly like we're doing now and even how we connected. I think that is, it's just, you never know what doors are going to open from conversations. You never know who you're going to meet on the street, who you're going to meet at the coffee shop, who you're going to meet on Facebook, and. There's so much to learn from. And there's so much to learn from each other. And I just feel like continued to have conversations with people stay open. So just really try to stay open and like eyes open, not just eyes open that heart open. Body open mind.

[00:24:09]There's so much there. I think that we don't even see or don't even know that we could explore or experience because we have our blinders on, or our hearts closed or, these kinds of things. So I would just say to try and open and to have conversations with other people from this place of openness and deep listening.

[00:24:33] Jolie Downs: [00:24:33] the heart closed. That was, that's a big one, cause we talk about the blinders just a lot that we forget that a lot of times it's because the heart is closed. That's yeah, we need to open up our hearts. Thank you for reminding of that.

[00:24:48] Kristin Knight: [00:24:48] In the disciplines that I've studied and in the kind of classical tantra, yoga discipline and traditions that I've studied as well as the sacred sexuality, we have three main energy centers, especially for women. And that would be down in like our sexual center and our womb space, our heart center and our throat centers.

[00:25:05] So there's like an energetic connection between these three. Energy centers. So that's also where like opening our life force through our sexuality and allowing that to come through and open our heart and then really finding our voice, especially as women and opening the throat as well.

[00:25:22]We are experiencing life at, I don't know for me, it's been such a deeper experience of life. When I've got these energy centers open, I know how to speak. My heart is open. I can really feel, and I've got, this kind of life force this vibration of a liveliness that's running in my body that I can tap into.

[00:25:43] And so it's a very a holistic experience of just walking through life, feeling open.

[00:25:51] Jolie Downs: [00:25:51] so is that have to do with like your chakras essentially. Yeah. Okay. So you're balancing the chakras inside and that helps open up.

[00:26:01] Kristin Knight: [00:26:01] Absolutely. Absolutely.

[00:26:03] Jolie Downs: [00:26:03] yeah. It really does. The first time I started meditating and and with chakras and in balancing the chakras and whatnot, it was Amazing to me, because it seemed to me as if everything got CRISPR, like the trees were more beautiful.

[00:26:19] The mountains, they, everything just seemed more. I don't know how to describe it.

[00:26:26] Kristin Knight: [00:26:26] More alive. Cause I think, you're connecting to the vibration, the essence, the energy of, of the thing, right? You're not just, it's not maybe just coming through the optical, but like you've gotten your own energy running. And so there's, then there's vibrational resonance with other things, I think at a, just a deeper level.

[00:26:47] Okay.

[00:26:47] Jolie Downs: [00:26:47] is that something you work on with your clients? Do you help them with that?

[00:26:51] Kristin Knight: [00:26:51] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Definitely when the sexual centers close, that's cutting us off from our life force and from the energy that we pull in from the earth, right? So these, the lower chakras are our energy centers that connect us to the earth and to grounding.

[00:27:06] And this is our bodies, our sexuality, our personal power. And so when that's open and we start to get the life force moving and flowing, we can bring that up into the heart and this can absolutely crack the heart open and we can experience unconditional love, compassion and these things that, you know and feel this sense of life is worth living with our heart open and we can see the kind of love and. And everything that's there. And then, and I think for me, like I've done a lot of work on these two and I feel like they're pretty, like my heart is always open maybe too open sometimes. And I've definitely done a lot of work to re reclaim my sexuality. And as we were about this last piece has been my voice and has been, like I said, as I've started this business a few years ago, it's been like, okay, like I know all these things, I've had so much I've experienced and I've had direct experience of a lot of these things now, how do I share it?

[00:28:01] How do I let myself be seen in it? How can I express myself? And that's taken work. I definitely had a really challenging time in high school. And just the flow of self-esteem and in my early twenties and things, and just never really felt worthy of being seen, never felt good enough.

[00:28:20]And so it's definitely been like this. I feel like the last bastion is to really open the throat, the voice and express myself and be seen in this world as a leader and as a voice for myself and women's empowerment.

[00:28:35] Jolie Downs: [00:28:35] And that's what you're doing now. It's beautiful. I'm curious because it's so unique what you're doing and the, your clients that come to you, they open up to you about a lot of things that, that a lot of people don't talk about. I'm curious if you've seen a common thread, if you will, between the people that you're working with, like a similar challenge that a lot of us out there are dealing with it that you help people overcome.

[00:29:03] Kristin Knight: [00:29:03] Yeah, absolutely. Our childhood stories, our conditioning really. And how, if we don't look at the stories that we were, basically by the, from zero to seven is when we're basically our parents are gifting us and burdening us with all of their stuff.

[00:29:23] Jolie Downs: [00:29:23] I don't know what I did to my kids.

[00:29:28] Kristin Knight: [00:29:28] And I said gifting too, because of course like they gifted us with all the beautiful aspects of course, but they've also burned us with all their unresolved stuff as well. It's not, and this is not about blame, right? I'm so past the part of blaming my parents. However, until if you've never looked at that before, and you never actually start to identify this conditioning that.

[00:29:51]The stories that we started to create about ourselves. When we were young and it's, it's no one's fault, right? We have to create stories to get love from our parents and to feel safe and provided for. And often we had to change who we were to fit. The way that our parents then would praise us and love us and keep us safe and things like that.

[00:30:13] And so if we don't look at those stories and we have to go in to our unconscious mind and start to reprogram, like via neural, re reprogramming and neural plasticity, and, we can create new stories and better, more empowering But we have to get clarity on them first.

[00:30:32] And so if no, a lot of people that come to me, it's let's look at where this came from. Like this particular piece that seems to be blocking you again and again from going for what you really want to go for. So the first part, the first thing that we have to do is we have to get clear.

[00:30:47] Oh, that's where that came from that voice in your head. That's not your voice, that's the voice of your mother or your father or, the, your best friend at six years old or this or that, and so when we can start to look at this stuff that is still, if we don't look at it, it still runs our lives.

[00:31:02] We're on this completely and totally unconscious programming that is actually blocking us from doing what we truly want to do and feeling how we truly want to feel and being in our full power, in our manifestation power, in our creative power, in our spiritual power, in our sexual power. So we get clear on what is actually the blocks.

[00:31:22] And then the next part to really integrating those things is to really find this radical acceptance, right? There's deep, radical acceptance for that story yourself, not about blaming parents on, about blaming yourself or shaming yourself, it's really it's really learning how to. Notice that, except it, and then creating a new relationship with these parts of yourself, that are keeping you disempowered. So yeah, that's usually, if no, one's done that. Type of work before. That's usually where we start. And from there as we start, as we start to let all that stuff either fall away or we integrated, or we just know where that voice is coming from, that tells me that my body is wrong and shameful.

[00:32:10]That, that was my Catholic school upbringing. The body is.

[00:32:15] Jolie Downs: [00:32:15] I feel that

[00:32:16]Kristin Knight: [00:32:16] So I had to look at like why am I feel so, so like gross in my body? It was partly my religious school, religious conditioning. It was a lot around growing up in quite as superficial culture in South orange County here in California and just.

[00:32:35] Getting all these messages about this is the only way that you're supposed to look and act, and this is the amount of money that you should have and all the kind of cultural condensed societal conditioning as well. And really see, this has all been part of the awakening realizing like, Oh my God, like we don't have to subscribe to any of that stuff.

[00:32:52]And I can feel that inner

[00:32:54] Jolie Downs: [00:32:54] Isn't it liberating. Once you realize.

[00:32:56] Kristin Knight: [00:32:56] Yeah. It's I don't have to subscribe to any of this. And so that's the kind of spiritual awakening that, that I love to also support people in discovering for themselves and really having that direct experience of awakening, yeah, from this kind of all these conditioned paradigms that basically tell us we're not good enough as we are.

[00:33:19] We're not worthy as we are. Capitalism is a huge piece of that as well. The whole thing doesn't really go unless we are constantly buying and consuming to try and make ourselves feel better or, make ourselves feel worthy of doing what we want to do. So there's lots in there, but that, yeah, that really,

[00:33:44] Jolie Downs: [00:33:44] that was all really important. Just leave it at that all really important. Let me ask you this, you've learned a lot in life and I love all these different experiences that you've had because they brought all of these different insights and different perspective shifts that, that obviously have

[00:34:01] done wonderful things for your life. And that, I hope for a lot of people, but I'm curious out of all the things that you've learned, what would you say is been the most beneficial to your life?

[00:34:12] Kristin Knight: [00:34:12] I think it is that knowing myself at my deepest level, this is Walking the path of self-mastery and I'm in no way, a master of myself per se, but you've got to know, I had to know myself. I had to be able to really sit with myself. It did 10 days of a pasta silent meditation retreat, and that is

[00:34:34] Jolie Downs: [00:34:34] How was that silent days?

[00:34:39] Kristin Knight: [00:34:39] silent for 10 days, 10, 10 hours a day of closed eye meditation.

[00:34:43]So that's a very yes, that's definitely one path, but it's interesting. Yeah. Surrender learning how to accept. Cause you could I just knew very quickly I'm fighting this the entire 10 days. Like it could live, it might literally drive me insane. So it's like this, I popped through within the second day it was like this pop through.

[00:35:07] Of course there were still times I felt uncomfortable, but there was no resistance. So I wasn't resisting feeling uncomfortable. It was like, this is what you're, this is what you're doing. And to be able to really sit still and feeling. That sense of commitment to discipline or to was this then surrender that I could experience and just continuing to say yes to this experience yes

[00:35:30] to this experience. So that's the one path, but then to balance that I think We'll call that a very masculine practice, sitting in stillness, dissolving everything and connecting to universal consciousness. I'd love to just also offer the listeners that, say a more feminine practice that can bring us to surrender.

[00:35:53] And. Knowing yourself more deeply would be, say, for example, like ecstatic dance or, breath work or where we're moving and sounding. And it's a much more kind of expressive embodied state where we're really in our bodies and the feminine and moving and dancing and singing and expressing, this is also very sad.

[00:36:14] spiritual practice of the kind of feminine embodiment practices. Whereas the masculine would be sitting in silence, dissolving everything and connecting to. Consciousness, both of those. So really learning how to, whereas like Bikram yoga, like masculine, very regimented, very structured kind of push through this kind of thing.

[00:36:37] Whereas like a yin yoga practice or an ecstatic dance, this is really letting the feminine come through.

[00:36:45] Jolie Downs: [00:36:45] I find myself going for that yin. I think maybe I need a little more yang.

[00:36:50]Kristin Knight: [00:36:50] That's the balance though, right? So I had done so much yang practice, lots of meditation, lots of very strict yoga, all this kind of stuff. And so where I found myself now is resting much more in the feminine embodiment practices and feminine spiritual practices, which is song and being with other sisters and dance and getting bare foot in the earth and getting naked in nature.

[00:37:12]These things that kind of are, are more connecting us to the ground. Whereas the other ones are a little more exalted to the higher planes.

[00:37:20]Jolie Downs: [00:37:20] yes. Now with all of the work that you've done, I would imagine you haven't had any experiences with ages in per se, or have you.

[00:37:30] Kristin Knight: [00:37:30] Yeah. Ageism. But I would definitely say. With being a woman who is aging, right? So a woman in midlife, and I think this is a really important conversation to have, and that I'm actually constantly having with myself dialoguing this with myself, a woman in my midlife really having to rewrite that story right in my head that that I become less valuable as I age as a woman.

[00:37:59]The whole kind of. The maiden and mother archetypes and the real kind of fetish fetishes of the maiden and the kind of exile of the mother as and so these are the stories that I'm actually really working with.

[00:38:15] I

[00:38:16] Jolie Downs: [00:38:16] This is important.

[00:38:18] Kristin Knight: [00:38:18] it is truly important and it's important to be in connection with other women in a similar age like that, so that we can dialogue about these things and we can. Start to define how aging gracefully looks like and for ourselves and that we're not starting to shame ourselves for aging, basically.

[00:38:39] And yeah, I'm in deep kind of conversation with myself around this end with a few other women as well. This kind of made into mother journey. I haven't had children in this lifetime. And I P I don't think I will necessarily, but it's still a very important kind of threshold to cross through.

[00:38:56]This kind of Rite of passage. And so for me, it's been really that the creation of this business, the creation of,

[00:39:03] Jolie Downs: [00:39:03] Okay.

[00:39:04] Kristin Knight: [00:39:04] My business and myself and stepping into this more leadership role this mother archetype role mothering my business and, or, my not mothering my clients, but, holding that space right

[00:39:17]Jolie Downs: [00:39:17] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:39:18]Kristin Knight: [00:39:18] in

[00:39:19] Jolie Downs: [00:39:19] no. I love that.

[00:39:20]And it's so important. It's something that we really need, women, we are society and generationally and what have you, there's been a lot, that's been, I would say, smothering that, freedom of embracing yourself as an aging woman, if you will.

[00:39:37]I love this topic and I love that you're embracing it and you're going after it. And I think it's just very important. I'm curious now, is there one thing that you would share with listeners that you feel like if they could make that one little change, it would help them get that much closer to their own success.

[00:39:53]Kristin Knight: [00:39:53] Oh, I feel like a habit. Are you thinking like a habit?

[00:39:58] Jolie Downs: [00:39:58] or even that do you have any, do you have any habits that you've adopted that helped keep you successful? Would you say

[00:40:02]Kristin Knight: [00:40:02] The first thing that actually came up for me is practicing gratitude. A gratitude journal only because there's many reasons, but we, we get so focused on, on fixating, on the things that we don't have, or what's not working in our life. And so this is a way of Neuroplasticity right of slowly reprogramming the brain to really focus on and give our attention to everything that we do have in life and to all the things that are working in our life.

[00:40:27] So it could even be like, celebrating yourself for something or writing down everything you're grateful for every day. But that is just, it's such a perspective shift and that has been hugely helpful for me. Absolutely. And I think that when we can get that perspective shift and we're looking for all the things that are wonderful and working in that we're grateful for, again, it keeps our heart open.

[00:40:49] It keeps us wanting to connect with people and it keeps us wanting to stay connected to life and not to push life away. So big part of, the tantric disciplines that I followed is about how can we stay in love with life and embrace and say, yes, Not just to the wins and all the wonderful things, but how can we say yes and stay open when things are challenging and things are painful and things aren't working, right?

[00:41:19] So it's this kind of non dual approach where our pain is sacred and our pleasure is sacred. Our body is sacred. Our spirit is sacred. Our sexuality is sacred. Everything just by way of its existence is inherently divine. And I love that concept and I love applying that to the realms of sexuality or of or just the day to day life.

[00:41:43]Really walking through and understanding how all of it in some way, shape or form is sacred. And that we can keep saying yes to it again and again.

[00:41:53] Jolie Downs: [00:41:53] That's great. I have to say I, the gratitude journal is something that, that I used when I was deep in grief. And that made a huge difference in helping get through that. Yes, a gratitude journal, especially going through difficult times is really a great piece of advice too, to add. But not only in difficult times, like you said, in those all the time to keep your focus in that,


[00:42:17] Okay. So I'm curious, what keeps you going during your times of struggle?

[00:42:22]Kristin Knight: [00:42:22] I know that when I'm really struggling Even though it's cliche, it's that a, that adage, what we resist persists. And so if I'm like in a really, if I'm in a place where I'm really struggling, I have to get to this point of surrender of almost like kneeling down, arms up, being like, okay.

[00:42:41]Yes. And just fully surrendering to what is, and allowing that resistance to melt away and. They go hand, like one, when I surrender the resistance kind of melts and then what I do to start to come out of it. Once I've surrendered, once I've been like, this is it, there's nothing I can do.

[00:43:02] I'm going to just, I'm just going to fully be with what is. First I have to feel what's there. So my resistance is not wanting to feel what's actually there. I'm scared of it. It feels so uncomfortable. I feel like if I feel it, if I start crying, I never going to stop, and so it's.

[00:43:19] So I'll go through a phase of distracting myself or procrastinating, procrastination and distraction. It's like, when I know that I'm really procrastinating and distracting myself, then there's something that I'm not wanting to look at. There's something inside of me that I'm resisting or that I'm not wanting to feel.

[00:43:36] So then I accept, okay, this is where I'm at. And I surrender to whatever's there. And then I let myself feel it and I move the energy. So really intense emotions, energy in motion. It's just energy in the body and we don't have to be, we don't have to be at the mercy to it. Okay. We can move the energy through our bodies.

[00:44:00] And this is another thing. Yeah, I do with my clients. I teach them to vibrate their emotional body. So vibrating, your emotional body really is it's you might have to move your physical body. You may have to, scream into your hand. You may have to put on the most angriest music that you've ever, you know the music that.

[00:44:17] That really expresses the anger and turn on rage against the machine. That's a great one for me when I'm raged at the world and society and the government, that we're still doing things and it's just so infuriating, I'll put on some really angry music and I will dance it out and then will stomp it out and I will just move my body, move the energy.

[00:44:34]If it's grief, maybe it's going to the ocean and being next to bodies of water and giving it back to the, my grief, giving it to the ocean or allowing the ocean to take it, allowing the earth to take it. But that's really my practices when I'm in a space. And when I struggle, the stagnancy is what kills me.

[00:44:53]The, not feeling that resisting to what I need to feel and move is what, yeah, it's what blocks me and what keeps me there is so much longer. And then the moment it's like, Oh I got to take care of myself right now. I gotta move this energy through my body. I get through it and just always knowing that there's the other side to that.

[00:45:12] That's like really important. In fact, what was another thing too, that would be like such a key piece of advice for anyone listening that feels stagnant, that feels stuck. That feels scared to take a step or is dealing with things that are, feel really challenging or overwhelming is to really go into that space of surrender and then get into your body and move it.

[00:45:34] Just move that energy through your body. Move the emotions through your body. And then there's space

[00:45:42] Jolie Downs: [00:45:42] you for that. Thank you.

[00:45:43] Kristin Knight: [00:45:43] and then there's space again, once we move it through the body mass, and then we can call it something

[00:45:49] Jolie Downs: [00:45:49] You can feel that. Love that answer. Thank you. So before we wrap up, I want to ask you if I just, I love to hear what people answer with this question. So what are you sure of in life?

[00:46:04]Kristin Knight: [00:46:04] What did I, what am I sure of in life that the only way out is through.

[00:46:12] Jolie Downs: [00:46:12] Isn't that true?

[00:46:16] Kristin Knight: [00:46:16] Yes. Yes. I mean that I'm sure of, like I've played a lot of games with my tie and skirt and all these kinds of things, but just realizing that the only way out is through

[00:46:28] Jolie Downs: [00:46:28] it's such a good answer. It's so true now.


[00:46:31] No, Kristen, before, before we go, is there anything that I haven't asked about or anything happening with your work that you would want to share with the listeners?

[00:46:39] Kristin Knight: [00:46:39] Yeah, actually, I am, I've been working one-on-one with clients for over three years now and I'm finally getting together an online course. So that I'm super, super excited about. It's the working title is as soulful pleasure, a woman's journey to spiritual and sexual empowerment. So this is going to be an eight week online course where we look at a lot of the things that we've been talking about today.

[00:47:04] Everything from getting back into our bodies and feeling deep, radical acceptance. Of our bodies and really working through body shame and body image stuff, which again was a big part of my journey and coming home to my body, which would be more in these lower chakras, and then all the way through to really finding our soul essence, our soul gifts and our unique creative expression through the power of harnessing, our sexuality and

[00:47:33] liberating and just working through that fear, that shame, that guilt, that we hold around our bodies and our sexuality. And when we can come out of that and unshackle ourselves from the fear, shame, and guilt, there's so much energy and life force and power and creativity on the other side of that.

[00:47:54] And yeah, so that's really the basis of my, of the program that I'm developing, that I'll be launching in a couple of months. So I'm super, super excited. Of course I still do one-on-one work with women. But yeah, so that's what I've got brewing,

[00:48:08] Jolie Downs: [00:48:08] It's important. It's really important. This is, what the program that you're putting out there and the coaching that you're doing is something that, so too many women out there need really just too many of us need. And what we need is this shift to, to get us in that right mindset, where we're feeling amazing about our own selves, our own bodies, and we take away all that judgment that has been handed over to us by.

[00:48:32] Thousands, all the different people and themedia.

[00:48:38] Kristin Knight: [00:48:38] Patriarchy.

[00:48:43] Jolie Downs: [00:48:43] So really important work. So let's, I'll make sure to have your website in the show notes and any other contact information that you'd like to have on there on include. So anyone can go ahead and find Kristin through there. And are you are taking additional clients if people are interested in

[00:48:59] Kristin Knight: [00:48:59] I am. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely have one-on-one spaces available and yeah, if anyone wants to get in contact with me, like all my details will be on the website and from there, I can add you to my email list. And I will let you know about yeah. When I'm going to be launching probably in the beginning of June, my, my online course which is actually going to have a live component as well.

[00:49:17] So it's going to be eight weeks, but we'll have to call two live calls a week plus the information and homework and practices. And it's also just going to be such a like a sacred coven of women to come together and to really find that sense of community sisterhood, empowerment, and aliveness right?

[00:49:34] We just, we want to feel that aliveness we want to feel confident. We want to feel resourced to do the things that we really want to do, especially in midlife. Like I think women, this is I've never felt more confident, more secure, more excited, more sexual than I have now in this moment. And so I.

[00:49:54] Love aging. I love getting older. I would never want to go back to twenties again. Because yeah,

[00:50:02]Gets better and better. Exactly. Exactly. So this space that I'm creating yeah. Is going to definitely be for, yeah. For women like us, that just want to be able to own it more and to be seen and to see in this really incredible way.

[00:50:19] Jolie Downs: [00:50:19] it's very exciting. So congratulations to you for that. And thank you again for joining us, Kristen. This was wonderful.

[00:50:26]Kristin Knight: [00:50:26] So lovely to be here. Thank you so much.

Jolie Downs: [00:50:28]

I loved Kristin’s story, there are so many great take aways.

I love the story of her being exposed to yoga through her Mom. There are two great things to note from this story. The first is the fact that it was Mom that brought the idea of the yoga class to Kristin. She was not looking for yoga for herself or had any plans to try it, but because her mom didn’t want to go alone, Kristin went with her and through that found a whole new world unfold before her.

This is an important example of what can happen when you open yourself up to new experiences. When you are willing to say yes, even to something you haven’t considered or had a desire for, just to try it out or help out someone else, you just never know where a new door can lead. I can think of multiple experiences in my life where I tagged along with someone else, going only for them with no desire of the activity personally, only to find that this new experience completely opened up a new door of exploration within myself. There is just so much out there that we don’t know and we tend to make snap judgements about things we don’t know a lot about. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll be that friend who says yes, support your loved ones in checking out their interests and keep your mind open to the possibilities. You never know where they might lead.

The second thing to note from the Mom yoga story is that Mom planted that seed of “you’d be really good at this”. This is a huge gift Mom gave Kristin and every person listening has the capacity to give such a gift to others. Planting the seed is a powerful tool. Each and every one of us holds tremendous power to plant the right kind of seeds into other people’s minds. Those are the – you would be so great at this, this is an amazing strength of yours, you seem to light up any time I see you doing this – giving people those positive affirmations makes a huge difference in their lives.

On the flip side of this, we need to be aware of the negative seeds we may be planting or that others plant within our own selves. Bad seeds take root even faster than the good ones.

What seeds have others planted in you that have grown when they should have been starved?

Let’s bring awareness to this, shake off the negative seeds that don’t serve you and

Be sure to shake off any negative seeds that don’t serve you but water and let the sunlight in on those that do.

Let’s bring awareness to the seeds we are watering in our own minds and in the minds of others.

I absolutely loved what Kristin had to say about reclaiming her power through her sacred sexuality. She’s saying that your sexuality, your pleasure, your body – it is there for you, it’s purpose is to serve you – not to attract another person. She learned to shift how she felt about her body, feeling gratitude and connecting with herself at a level that was so much deeper than what she looked like, how much she weighed or how she compared with others. This is so powerful. How many of us have been going through life being mean to our bodies? Nitpicking on the things we wish we could change as opposed to being in awe of everything that is going right.

I experienced this amazing body meditation during a conference one year and it absolutely transformed how I feel about my body. It made me realize how horribly I treated my own body. The way I talked to myself, the level of ingratitude I shared for this miraculous vessel that is carrying me through life was horrifying. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this shift of consciousness.

Spend a few minutes marveling at the amazing workings of your body. The heart that pumps your blood, the arms that allow you to hug, the legs that carry you where you want to go, this body is everything – literally, it is your everything, we only get one body to inhabit, why in the world do we choose to berate it? When you stop to think about it, you can find gratitude for every body part.

I suggest listing the things about your body that you are grateful for in your gratitude journal.

The gratitude journal is an excellent practice that is another common thread amongst these discussions about success and fulfillment. Practicing gratitude is a form of neuroplasticity, a re-programming of your brain to give focus and attention to all of the things that are working in your life. It is so easy to get caught up in focusing on all the things that have gone wrong or didn’t go exactly as you had hoped. Our brains naturally go in that direction, making us miserable and unhappy but you can train your brain in a different direction and you can do that through practicing gratitude. Every day write down what you were grateful for in that day, as you write them down, really feel the gratitude for each thing – and it can be as simple as being able to breathe freely through the day. The fact that the sun came out, a flower bloomed, you have a warm bed to sleep in, you have a device that allows you to listen to this very podcast. Feel the gratitude and let it envelope you.

This practice will change your life.

Life flows where your focus goes.

I appreciate that Kristin reminds us there are so many ways to live life. There isn’t just one way to do life. Or only one way to do a relationship or only one way to love – there are so many amazing options and varieties of types of life out there – it’s all about finding the one that is right for you. I think for many people, we get stuck on the life we grew up with, as if that is the only option and when life doesn’t turn out quite like we thought, we think that correlates to failure but there is no failure in life. There is only learning. Learn from your previous experiences and create the way of life you want to live moving forward.

What is most important, is that you are focusing in on, what is the right way to live life for YOU. This is your life. What do you want it to look like?

Create that, forget what everyone else is doing and do you.

For Kristin success is believing in herself, giving herself the belief and permission to turn her passion into a living. She fully embraced and owned what she wanted to do and she went out and did it. So inspiring and an example we can all learn from. Kristin was able to take that leap of faith because of the trust she has developed within her. She shares that she does this through being present in her body, allowing herself to really listen and feel where her energy is taking her. This is important because we so often don’t take the time to listen to our own bodies, which so often is giving us the answers. Spend time with your quiet self, spend time tuning in and really listening to what your body and soul are telling you. As Kristin put it, find that golden thread that is calling us places.

When that thread pulls on your soul, please take the time to stop and listen.

Kristin shares the importance of keeping the right perspective in life.

We are only here for a short blip.

Most things are not worth getting super serious about. Life is one big experiment, try to take the playful approach when you find yourself getting too serious. As Kristin suggests, spending time in nature can help get our head in that right perspective. Being in nature, experiencing the miracle of this world up close and personal reminds you of just how small we are and how big and vast this world is. Being in nature is also a natural mood enhancer, just being surrounded by nature reduces anger, fear, stress, blood pressure, heart rate, stress hormones and increases your pleasant feelings making you feel better emotionally. Nature is your free therapy. I love how Kristin put it – when things get too overwhelming, get yourself outside and remember that we are all just riding on this huge orbiting star in outer space.

Kristin gave great advice for those considering new opportunities or avenues. Find people that are doing what you want to be doing. Reach out and network with them, see if they’d be willing to answer some questions. Find out what the day to day looks like. Ask them what they love and more importantly, what they hate about their work. If they could change anything about what they do, what would it be? What are their greatest struggles? These conversations will give you great insight into whether or not this is something you want to pursue. It’s best to get as much information as possible and make sure it feels right inside, that it’s pinging that internal tuning fork telling you this is the direction you are supposed to take.

And as Kristin suggests, just have conversations with people – talk to people you meet at the coffee shop, in line at the store, on an airplane - strike up conversations as you never know what door may open. Ask people questions that are more apt to create a connection – like, what are you most excited about right now?

What are you feeling the most challenged with right now?

For what do you feel the most grateful? What’s the best thing that happened to you this past year?

People love to talk about themselves and any of these questions will get someone to open and help create that connection. I’ve heard from countless people how some of their greatest opportunities came from these chance encounters where they simply opened up to talking with a stranger.

Who knows what you could learn from the next person you randomly encounter, why not give it a try and find out?

Kristin also made a comment about how we need to keep our eyes open and our hearts open. I thought this was important because we so often close our hearts in certain areas when we experience hurt and trauma in life. It can feel easier to close the heart, to not allow that hurt availability in, but in reality you are only cutting yourself off from all the joy that life has to offer. When we don’t have the right tools to deal with a past trauma it is understandable that it shuts something down in our heart, it is normal and human, but it is not healthy. This is not the way. Keeping the blinders on and keeping your heart closed off is not keeping you from getting hurt, it’s actually keeping you IN the hurt.

Think about your own experiences. What have you been closing your heart to? What have you had blinders on about? It’s time to bring awareness to where these blocks are and start opening those doors and cracking those windows in the places where we have shut down.

A great place to start is with our childhood stories. As Kristin wisely brought up, our parents have both gifted and burdened us (and any parents are currently doing that to their own children, as am I (sorry my boys), such is the cycle of life). Growing up we created all kinds of stories and changed ourselves in different ways to try and get the love and praise every person craves. It’s important that we start looking at the programming, the knee jerk reactions we have without realizing why, the triggers that set you off without explanation, where do these things come from? Bring awareness the next time you find yourself reacting stronger than the situation warrants. Bring awareness the next time you are unnecessarily harsh with yourself or someone else. Ask yourself why are reacting this way? Where does it come from? What is this story you are telling yourself? Is this belief really yours or does it belong to someone else?

If you don’t start looking at these things, they will continue to have control over you and block you from what you want to do and how you want to feel.

Spend the time learning to understand yourself and find that radical acceptance. Let all those negative stories and beliefs fall away and create a new and much more beautiful relationship with yourself.

The same goes with the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. The way we feel about our bodies is a gross conditioning from youth being blasted at you from every side by a variety of mediums. We are bombarded with messages growing up that this is the way you are supposed to look and everyone seems to have an opinion regardless of how you do look. I suggest we all stop worrying about what other people are thinking, as we’ve discussed in a previous episode, critical and judgmental people have the most criticism and judgement for themselves.

Why are we allowing unhappy people to impact our own decisions and judgements about ourselves?

I say no more.

Let’s all learn from Kristin’s story, work through that fear, that shame, that guilt that we hold around our bodies and unshackle ourselves. There is so much energy, life force, power and creativity that comes from finding that radical acceptance of ourselves and for anyone who doesn’t like it – you can just forget them because you are liberated – you are the only one who gets to define the uniqueness that is you. As Kristin said, everything just by way of its existence is inherently divine.

I found Kristin’s story about the silent retreat and her subsequent lessons very powerful. Not only did she really get to know herself and understand herself (what a gift) but she learned how to surrender. She learned how to accept.

How many experiences in life are so much harder because we fight them? And the fighting and resisting, how does that make you feel? I bit crazy right? A little like trying to swim upstream.

What if we were able to surrender to the situation, accept it, sit in the uncomfortableness and learn from it. Here you are, this is where you are right now, sit still and surrender into what is.

For what we resist persists. Our resistance is the fear of what is there, so we distract and procrastinate when we don’t want to deal or feel, so nothing gets better, and then we ask ourselves, why?

What if instead you surrendered? Fall to your knees, you’ll find that the earth will catch you. Let all the feels flow through, move the energy through your body so you don’t have to be at the mercy to it. Take care of that energy, move through those feelings and emotions and then really get into your body and move it.

The only way out is through.

Finally, I loved Kristin’s feelings on aging. She is all about embracing ageing and finding that confidence, that resourcefulness and empowerment that comes from owning who you are. That is what this podcast is all about, celebrating ourselves as we age, the wisdom, the understanding, the know how to go out and succeed at all these amazing things that people are doing in the second half of life. We are here for it. It’s time to embrace yourself as you are, and bring forth that confidence, security and excitement to every endeavor moving forward regardless of the year on your birth certificate.

That is my wish for all of us, that we will be Feeling that fresh blood all through life, at every age.

Until next time

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