Fresh Blood Podcast Episode Guest - DC Glenn

DC talks about what he learned from recording “Whoomp!” (There It Is), the importance of learning how to learn and offers life wisdom on how to find your own success.

DC Glenn is half of the 90’s hip hop duo, Tag Team, which made the song “Whoomp!” (There It Is), one of the most commercially successful singles of all times and a song any 90’s kid can begin singing immediately. In addition to being well versed in SEO, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Fashion Photography and Motivational Speaking, DC is also an expert in the music industry and an actor and voice artist with the People Store Agency in Atlanta. You may have seen him recently in the Geico commercial, “Scoop, there it is”.

DC talks about what he learned from recording “Whoomp!” (There It Is), the importance of learning how to learn and offers life wisdom on how to find your own success.

DC Glenn is half of the 90’s hip hop duo, Tag Team, which made the song “Whoomp!” (There It Is), one of the most commercially successful singles of all times and a song any 90’s kid can begin singing immediately. In addition to being well versed in SEO, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Fashion Photography and Motivational Speaking, DC is also an expert in the music industry and an actor and voice artist with the People Store Agency in Atlanta. You may have seen him recently in the Geico commercial, “Scoop, there it is”.


DC Glenn, Musician (Hip Hop Duo Tag Team), Voice Artist, Actor & More

Jolie Downs: [00:00:00] Today we are speaking with a DC Glenn. DC is half of the nineties hip hop duo Tag Team, which made the song ‘Whoomp, There it is!’ one of the most commercially successful singles of all times, and a song that any 90’s kid can begin singing immediately. In addition to being well-versed in SEO, PR marketing, social media, fashion, photography, and motivational speaking, DC is also an expert in the music industry and an actor and voice artist with the people's store agency in Atlanta.

[00:00:38] You may have seen him recently in the Geico commercials ‘Scoop, There it is!’ DC. Thank you for joining us on fresh blood. I'm excited to learn more, please. Could you tell us a little bit about your path getting to where you are today? Okay.

[00:00:51] DC Glenn: [00:00:51] You need to take a breath after all this stuff, you just said, my path. Is just life. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, moved to Denver when I was four and then had a wonderful childhood. And me and Steve met in high school and in high school, Steve had a band and I was like, Ooh, I want to be in that band. And then I worked in a tardy office passing out slips.

[00:01:18] And I was down the hall from Dr. Joyce Davis Emmanuel high school class in 1984. And she was the choir director. And I was like, Ooh, I gotta be in the choir. And our first high school dance Steve's friends had DJ'ed and this is back in the early eighties when I was like, Whoa, two turn tables and a microphone.

[00:01:37] I got to do that. So all these things led to my musical. My, led to decision that. My life was going to be based around music and early on, when I went to college, I just, I wanted to, my major was communications. I wanted to take down rather spot. And, but I, the music kept calling me and I started deejaying all the frat parties.

[00:01:59] I started writing lyrics because we had a band and we did a lot of things, but I was in Sacramento and they were in Denver and we just disbanded and grew apart. But me and Steve stayed together. So we would do whenever I come home for spring break or whatnot, we go to the studio and make records not make records, but try to make records. We make music. And then the invention of the fourth track came out, which is like the equivalent of like garage band for computers today, where you can make songs. And that changed everything because I started making my own songs. Steve started making his own songs. And then as the progressions went on Steve moved down to Atlanta to go to the art Institute of Atlanta.

[00:02:38] For music. And I came down there and visit them and had such a ball that I went back and packed up everything and came back when I finished school. So now I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm supposed to go to, get a job at CNN, but I see the clubs and the DJ's aren't as good as I thought they were.

[00:02:55] And I can do this for the summer. And I got a job deejaying at a club called magic city and never looked back. And that was the best thing that ever happened to me, musically, because I could play my own records at the club. test them with people and say, Hey, you liked this. You liked that.

[00:03:14] And it just got me closer and closer, but we were in the Southeast and the Southeast, you had to, you have to have, you have to make booty shake. What's called bass music. And we realized this and we ended up making a record. And it just so happened to be whoomp. There it is. It wasn't a Manhattan project or any type of rocket science, trigonometry, theorems and whiteboards.

[00:03:37] None of that,

[00:03:38] Jolie Downs: [00:03:38] Made yourself. Yeah.

[00:03:39] DC Glenn: [00:03:39] Just a song about us partying on Friday night. now it is one of the most successful records in the history of recorded music.

[00:03:50] Jolie Downs: [00:03:50] It's

[00:03:51] DC Glenn: [00:03:51] And it it, the whole beginning of it was difficult because everybody loved the record when I played it. But the record companies didn't know what to do with it and almost gave up.

[00:04:03] This is

[00:04:03] Jolie Downs: [00:04:03] Cause it was new. It was like a new genre, it was like, yeah.

[00:04:06] DC Glenn: [00:04:06] because everything was LA New York base back then. So they didn't really know what to do with it. So it was real difficult trying to just listen to them, run all of them, just spew all over themselves because they didn't understand what to do with it.

[00:04:19] So they led me along and it just irritated me. And I almost gave up, but a young lady named Lisa McCall told me to call a gentleman named Al bell. And he used to own Stax records. For those that don't know who Stax records is that in the beginning there, three RNB soul record companies, Motown, Philly international and Stax records.

[00:04:39] And he had owned Stax records. And the year before us, he had put out a base record and it went gold. So what better marriage to have somebody who actually knows how to work that music. And then they know the music game and I called him. He gave me a call back in a week and I was real passionate.

[00:04:56] I said, Mr. Bell, you really need to sign us. I got to hit record. It's great. Please sign it. And he was like, okay. I was like, wait a minute. You haven't even heard it. He was like, I don't have to hear it, brother. I hear it in your spirit. And I'll never forget those words

[00:05:11] Jolie Downs: [00:05:11] Woo.

[00:05:12] DC Glenn: [00:05:12] because the passion is what got him.

[00:05:14] And that is what gets a lot of people about me. That's why I was an effective DJ because anytime I, my, my voice touches a mic. There's something that happens. And it just, you said, let's agree to agree. And I gave him my two weeks at magic city signed a messed up record deal. And in a month and a half, we were platinum.

[00:05:33] Right.

[00:05:34] Jolie Downs: [00:05:34] Wow. Isn't that incredible! I Is that

[00:05:36] DC Glenn: [00:05:36] everybody's everybody thinks it's the star struck, stardom for them too fast, too quick. You know what I mean? But it wasn't me because I was already a DJ. And me being a DJ, I was in a deep, I was a DJ in the most popular club in the city. And that's when Atlanta started, the music scene really started blowing up in Atlanta.

[00:05:54] So I knew everybody anyway, but it wasn't like I was star struck. And then another thing that I've always been able to do is just analyze situations, analyze where I'm at figure things out. And I will watch artists rise and Washington fall, and I will watch them rise and treat people like crap. watch them fall and watch people rebel in their demise. And they never came. They never could recover. And I vowed to never be that person. And my father also pulled me to the side at the beginning and he was like, son, I'm proud of you. When I was young and I wanted to hang out with my friends and get the Cadillacs and get all the girls, my mother made me go to school and I was mad about that.

[00:06:36] But. Now I have the Cadillacs and they're all broke, right? He said, don't, this will end. Don't chase it. Don't chase the ghost. Don't chase the fame. Don't chase what you had because everything rises, everything falls in varying degrees. And I remembered that. So for me, it, I was always even keeled.

[00:07:00] We never act like stars because I understood. And I didn't want that type of tension on myself. I didn't have to have that. I've had love all my life. I've had, I've been a DJ all my life. So the things that most people need when they think they're doing this, I didn't need. So for me, it was just about the craft and about the money, of course.

[00:07:21] And I had my fun. Don't get me wrong now. I had my fun

[00:07:25] Jolie Downs: [00:07:25] I'm sure,

[00:07:27] DC Glenn: [00:07:27] because I could keep it together. When adversity hit me. It wasn't as serious as it could have been. Because, we were in a 20 year legal battle over won't there it is

[00:07:41] Jolie Downs: [00:07:41] crazy and really quick. I want to hear about this, but I just want to applaud you and your parents for being able to have such a strong understanding of really lessons that take people years and years to figure out at such a young age and really embodying that at a young age. So I just wanted to applaud you for that really quick.

[00:08:04] DC Glenn: [00:08:04] parents for everything, they, I am the reason that, I am who I am because my mother and father worked me like a dog. I'm telling you brother, but they did it in a way that was reward and consequences and the consequences weren't, the consequences weren't dire, but they were things like if you don't clean your room, you can't watch TV tonight. Oh, if you don't go to church, you can't play football with your friends on Sunday. Things that really hurt, we're going to give you $5 a week for allowance, and you're still going to get that, but we're going to take things away from you that really means something. And you test them a couple of times, but then what happens is you real you grow up not fearing work and I'm eight years old and we have a blizzard in Denver.

[00:08:58] We're one of the only families that has a snowblower. So we do, my brother do ours real quick. Then Mr. Grant is struggling next door and we go do his shovel that we do everybody in the block. We just said, forget we gonna do everybody. Cause we had a snowblower was easy and. That whole week when we come home from school or just, they see us out, there's $20.

[00:09:19] I appreciate you doing, what's

[00:09:20] Jolie Downs: [00:09:20] Oh,

[00:09:23] DC Glenn: [00:09:23] And that's where my hustle started, that I can, all I had to do was work, but my parents had conditioned me so well, that work was work in the board. What had to be done. I became very good at getting a bunch of money just by doing things that other people wouldn't do.

[00:09:42] Jolie Downs: [00:09:42] Oh, isn't that the truth right there.

[00:09:44] DC Glenn: [00:09:44] Cut, cut. The hedges, shoveled, the snow everything wash my dad's car. Hey dad, watch carpet $10. Yeah. Okay, cool.

[00:09:52] Jolie Downs: [00:09:52] There's always a way to figure it out.

[00:09:54] DC Glenn: [00:09:54] There's always a way to figure it out. And then in my teen years, I can't, I started coming up with tactics, people would always say, man, I want a job. I looked all around all the city all day.

[00:10:02] And I was like, really the only place you go to four. I was like, man, that's the one that you picked the hardest way to get a job. It was like, you got an easy way of yeah, I can get you a job about 10 minutes. Watch go give me the yellow pages. Pick the yellow pages where you want to work. All right, here we go.

[00:10:20] Start calling people. Hey how are you doing? Are you hiring? Okay. Thank you. Hey, are you stepped in applications? Okay, cool. Hey, are you accepting applications? Oh really? Okay. Are you hiring? Yeah, man, this girl just quit on me. You get here today. I got a job for you. Boom. Took me five minutes you got a job.

[00:10:40] Jolie Downs: [00:10:40] Okay.

[00:10:41] DC Glenn: [00:10:41] right.

[00:10:42] That's simple thing. And I have, I've developed those things over the years and I call it learning how to learn. It's not enough to just learn, right? It's not enough to just read a book, but I'm talking about learn how to learn like perfect example of today. I get along email. I read the first two lines. I started daydreaming.

[00:11:03] I actually I have dyslexia because I don't want to read it. I'm lazy and I don't read it. And then I procrastinate on that email and it might be something important. But I don't do that anymore because I have AI software where I dumped that email into the AI software now reads to me while I'm checking all my other emails and it gets good to me.

[00:11:20] Wait a minute. Okay. Now I'm reading along while it's reading along to me and now retaining more information because you're hitting all the senses. You're listening, you're reading. You're understand to get more. You're coming up with scenarios. You're figuring out every time I get a script for acting, I thought an AI and just let it go to me just so I can daydream and yeah.

[00:11:41] Figure out what the scene is about and what I want to do, how I want to do it. Who's the character what's going on. What I can apply to it. Yeah. Because I'm not busy reading it right now. I will read. But. Some things were, we all have different senses and they all get heightened from certain things.

[00:11:59] And if you could figure that out, you can. I could take this podcast order and transcription through AI and get a transcript of it. Like I told you earlier, if I need something written, throw it to the writers and they write it. And then they back to me, I'll take all, they write grammar, I use writers so I can have it grammatically.

[00:12:16] Correct. But when it comes to the sauce, that's me. But then in the back to them, they have a grammatically, correct, because I am a good writer. I just grammar the grammar wise. It gets in the way on the right. I want to tell the story. And that's what I do.

[00:12:31] Jolie Downs: [00:12:31] Yeah, this is great. It's very true. Learning how to do learning. It's just you don't have a good memory. You do a memory, you're not a good learner. You do learning, you learn how to learn. I love that.

[00:12:43] DC Glenn: [00:12:43] And it's funny because the. When the record company went bankrupt and there was another record company that bought it out of bankruptcy, but they took publishing that shouldn't have been there. And that's where the battle ensued right.

[00:12:57] Jolie Downs: [00:12:57] Now you mentioned a contract, so this was a problem too, amongst

[00:13:00] DC Glenn: [00:13:00] Contract the contract was, it was a problem, but it was a problem because the contract was a problem because we just rushed to sign it and I was of the attitude we'll deal with it later. And every young artist goes through that. I

[00:13:13] Jolie Downs: [00:13:13] Yeah. I was going to your human reaction.

[00:13:17] DC Glenn: [00:13:17] Oh, you're trying to be a rock star. You don't care about anything else. We'll be in a rockstar. And, I knew I started to see the mistakes that I had made and I said, okay, let me get some legal representation and try to get what's mine. And what I didn't realize is that I think I don't have long money.

[00:13:36] But the record company has long money. And that depletes my supply of money. Now I got to go back to work because the record company is bankrupt. I can't do anything else because if I do both of those record companies will say Hey, we got rights to that. So if it blows up, it's not mine.

[00:13:53]And I didn't feel like going through that, that would have been three, four legal battles after that.

[00:13:57] Jolie Downs: [00:13:57] Oh yeah.

[00:13:58] DC Glenn: [00:13:58] so I was just stuck, but I took full responsibility. I didn't cry over spilled milk. And I basically said, you will have your day in court, but what can you do to, get w what can you do?

[00:14:13] And I said, I can get ready. I can basically turn into a paralegal and get all the discovery ready. Get all the organization ready, have everything ready. So when you do have to get a lawyer, everything is pinpoint perfect teas, to use across I's are dotted and all you gotta do is just give them everything.

[00:14:32] And then you're gonna save yourself half the money because they don't have to do the research. Nobody knows it better than you because you've organized it blow by blow.

[00:14:40] Jolie Downs: [00:14:40] So impressed right now

[00:14:41] DC Glenn: [00:14:41] And I did that for 20 years.

[00:14:43] Jolie Downs: [00:14:43] I'm so impressed

[00:14:44] DC Glenn: [00:14:44] And

[00:14:45] Jolie Downs: [00:14:45] because look, most people. Yeah see, most people would be so frustrated. They would be so frustrated and it would get, it would. A lot of people would have let that affected them in a very negative way and taken them.

[00:14:58] DC Glenn: [00:14:58] that are old and bitter to

[00:15:00] Jolie Downs: [00:15:00] Yes, exactly.

[00:15:02] DC Glenn: [00:15:02] They get her at us cause they, cause we've been successful and I'm like, but see, here's the thing. And this all leads to later right now. I want to touch on to say this all my life is, this is my timeline of my life. So this is like 2002.

[00:15:18] I'm like, okay, I'm back at the clubs, but I am never going to let it anybody take advantage of me financially, again, like me, what can I do finance? Yeah. That I could get up to speed. And I became, I got into commodities

[00:15:35] Jolie Downs: [00:15:35] Oh my goodness.

[00:15:39] DC Glenn: [00:15:39] I got into and Forex, and then I actually became a licensed commodities broker. Yeah. And see people think, wow, you pass the T yeah. I pass the series three tests. That's right. But here's how I do that. When I have to get certifications and stuff, I will go and pass. I will go and fail the test the first time, just so I can understand what's on the test.

[00:16:03] Jolie Downs: [00:16:03] That's really good insight right

[00:16:05] DC Glenn: [00:16:05] Yeah. And then I'll try to take it again. Cause you always get, you can take it as many times as you want or you take it three times and then I pass, I failed it by little bit the second time. And then I pass it the third time. Now, all I care about is that I know what I'm doing and I passed it.

[00:16:21]But that was a way for you to learn as I was going, because if I had tried to study all that and spent all that time and didn't pass it the first time that would've just been a waste of time. It's all about time. I'm still DJ. And I'm, I'm a vampire because I go to work at eight and get off at four in the morning.

[00:16:35] So it's a little difficult, there's lifestyles, a little, it's fun, but it's a little different. And once I did that, I went and worked at a brokerage while I'm deejaying. But it wasn't. Yeah, it wasn't for me because, and here's the thing because I was who I was, every big house was like, he knows all the stars.

[00:16:55] He knows all the athletes. He knows everybody. He can bring us money. So let's hire him just on the strength. So this was like at the beginning where they had online trading and all of that. And I had people come from San Francisco and set up my computers so we can trade in the daytime. But then I realized it wasn't for me because I'm selling financial instruments to people and I don't even know what they are and that's not, my integrity wouldn't allow that.

[00:17:19]I said, Oh, to, I wanted to start a hedge fund. I don't know what it is funny is at all, but I


[00:17:24] want to start one. Cause I hear everybody talking about his fund. So let me start a hit fun. So how do you start a hedge fund? You got to have somebody manage all that money. So why don't you call a couple of hedge fund managers and see if you get a meeting and that's where I act like a star.

[00:17:39] Hey, how you doing? I'm DC from tag team. You might remember the song whoop. There it is. Yeah. I remember that song. Hey man, I'm trying to set up a hedge fund. And am I thinking about having to meeting with you guys? Because I can get you Dominic Wilkins. I can get you prime time. Deion Sanders. I can get you all the athletes.

[00:17:53] I can get you TLC. I can get you everybody. They, they would invest with me. And I just want to know, I'm looking for somebody to manage all this money. And then I had, it was like, yes. So I have a meeting in New York, San Francisco, LA in Nevada. And I go to Las Vegas guy, picks me up at the airport, we're talking and having a good time.

[00:18:14] Cause you know, I'm dealing with fans now, right? Because this is 10 years afterward. And all the people that had just gotten out of college, they're coming up in their respective crafts. And we get into this boardroom and everybody's telling me there whoomp there it is story. Then we get down to brass tacks and I'm like, so why should I let you guys run my hedge fund?

[00:18:34] And they're like, Oh DC, we, this the best company going, you got this, and we're going to do this for you. And we're going to do that and this and that and this and that, and what they don't realize is while they're pitching me. They're teaching me. I went around four times and by the time I finished, I knew what a hedge fund was and it wasn't for me, because to me it's just intellectual gambling and I'm a terrible gambler because I don't do that.

[00:19:01]And that's what it felt like to me. And I couldn't have a reputation where I took people's money and lost it. So it wasn't for me. But you don't like when you drop a bomb, you have collateral damage destruction. I call the reverse where you do something and it doesn't quite work out, but it's not that you failed.

[00:19:21] It's just that wasn't for you. And I call it collateral sprinkles. The good thing that came from it. So the good thing that came from it is 2000. I would watch CNBC didn't know anything about finance 2002. I could watch CNBC all day and understand everything they were talking about. So that leads you to other things, right? Every thing leads you to another thing, and we're still doing shows, I'm still working at the clubs. I'm still making a lot of money. Then, there's always a phobia that is this the year whoomp. There it is. It's going to die. And I was sitting in a movie theater and I'm looking at will Ferrell dance on a table in a Christmas movie.

[00:20:05] And I'm like there it is, it'll never die now, every year. That's when I knew it was evergreen right now, the responsible ability is not to anyone it's up to me to make my own money because I still have a hit record. And I have a forever hit record. So it's up to me. So that's why. Okay. I was in the big self-help thing in the two thousands, Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins and Zig Ziglar.

[00:20:32] I went through all the books. And they all, you go through all those books, certain things stick, most things don't right. Because you have to make it custom to your life.

[00:20:41] Jolie Downs: [00:20:41] Yes,

[00:20:42]DC Glenn: [00:20:42] Sometimes it's not about changing your life sometimes about making your life a little bit more custom and adding things to your toolbox.

[00:20:49] Jolie Downs: [00:20:49] exactly. Changing a little something inside of you.

[00:20:52] DC Glenn: [00:20:52] Tweak, stuff like that. And I I remember this book, I can't remember the name of it, but I remember this story and this is the thing that changed my life. Guy wanted to open a pie shop, but he was like, how do I do that? Let me go work at a pie. Shop started as a bus boy came up through the ranks, making pies, did that for about three months, left, open his own pie shop.

[00:21:12] Then he franchised the pie shop. Then he sold the pie shop for $20 million. He called it getting in the corridor. Bob deejaying, let me get, how do I get in the corridor? Always and forever. I have never been just a DJ. I am your sound guy. I am your light tick. I do all your flyers. I do your television ads.

[00:21:33] I do your video. I do your social media. I do your marketing. I do your SEO. I do your websites. I do everything that I can do. And then I make myself invaluable. And that's my message to everyone. If you're in a dead end job where you can't stand your job, you're thinking about it, the wrong way. You make yourself invaluable to that job and do way more than you're supposed to.

[00:21:59] Because the stuff that you do serves you later, people used to say, DC why are you doing all this? You don't make no money off of it. Why are you doing photography? Why are you finding LA to learn how to retouch? You don't make no money off of it. I was like, Okay. Everybody's you're always like this, you're all over the place.

[00:22:15] Blah, blah, blah. Jack of all trades master of none. But if you live long enough and you hustle long enough, all those hustles become one and they serve you. And some of those trades you become very masterful at, and then it's all you it's custom. I said, I'm going to make a business plan for this club and I'm going to be their marketing.

[00:22:42] So I prepare, okay. Do a business plan. I think I just got to write paragraph. This is what I want to do and how this is no. That's not how you do a business plan. What? I've got to come up with figures. I got to do this. I got what I got to see how much this is, what? Oh, but I did it.

[00:22:58] It took six months.

[00:23:00] Jolie Downs: [00:23:00] yeah.

[00:23:00]DC Glenn: [00:23:00] I got, I had a coach that helped me, but the co the guy who helped me, his guidance, Jim Williams, American business development, he had taught me about credit. And then he taught me about corporate credit because one of those get in the corridor type of situations is you need to run your life like a corporation. So why not start a corporation? That is your life. And that's what CLG investments is. So now I'm like, okay, so what I got to do you gotta learn accounting. You gotta learn bookkeeping, all the little pieces that go to it. I know QuickBooks inside out. I do my own bookkeeping because I can never find a bookkeeper to do my bookkeeping.

[00:23:36]I am QuickBooks. And it has made my life so much better because I know where every penny goes going, where every penny goes. And not slipping on that. You just stay, it keeps you so fiscal that you just never really get in bad shape. So I'm running my life like corporation. I do the business plan.

[00:23:57] I go into my bosses office, a Bob projector and a screen, and I do a PowerPoint presentation, drinking, a Tanger and orange juice because I'm in the club. And she says she hurts. She just sitting there with her mouth open and she cuts me a check for 25 GS. It says get started. So now when I get started now I get to learn SEO.

[00:24:18] I get to learn all of these things that are marketed in those. But I get to learn in real time while still making money, getting paid and making money, doing this

[00:24:24] Jolie Downs: [00:24:24] So you pitched this before you knew how to do it. You pitched it before you knew how to do it?

[00:24:30] DC Glenn: [00:24:30] I pitched it before I knew how to do it so I could do it. I could learn how to do it because learning how to do it on your own can be difficult sometimes because you get in your way.

[00:24:41] Jolie Downs: [00:24:41] Oh, yes.

[00:24:42] DC Glenn: [00:24:42] when you would have to learn it, when you're learning something and. You have to learn it because you want to be better. Cause you want to be the number one club in the city. You want to show that all the things in your intellect and all the things your hustle has proven to be formidable to anybody who wants to do what you do, then that is what drives you.

[00:25:03]And yeah here's what spawns off of that, of doing the marketing. So 2008, 2009, I said, I'm doing these radio spots, but I want to sound like they sound on television. I need to start taking voiceover lessons. So I started flying to New York, start flying to LA, trying to get the best coaches in.

[00:25:20] And I'm thinking I could just whoomp there. It is my way through it and learning about a year. And it was the most difficult thing. And still is one of the most difficult things I'll ever do because it's hard,

[00:25:30] Jolie Downs: [00:25:30] what makes it difficult?

[00:25:31] DC Glenn: [00:25:31] it's very difficult. It's very difficult because I've been yelling on Mike's all my life.

[00:25:36] If

[00:25:37] Jolie Downs: [00:25:37] Oh, you'll get the nuances now. Huh?

[00:25:40] DC Glenn: [00:25:40] go from yelling in front of 50,000 people to. Very quiet from my right. And it took years, but I didn't quit. I got frustrated. I thought it was my coach's fault. It's they're not coaching me. I knew back then was out of control, but I stuck with it and all these little series, because I'm in the club and I'm learning inside the corridor.

[00:26:00] Now, 2010, 2011, I get a call from a New York times reporter talking about everybody thinks Barack Obama was in your music video. Gawker wrote an article and now the whole, and I'm like, how did you even find me? She was like, I really couldn't. But I kept with it. And we did a whole week of press CNN, NBC, Stephen Colbert.

[00:26:22] So we did everything and I had nothing to show for it. And it hurt me because

[00:26:29] Jolie Downs: [00:26:29] What do you mean you had nothing to show for it?

[00:26:32] DC Glenn: [00:26:32] if you do press, if Jeanie most does the expos a on you, and we'll see, you're supposed to turn that into something. That has to lead to something. If NBC ABC, if Steven Cole bear does a second on you, that has to lead into something, somebody needs to be able to, I'm not saying that the world's going to come to you, but somebody is going to see that and be like, I love that.

[00:26:55] Let me try to find them to do a show. And we had no website. We had no web presence. We had no social presence. We had nothing. And that's what started my, that will never happen again. That's what started my SEO career. And because, back then you would type in tag team in Google and it was all wrestling.

[00:27:13] You type into him today. It's all tag team

[00:27:16] Jolie Downs: [00:27:16] I'll tag team. Yes.

[00:27:17] DC Glenn: [00:27:17] say in over

[00:27:18] Jolie Downs: [00:27:18] You did that.

[00:27:20] DC Glenn: [00:27:20] it was, it took 10 years. And it was brutal because I not only did I have to learn SEO, but it's a moving target. And I had to learn how to build websites and I had to learn how to correlate it all. Then. All the things that make the website, what it is, as far as ranking in the search instance, I had to go correct all that, which are all the articles.

[00:27:41] We've got all the terrible links that are going to your site, that somebody might've threw out there, just because all the your Wikipedia pages, everybody goes your Wikipedia pages stuff from 1998. That's not relevant. That makes you look crazy. Everybody knows that already. So I had to go, I had to learn how Wikipedia pages are edited.

[00:28:01] I had to learn all the rules of all of that, and I did it right. And, fast forward, I get a call from my agent, September 20, 20, one, 20, 20 just book too. They want to book you. And I'm like, don't play with me having an audition for a Geico commercial. They like DC. Geico said they wanted tag team.

[00:28:25] I was like, Oh, Tag-team I forgot about that. Let me go check the Tag Team phones. We've got a dedicated line and there was a call, but they went to my IMDV for acting because I know SEO and I lay out the breadcrumbs, all my profiles. I filled out correctly. They found me called my agent. I let my agent make the deal because my agent knows this already because TV and television and voiceover.

[00:28:53] So this is a perfect thing. Time for them to let them work it, I let them make the money and it's become the biggest. It is the biggest, most lucrative deal I've ever made

[00:29:03] Jolie Downs: [00:29:03] That's fantastic. And this is many years later.

[00:29:09] DC Glenn: [00:29:09] what leads up to all of this?

[00:29:11] Jolie Downs: [00:29:11] All this breadcrumbs that you were planting it through those years.

[00:29:15] DC Glenn: [00:29:15] 2012. Those both of those, the court case finally comes because one side was motioning. The other side, circuit were like, we don't want that case. We don't want that case. But they finally got after about 50 motions, they got a case, then it was time to fight. But the old record company won and any other record company had to go into bankruptcy and then they started appealing and they appealed all the way to 2015 to the Supreme court.

[00:29:40] Can you imagine if you were hearing the news and say, the news said the Supreme court takes on the tag team won't there, this case it would have been bananas, but they didn't do, they did, they denied it and it was over. And then I had to go to court because then it was like a scorched earth policy.

[00:29:56]Everybody going to score stores because everybody's trying to divvy up the money, trying to get, they're trying to take stuff from other people, all that. And that's when I found a great lawyer in my, in w West Palm beach and I sent her. All of that organized 20 years worth of discovery. And they, it blew their mind.

[00:30:17] They were like, I've never seen nobody do this. And they came up with three or four different scenarios for us to win and we prevailed and it was over. And, with any battle you're going to come out, my loser leg lose arm have iPads, but I, we prevailed, this was like 2017.

[00:30:35] I have retired from DJ in 2015. And that was horrific because I had to, I basically had to try to figure, start a whole another career and I just couldn't do it no more. And I took that leap of faith and every, people would ask me, miss, I think about to lose my job. What was it like when you left?

[00:30:54] I was like, I was terrified. But.

[00:30:55] Jolie Downs: [00:30:55] How did you deal with that?

[00:30:57] DC Glenn: [00:30:57] Just keep it moving. You can do both. You'd be terrified and keep it moving. And after, but after the after the legal stuff, I had to take a break cause I was just depressed for a whole month later in the bed, the month of August, 2017. what are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

[00:31:22] Because I didn't give up on voice over. I got a call DC, we got a job for you. 10 GS. Oh, I know what I'm going to do. Boom, all my efforts into voiceover and I had been booking here and there. But it was enough to call it a career. So all my hustles pull things to me. And if you aggregate it all adds up to a lot of money. But each one I wouldn't want as a job, but each one makes me money. A little bit at a time and you put it all together now. You're good. So now I get signed with the people's store agency in Atlanta, one of the biggest in the Southeast. And I started booking instantly. I go up there, I'm having a meeting and the owner comes in and she says, I love your face.

[00:32:06] Put him on camera. I was like, what? He's put them on camera, go try to get him some stuff. I'm an actor now. Okay. I'm down and I'm game. And I do what I got to do. Take headshots, started going to class, went to a couple of classes and I got good to me. And I went to class every day, sometimes two, three times a day with every instructor in this city instructors in LA, New York, all kinds of material.

[00:32:35]I just, I went hard

[00:32:36] Jolie Downs: [00:32:36] soak it up.

[00:32:39] DC Glenn: [00:32:39] I went so hard. I went hard for three years until January. 2020. And I booked my first national pizza hut. Commercial was a piece of her commercial national, and then here comes the pandemic and I lost that commercial now wasn't wasn't mad that I lost the money. I was invigorated because all that hard work paid off because I booked I'm on that level.

[00:33:05] Now they, me I'm good.

[00:33:07] Jolie Downs: [00:33:07] Yes.

[00:33:07]DC Glenn: [00:33:07] And that, that goes to show teller by is you have to do the work. But what happens is people equate work with quid pro quo. I worked my butt off. This gotta happen. It's don't work that way. You don't plant a seed and then sit down and cross your legs. Indian style, say, okay, see, let's grow.

[00:33:31] Come on, see, grow, please grow seed. Grow this seeds not working. What's wrong with this seed man, to seed don't work. I quit. No, that's not reality, people that think like that,

[00:33:42] Jolie Downs: [00:33:42] I do great analogy I love the analogy.

[00:33:45] DC Glenn: [00:33:45] that quick gratification, and I'm like, you don't do it like that. You just plant a seed, you play offense, you keep planting seeds, you plant a seed and keep it moving.

[00:33:52]Plan seeds make a move because, and you realize it is what I realized at the beginning of the pandemic is that we're all in this world. We're all in the Serengeti. Where are you going to be predator or prey? All in this, we're all in the same boat. Everybody's in the same position. There are people that have been saying, I'm working hard.

[00:34:13] You had to stop. And you still, you probably were still thinking you were working because you're in the car and you revenue engine, and you think you're driving, but you look outside and you're not moving because you're stuck in mud. You're spinning your wheels

[00:34:28] Jolie Downs: [00:34:28] And how do you that

[00:34:29] DC Glenn: [00:34:29] loud me to stop and say, what are you going to do? And I can't do shows can't do this, can't do that, but I can do this. And I reinvented myself.

[00:34:43] Jolie Downs: [00:34:43] I love it again.

[00:34:47] DC Glenn: [00:34:47] Back when, back a year ago, a month ago, everybody thought that was going to turn into zombies and start eating each other. And I went back and I organized every, everything I do, I record right. Everything all the classes I record and cause, cause I always say, I'm going to record it and I'm going to transcribe it. I never have. But I just always had them and I said, I'm gonna go organize all this stuff and I'm going to put it together.

[00:35:13] And I did it. And I went back and listened to my first voiceover class, 2009. And it was heartbreaking because I had to listen to my 10 year ago, self

[00:35:24] Jolie Downs: [00:35:24] I feel you.

[00:35:25] DC Glenn: [00:35:25] yeah. And I had to listen to my first voice and it was so cringe-worthy and I suck at this, but then it was also inspirational because I didn't quit.

[00:35:41] Jolie Downs: [00:35:41] And you see how

[00:35:42] DC Glenn: [00:35:42] And you, over time you learn, I realized that I didn't know the language back then, just like with CNBC, I didn't know the language. So there's no way I was going to be successful. There was no way that was going to happen. It had to happen that way.

[00:35:56] And because I'm an actor and I was in class for the last three years, I totally get what they're saying. When they say you need to do this, you need to speed up. You need to breathe. You need to do this. I said, let me do this first one. I did over that. So cringe-worthy, to me, I did, it took their notes. And it was angelic because that was the first time in my life that I'd ever had mastery over my voice for the month of March, 2020.

[00:36:20] I went through 42 hour sessions, day and night, took notes re-invented myself and became a great voiceover artist and started booking instantly. Then here comes April. What about LA coaches? Calls me, says, Hey, I'm casting this movie in Nebraska. You want to beat you one in, I got apart for you. Yeah, I go to Nebraska.

[00:36:42] I shoot my first movie called about life, about it's just a romantic comedy about Corona, but then on top of that, they're shooting a documentary about shooting a movie in the time of Corona shot. My movie came back two months later. I shoot another movie in it in Georgia. Now got two movies under my belt, then.

[00:37:06] I shoot a big public commercial for for the holidays, do their holiday campaign for voiceover. Then I book a Tyler Perry gig for house of pain in here comes Geico. And 2020 has been the best year of my life.

[00:37:22] Jolie Downs: [00:37:22] It's just all coming at. It's all based on all of those things that you built throughout the years, that you've just been putting all those steps down and it's all coming.

[00:37:33] DC Glenn: [00:37:33] Now it gets good, right? Because that's all in the past. We, about the lead up in my life to now. we get the Geico commercial. I start preparing like an actor and I said, I know what I have, but I'm not going to be able to be privy to the things that salt and pepper and everybody else was because salt pepper did.

[00:37:53] There's 2014. They've been tour down to the pandemic. We're not going to be able to tour. So most people was like at least you got a Geico commercial. Be happy about that. I was like, no. I said, I'm going to take these lemons. I'm going to make me eliminated corporation. I want to franchise it. And I'm going to sell it for a billion dollars.

[00:38:12] That's my mindset. So I start preparing for, to make this commercial great. What do I want to bring to it? Come up with five or six things that you can go to the director, wouldn't say, can we try these things and was like, yeah, you can do anything you want DC. And I was like was trying to make, this is our production meeting the night before I'm trying to make the spin of scoop.

[00:38:29] I couldn't find a buyer to make it, but there's other stuff I could do. It's no, that'll be done tomorrow. Whoa. I said kids love sprinkles on the why they love sprinkles, but I know we need to have sprinkled all over this place. I went with kids, look at this commercial. They look at their mother, say, mama, I want a party like that. And everything I wanted to do, we shot. And it is the reason it is the reason why. Those nuances in that commercial bring so much joy to people. You see what I'm saying? Everybody loves when I do sprinkles at the end,

[00:39:00] Jolie Downs: [00:39:00] I love the sprinkles.

[00:39:02] DC Glenn: [00:39:02] see that was prepared preparation. I could have walked up and be like, okay, what are we doing?

[00:39:08] I'm going to start what we doing. Okay. Stand there, look crazy. And did it and been done. It would just been a Geico commercial, but because I put my heart soul prepared, just like I do business plan. I learned how to learn, figure things out, worked out, work on the actors, actresses. It seemed like it was doing, I was doing too much, but I wasn't.

[00:39:27] I was preparing that's what you do when you prepare. That's why it is like it is. So then it drops. I'm like, okay, now I got it's instant blow up. I'm like, okay. What are we going to do? I need a publicist. I'm gonna blow up acting and I'm gonna blow up just me. So I try to get a publicist, every public.

[00:39:49]We're in a pandemic and we usually would do a junk in New York where you round Robin, everybody, all the reporters. And yeah, we just don't know how to approach. Yeah. But see everybody's separated now. They're at home. They're working at home and working on zoom. A lot of people have been laid off.

[00:40:02] So everybody's just trying to survive. They're not thinking about how I can restructure and reinvent myself to survive. They're trying to be like, it was, they want it to be like it was. And I said, okay, thank you. I appreciate it. And I said, but that's not gonna stop me. And this is learn how to learn moment. Every time I hit a brick wall or somebody tells me I can't do something, or I can't find the right research, I will go and I will join an organization. Or a society or an association because they are filled with professionals in a certain profession that have been doing this for 10, 20, 30, 40 years. And if you pay that little, whatever it is that they want for that fee, you've got all the resources. You need to learn that profession in two weeks. You see what I'm saying? So I joined the public relations society of America, PRS, Georgia chapter, exactly two to two days in, I jumped on a zoom call with the CEO of this firm, big firm.

[00:41:13] And I know a little bit about public really. I know I'm know I want to do public. I want to do press releases because I do SEO. I'll go, I'm doing the press releases for the links. But I want to know. I know what I know about press releases, but I wanted to verify, so I raised my hand and say, Hey, our press release is still relevant.

[00:41:31] And they're like what's it for D C. And I'm like I'm featured in a national Geico commercial called scoop there it is. I said, real slow. I said, scoop, there it is. And I'm looking at the chat and is wait a minute. That can't is that, Oh my gosh, I love that record I love that

[00:41:47] commercial about oh my god my kids. Love that. Oh my God. My daddy loves that commercial. Oh my God. That's the greatest commercial. The whole zoom chat blew up and the moderators eyes are getting big. And she's Oh my gosh, it is him. We'd like to welcome with DC to the chapter, dark tag in RFA in. And we go, we talk about that geico go commercial afterward DC.

[00:42:07] And I'm like, who is he? But back to your question, our present Lisa's relevant in. And the CEO's yes, especially now. Because the whole last year has been COVID. Everything is COVID. Everything is doom and gloom. Everything is this. Everybody's fighting with each other and hear you guys come throwing sprinkles and eating ice cream and dancing and smiling and bring a joy to the world.

[00:42:30] And it's it's the perfect time for a press release. I know this but this is one of those. Learn how to learn moments because validation is everything to hear somebody else who's been doing this for 40 years, tell you that gives you fuel. And not only did she tell me that she was like me to go here, journalists, you need to go here.

[00:42:48] Or the talk shows you need to go here for the podcast. You need to go here for this. You need to make sure your pictures are like this, and this. She gave me the game in 10 minutes and I have not looked back. It changed the trajectory of my thinking and it changed the trajectory of my career because I have been.

[00:43:10] I have been privy to opportunities that I never could have imagined. it is the reason you and I are talking right now.

[00:43:22] Jolie Downs: [00:43:22] Yes. And, I was reflecting just on your story of telling, telling your path that you've traveled through this. So eloquently, you answered so many of my questions that I wanted to ask just through the naturally telling of your story. And it was so many life lessons in there. Now I'm curious, because we've talked about a lot.

[00:43:47]You've done a lot of amazing things and I just want to say, I really truly love you've done all of these things by just deciding that you wanted to learn about it. And then you went out and learned about it and then you went and applied yourself and you did it, and you just become this amazing Renaissance man, which is personally my goal in life is to be a Renaissance woman.

[00:44:05] So I think that's brilliant. Now, what would you say has been one of your greatest struggles overall and how did you overcome it? Because you've given me a lot of great lessons and I'm just wondering what was that really hard part in life? That was the hardest thing to overcome.

[00:44:22] DC Glenn: [00:44:22] All of it,

[00:44:27] Jolie Downs: [00:44:27] Here, the contract reinvention.

[00:44:34] DC Glenn: [00:44:34] but here's the thing, right? What happens is over time is that either you're going to be old and bitter, or are you going to find ways to adapt? And what I do is over the years, I've acquired the ability to take any negative adjective, any negative emotion, fear, envy, hatred, distrust, sadness, despair. Don't react to it, put it in your pocket. Use it later. For fuel I got an audition tomorrow and the guy's kind of angry. That girl that pissed me off a week ago. I don't have to be a character or the caricature to play this role right now. I can pull my pocket and be that I can be that angry.

[00:45:28] I can feel that I can understand it. It's real. I've tasted it. And now the character becomes me and that's acting right. If I get stuck on something I don't give up. I just don't give up. I did a podcast. I did a big one in front of the whole voiceover industry. It was actually brilliant because in that spawned off of a podcast, I did last week, not podcasts A press release.

[00:45:54] I did last week because we were the grand marshals of the NASCAR Talladega 500 by the Geico sponsors and see, this is adversity right back. We want you guys to do a little thing. We want to pay you this little bit of money and I'm like, okay, but we really, this is a sounded like something else.

[00:46:14] So we might need to negotiate this little. We negotiate it. And it's okay, now we need it tomorrow. I'm like, wait a minute. It's not going to be tomorrow. You got to give me at least two days to put something. All we need to do is just put a video together. Just do his own guys are together. That's it simple?

[00:46:28] I said, okay. But I knew that if I go, if I did this correctly, this is going to bear fruit for years. So got my people together, went to the studio and we shot it. 4k, crispy, clear, beautiful. And we gave it to Geico. They loved it. And it was, it hadn't, it was just a rough copy. They sent it to NASCAR. And when they announced that we were going to be the grand Nash, grand marshals this guy tweeted, his wife was like, I can't believe they're going to be the grand marshals.

[00:47:01] And this guy was like, yup. Yup. And I was like, thank you for the comment, because I've tried to respond to all the comments. And just even just, if it's just a thank you, but to have a thank you from the artists that's, that can get you that's gold. That gets you so much. And this guy ended up being having a podcast where six NASCAR reporters get together and they have a podcast before every race.

[00:47:22] He was like, you want to be on the show tonight? And I'm like, man, I got four today, man. If I can, when I'm not tired, I'll do it. And we just play it back and forth all day. And that night I did it and I realized how big it was and they sent it in. And once we did it on Sunday, Twitter blew up and everybody's they need to do it like this every time. One of the best ones we've ever seen. So I gotta make a decision. I should have done the press release Thursday, but do I do it Monday or do I even do it at all? I said, I can't pass this up. I did it Monday. Did a press release money, wrote out, didn't get it out till Tuesday, 11:00 AM. Soon as I dropped it, once it aggregated 300 entities picked it up and now everything starts happening.

[00:48:11] The where everything starts buzzing opportunities start coming. I signed with a brand new agent assigned with a voiceover I'm signing. It takes this podcast. I'm going to be on Thursday and basically just gives it rocket fuel. And now that podcast aggregates through LinkedIn and now the whole world knows.

[00:48:29] And then I get one of the most passionate podcast performances I ever did on that Thursday. And people are still talking about it. You see what I'm saying? This has nothing that has nothing to do with wound. There it is.

[00:48:44]Jolie Downs: [00:48:44] No.

[00:48:45] DC Glenn: [00:48:45] it's all hard. You tell me that wasn't traumatic going through, you know what I'm talking about going through something like that.

[00:48:50] And I'm the artist. It's not like I have a publicist doing that for me. And I even hired a couple of publicists just to have extra hands because it was getting too much, but I also wanted to see what they would be able to do for me. And I know, and I was doing double what they were doing because I am creative.

[00:49:09] I don't take no for an answer. I keep pushing. I've got, I don't have a tool belt. I don't have a tool box. I have a tool shed.

[00:49:18] Jolie Downs: [00:49:18] yes,

[00:49:19] DC Glenn: [00:49:19] You're going to be like, what is that for?

[00:49:21] Jolie Downs: [00:49:21] you do have a tool shed

[00:49:23] DC Glenn: [00:49:23] is that for? And see what happens is, and that's, that comes from having control of your emotions. Another thing that happens is

[00:49:29] Jolie Downs: [00:49:29] Oh, that's big right there. Having control over your motion.

[00:49:32] DC Glenn: [00:49:32] the most is because it, other examples. You've been in an argument with somebody, or you probably been this person at times in your life where you might be not sure of your point, but you keep arguing yourself into a rabbit hole, just so you can win the argument. There are people that do that all the time.

[00:49:53] Jolie Downs: [00:49:53] many of these

[00:49:54] DC Glenn: [00:49:54] I don't do that anymore because I love being wrong. Because being wrong does a couple things, right? Huh? That's the easy part does two things. One, it destroys your ego and it destroys your pride and you're dying inside because you want to keep going. You want to prove them wrong. You're like, how dare you?

[00:50:19]I know what I'm talking about, but you let it go in. What it does is you let them argue themselves into that rabbit hole. And now they're stuck in that rabbit hole because they think they won. But now they stuck. They're stuck because they believe the crap that they were trying to convince you of.

[00:50:36] And it gets, it happens over and over and over and over too, they're living in reality and they can never move forward for me. I let that go, but I'm listening, but I let it go. And now I'm on a path to being a right, being wrong as the path to be in. Always you bridge the gap, right? And since the pandemic it changed, my life is this is the biggest way.

[00:51:05] Change my life. We all beat ourselves up mistakes we've made in our life. We all beat ourselves up about the missed opportunities in our life. We all be, just beat ourselves up about things in life that while they're there, they are relevant, they are hard to deal with. You can go back and correct them.

[00:51:33] Jolie Downs: [00:51:33] And even if you can learn from them.

[00:51:37] DC Glenn: [00:51:37] I'm in the deep bowels of Disney teaching Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse. How to wrap the husband and wife team of Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse. Cause we did a That was my first foray into voiceover.

[00:51:49] Jolie Downs: [00:51:49] What a great experience to have under your belt, right?

[00:51:53] DC Glenn: [00:51:53] And it's called whoomp there, it went. And I'm sitting there with Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse and we're chopping it up about voiceover. And I used to say, man, you were right there. All you had to do was say who do I talk to about voiceover to getting voiceover? You would've saved yourself so much time, but doesn't matter because the day, this week I just signed one of the biggest voiceover agents in the country. So it's not a missed opportunity. I wouldn't that, that's how it was supposed to be. Sometimes we're just not ready. You got to understand that sometimes we're just not ready, another opposite. And then the office president of new line cinema with my manager and he's telling me, yeah, we want to think about casting you for something because him and Mark, our manager went to college together.

[00:52:41] It's we might want to use you for this. And I'm like, what is he like right now is between LL cool J and Wesley Snipes, some movie called blades, a vampire movie. I was like, okay, cool. I don't know. I'm not taking the series. I'm like, okay whatever. I beat myself up for years because I was like, cause I was there.

[00:52:59] I could have just said, yeah, I'll do it. And just winged it and been like, I'm there. I am an actor. I've shot two movies. I'm in three TV shows, documentary only been active for three years. It takes some time, some people 10 years to get to where I've been. I've gone. So I went back and got it. And now my life goal not to leave this earth something I didn't do. So now I got tutors forever. Everything before I got on with you, I'm getting a whole music doll, right? I'm talking about getting back I'm back in the middle production. And I, this is the beauty of the pandemic as well, half the educators went back to the schools. Half of the educators said I'm not about to be around them, nasty ass kids. what they did, they went and changed their paradigm and went to all the tutor sites. Tutoring sites became huge during the pandemic. And now. That same kid, that they were sitting teaching for $60 a day. There's supplemental teaching now for $60 an hour, they changed their paradigm. I take advantage of all these people, because I got teachers from music theory.

[00:54:22] I got teachers for video editing. I got anything I get stuck on. Now. I got a teacher for it. I might have a Harvard. I might have a Harvard professor. I might have a Julliard professor. I might have somebody that can tell me how to do it. The guy that's teaching me studio one, which is like a, a music program, Dodd that you make music in.

[00:54:39] He is the engineer of studio one, and now we work every Tuesday. We work every Tuesday and he loves me. And not only did the paradigm shift, but the paradigm shift for how you learn something new, because now he's teaching me custom. Because I do voiceover every day. So it's I'm learning this dodd through what I do naturally every day. So he's applying the dodd to my life as opposed to saying, okay, we're going to learn this today. We're going to learn that we're going to learn that we're going to learn that it takes more time, but I get more comfortable because becomes part. It becomes a limb to me as this is my tool to get my work done in the real world, you to your life like that.

[00:55:26] So you have to reverse things. You have to flip things. Now I'm so good at this. Now I'm making music again, right? I have to make songs again. I'm a better artist now than I've ever been, but the technology has to catch up to the creativity because time has passed. That's one of those things I always regretted.

[00:55:45] I was like, man, why did I just, cause I lost, I had a chance to do a song for the 96 Olympics when it was in Atlanta. But because I didn't take the time to go into to music school and learn how to be an engineer. I had to rely on other people and it never got done. And I missed out on a perfect opportunity to have a song Olympics

[00:56:02] Jolie Downs: [00:56:02] and what'd you learn from that?

[00:56:04] DC Glenn: [00:56:04] in town.

[00:56:04]But I always beat myself up about it. But now I'm correcting that, which I thought was a problem and a weakness in my life. And now it's not now it's reinvigorated me

[00:56:18] Jolie Downs: [00:56:18] Yes.

[00:56:19] DC Glenn: [00:56:19] me purpose because there are no mistakes. There are no missed opportunities, you just weren't ready that's okay.

[00:56:28]And it's funny because people like when you were talking to me, when we first started talking, you were telling me things and I'm like, you're telling me how people were thinking. And people think like this and this is why you help them do that. I'm like, it's so simple. The other night, when I was doing that podcast, people ask me some of the most incredible questions.

[00:56:51] And they're blown away when I just tell them the answer, like girl was like, how do you not give up on voiceover so hard? Why don't you give, how do you not give up on it? Don't give up. Like tinting, do you mean the light bulb came in their head? I'm just like, no, you don't give up ever.


[00:57:13] Jolie Downs: [00:57:13] If it's what you want, you keep moving.

[00:57:15] DC Glenn: [00:57:15] ever, you keep moving, you play offense because everything is helping everything else. I planted so many seeds in my life, knowingly and unknowingly, and now they're all coming back at the same time. And now I stand before you in a forest of opportunity, the life I have never known possible.

[00:57:38] Jolie Downs: [00:57:38] It's amazing. I, you know what, out of all of these things, and you've given us a lot to think about, what do you think is really key to the overall continued success through life?

[00:57:53] DC Glenn: [00:57:53] Play off offense. You got to play offense. Okay. On

[00:57:57] Jolie Downs: [00:57:57] Yeah, be reactive.

[00:57:58]DC Glenn: [00:57:58] You gotta throw yourself out in the universe. I've been throwing my ELLs. I've been throwing myself out there since beginning of this Geico commercial, because I knew this guy back when commercial was going to get hot and then it was going to end. But I haven't, I've worked in harder now than I worked ever, because I went hard. I took advantage of it and now I can get my own press. All I need, press releases. This is what a press release is to me. Press release is a Trojan horse. For me, all you need is a great headline or a good story that catches people's ears.

[00:58:34] And. The title. It took me the reason I dropped it on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, because it took time for the title. The title got rejected and didn't, the writers were like, they're on a comeback and they're back in the limelight. And I'm like no. It's not that this is not the story.

[00:58:48] This is no Phoenix from the ash no, this is perseverance. Steadfastness, tenaciousness thinking quick on your feet. Never giving up. This is that story.

[00:59:00] Jolie Downs: [00:59:00] Yes.

[00:59:01]DC Glenn: [00:59:01] The final headline is grand marshals tag team continue to inspire at the Geico 5,500.

[00:59:14] Jolie Downs: [00:59:14] Perfect.

[00:59:15] DC Glenn: [00:59:15] You see him threaten

[00:59:16] Jolie Downs: [00:59:16] I see what you're

[00:59:17] DC Glenn: [00:59:17] fired the word inspired, just knocks the rest of those down.

[00:59:21] Like a bowling ball strike in like your bow. I There's nothing that compares to inspires. That's what it does. It's like, how are they still doing that after all these years? And it's because we didn't quit, you don't quit. You never know what's going to happen.

[00:59:38] Jolie Downs: [00:59:38] A hundred percent. Yep.

[00:59:40] DC Glenn: [00:59:40] And that's the key it's simple.

[00:59:42] And a girl from my high school call one from my high school. Cause it, would you please tell these high school kids, I just need a little quick quote from you. It was like, there, ain't no quick quotes from me as it is. I said, you need to sit down because you're going to write this out. She's what would you tell them?

[00:59:56] And I said there's one thing that's universal joining an organization and you can learn about it in two weeks. You don't even have to pay the money to join as a member. You can just pick up the phone and start calling every number on that website and ask questions. And you will know the answer to everything about that field in two weeks, and then you'll know what it is for you or not.

[01:00:14] Then you sign up. Then you got people who can tell you how to get started, what you're going to need, what resources you need, give you ideas of things you weren't even thinking about. I got a friend she wanted to do a laundromat and she just kept, she been saying, telling me that forever, like what you're doing about it, what you're doing about it.

[01:00:30] So I said, you know what? I'm gonna hook you up. I bought her a membership to the coin laundry association of America, and it blew her away because she's thinking she think of coin laundry when she's not even thinking about wash and fold, and she's not thinking about a wash and pick up and then drop off.

[01:00:49] She's not thinking about all the things that you can do with a coin laundry. And now she knows it. Now she's more invigorated than ever because she has the information. It's always about the information

[01:01:04] Jolie Downs: [01:01:04] That's great life overall.

[01:01:05] DC Glenn: [01:01:05] be, you'll be shooting in the, you'll be shooting in the wind. You're just like, okay, I think I want to do this.

[01:01:09] I think I want to do that. That's all done. So that's what happens to those people are like I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that. And I want to do this and I want to do that. What would be done to do that? I'm going to start next week, I'm going to do this and do that.

[01:01:18] But then you said you were going to do this, but you didn't see, that's how you get confused. Everybody's you see you're doing too much. You're doing too much DC. You don't, you can't do everything DC. I know I can't do it. Yeah. Everything. But I show enough can prepare for everything

[01:01:35] Jolie Downs: [01:01:35] Yes.

[01:01:36] DC Glenn: [01:01:36] because I don't know what's coming my way because there is no quid pro quo. I don't do things to get a raise. I do things to prepare. So if I prepare for, when it comes to me, I'm happy there. And then I can just go rigorous on it and now I can do it. It's not farfetched. And then that goes back to.

[01:01:56] Think differently because now what I do, and this has happened recently, I can't say it's always happened, but now I've learned the ability to when people give me excuses, you thank them because those excuses are solutions.

[01:02:14] Jolie Downs: [01:02:14] Oh,

[01:02:14] DC Glenn: [01:02:14] come up with a solution to their excuse, you put that in a tool shed, you good?

[01:02:19] Jolie Downs: [01:02:19] Ooh, that's powerful. That's big.

[01:02:22] DC Glenn: [01:02:22] What happened to me? I lost a hundred pounds. Right?

[01:02:25] Jolie Downs: [01:02:25] Congratulations. That is very hard to do.

[01:02:28] DC Glenn: [01:02:28] Cause I, it didn't never mess nothing up. I was always big. I had a good time. It was fun until, I went to the doctor and then had to have back surgery. And I was like, and then somebody recorded me at a show in Phoenix, on Facebook live. And I had all kinds of girdles and I had to sit down cause my back was so bad.

[01:02:43] And I looked at myself and I said, I will never, ever. Be that big again. And I started and I called the doctor. I was like, give me some pills, doc. It's there ain't no pills we going to do. I'm not going to be with you for a week. We'll be going to start on keto. I was like keto. Okay. When found everything about keto that night started by the time I got to the doctor, I lost 15 pounds

[01:03:05] Jolie Downs: [01:03:05] Wow.

[01:03:05] DC Glenn: [01:03:05] and I lost 30 pounds.

[01:03:07] But then I hit a brick wall. I got hard, because I was missing fried chicken. I was missing this. I was missing that. And I would tell people what I was doing. They'd be like, I can never do that because of this. I'm like, you, so how can I find a solution to that? Excuse. I was like, I'm missing fried chicken.

[01:03:23]How can I find this? How can I have fried chicken? So you use olive oil. You use every time I do something, I re-engineered food. That's what I did. But every time I told people, they would say you can't use olive oil because olive oil has a high burning point. So you're just going to be running through olive oil.

[01:03:39] It's no, I'm not because. As soon as that chicken finished frying, I got a big vat with a strainer and a a cone that I dumped that oil in now, instead of one fry out of a bottle of olive oil, I get 15 because I cleaned my oil as soon as I finish. And it doesn't burn. What do you need for flour?

[01:03:56]I don't use flour. I use a tablespoon the corn starts because there's four grams of carbs in the tablespoon of cornstarch and the keto diet is a no-carb diet, but you're allowed 20 grams of carbs a day

[01:04:07] Jolie Downs: [01:04:07] Okay.

[01:04:07] DC Glenn: [01:04:07] put four in there. And then, those real good Chinese fried chicken wings.

[01:04:12] Jolie Downs: [01:04:12] Yeah. Yeah.

[01:04:12] DC Glenn: [01:04:12] And I get to eat that whenever I want with a salad.

[01:04:15] Jolie Downs: [01:04:15] Oh, I love this. I am

[01:04:17] DC Glenn: [01:04:17] re-engineered

[01:04:18] Jolie Downs: [01:04:18] going to be,

[01:04:19] DC Glenn: [01:04:19] I'm saying?

[01:04:21] Jolie Downs: [01:04:21] thank you for that.

[01:04:22] DC Glenn: [01:04:22] I was missing pizza, I was pizza. And it was like DC, you could do a cauliflower as number. I'm not doing no cauliflower crust pizza.

[01:04:29] Jolie Downs: [01:04:29] Tell me what you did. Pizza.

[01:04:31] DC Glenn: [01:04:31] So what the pizza. The ingredients don't have no carbs, Talya sausage, don't pepperoni.

[01:04:36] Don't add a certain you got about three marinara sauces that don't have sugar in them. And then cheese doesn't have carbs in it. So all the ingredients, you just have to find the best ingredients. So I went through, square cheese. I went through this mozzarella cheese. I went through Buffalo mozzarella cheese, and I kindly came up with this Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a mozzarella cheese mixed with little pearls of Buffalo mozzarella together. So it's almost like a Neapolitan regular and crust a LA Banda, Rita four grams of carb per tortilla, You put your toppings on top, you get you a a rack that has holes in it. Like you would put, if you put on, we do with the chicken and stuff like that. And then you put that on with some parchment paper and put it on.

[01:05:32] You can put it in 25 minutes later, you got a pizza hut, thin crust pizza.

[01:05:37] Jolie Downs: [01:05:37] I'm all over that way.

[01:05:39] DC Glenn: [01:05:39] We do fried chicken like that. You can do pork chops like that. You could do steak like that. You can do this like that. You can do that. Anything you fry, you could do like that. You can take the residual off of the chicken, cause it's a wet coating. So you can take them off the chicken dump. A bunch of onion rings, cut up onions in there, get the rest of the stuff out of the bag and then dump it in the oil.

[01:05:59] And now you got onion rings with your fried chicken and a salad.

[01:06:02]Jolie Downs: [01:06:02] D C I was going to ask you out of all the things you've learned, what you feel is the most important, but I feel like you almost already answered that through, you started this whole thing, talking about learning to learn and throughout you have just consistently shown us all the things that you have learned, because you learned how to learn.

[01:06:21]Would you say that is the most important thing, or would you say that something else

[01:06:24] DC Glenn: [01:06:24] I think differently. I don't take no for an answer. Like I don't quit ever. I don't quit ever. If anything, I just in turn something that might have been planned for this into something else that serves me,

[01:06:39] Jolie Downs: [01:06:39] but what, for someone who, what about someone who doesn't have that? Does it feel that ambition internally? Is there anything, any advice that you'd give someone who's having a hard time finding that ambition?

[01:06:49] DC Glenn: [01:06:49] don't react. Okay. So think about it. What'd you, what did you just say? Anybody who's having that hard time finding that ambition. Or if you're having a hard time, don't react to that hard time, put it in your pocket and use it. You have to, it just, you know what? This is what keto is, right? This is your body loves sugar and we eat sugar all the time.

[01:07:10] And so what happens is your body is okay, I love Kool-Aid. I love this. I love that. If you stop Kool-Aid well, I'm still getting what I want. Cause if I eat pasta and all that other stuff that turns into burger, that's how people get obese because they don't realize that carbohydrates and sugar are two different things, but they are the same things.

[01:07:26] So you're eating double. That's how you get fat. But when you starve the body of carbohydrates, it's what happens. Your body goes crazy and then it shuts down and it feels like, losing weight, but then all of a sudden your body can't take it no more. And your metabolism, switches. And now the thing that was your hindrance is now your strength, which is a fat..

[01:07:51] And now the fat is the fuel supply. Now the fat is what helps you live now, the fat, all the fat cells open up and now all that juice is released and it's released in, in several ways out of your body. And now you start losing weight. I lost weight so fast. I was looking like a sharp, Hey dog. That's all. That's how bad it was. And I had to slow down, but I was working out at the same time, but it was that rapid. And once you understand that it's the same concept with, if I get down on myself, if I get mad, I'll be depressed for five minutes, but then I use it.

[01:08:26] Perfect. Exact another there's another is a good one corporate guy, Mike, we all have those corporate friends who are corporate to us. And and it's irritating sometimes, it's cool. And my boys I wonder how many times they play in that thing. And I'm like, wow, man, you need to go get the numbers from Geico.

[01:08:42] I was like, I'm not about to go to Geico. Talk about, give me the numbers. It was like, man, you got to get the numbers, man. From Geico. You can get them if you want. I was like, dude, I'm not about to do that. I'm not about to run up on Geico and ask them for the numbers for any type of data or nothing. I'm just saying thank you to Geico.

[01:08:57] And we had our little argument, but I was listening and I said, I don't have to go to Geico to get it. Let me go to where Geico gets their data, is a spots, TV and Nielsen. Now a week later, I'm having meetings with ice spot, TV and Nielsen. And then that turns into something I could have never expected because eyes by TV says not only will we give you the data, we want to do an interview with you because we've never seen an artist do this.

[01:09:28] And now I, if somebody wants to know your value proposition, because that's what I went in without I, I I got to know my value proposition because if I'm in a deal with somebody and they're like DC, you only got one commercial and you only got this and you only got that. I could be like, wow, the data. This is how many converters was this. How many times? The, this, the happy index, this was the love index. This is how many times DVR was around. This is how many times kids loved it. This is how much adults loved is how much old people loved it. All these numbers are here. Now pay me my money because you have no excuse not to pay me.

[01:10:04] That's what a value proposition is. Your worth, your value. Then I went to Nielsen. They want to do the same thing, but they want this much money. I'm like, Whoa, but then no, no DC. But we got subsidiary companies that work with us. They get the same information and therefore 90% less.

[01:10:21] So we're going to hook you up with them. So now anytime, if you get in that situation and you need us call us, we'll hook you up. Everybody's ready to work with you. And we'll put together your presentation. So incredible that any deal you go into is going to be there. They're going to be hard pressed, not to want to deal with you just because you came with this presentation. That's collateral sprinkles

[01:10:44] Jolie Downs: [01:10:44] Sprinkles back.

[01:10:46] DC Glenn: [01:10:46] lifting. I could have went down the rabbit hole of the argument and been stuck there.

[01:10:50] Jolie Downs: [01:10:50] Yes.

[01:10:51] DC Glenn: [01:10:51] I be like, I've never gone to doc Geico and ask them for that. But then I thought differently. So when you're depressed, when you're down, whatever you are, that's coat, that's stopping you from getting you what you want. Reverse it, come up with a solution. Then this is what I've learned recently. Reverse it and say, what is the most fantastic, the cool supervise list, fantasy field, non fantasy field pie in the sky solution to the way I'm feeling or to my problem. sorry. You want to do this and have jelly beans and sprinkles and all this, everything.

[01:11:29] You're your most, your Mo the most far-fetched thing you could think of as a solution, then you work your way back to practicality. Now you're halfway there. You got to think

[01:11:43] Jolie Downs: [01:11:43] Yeah.

[01:11:45] DC Glenn: [01:11:45] I always think solutions like people. It's funny because, and it's how I test it. Next time somebody is telling you all their problems, say, Hey, heard all your problems.

[01:11:57]What's your, what is your most farfetched fantasy solution? What is it? What is the solution to all your problems? What is it? If you could have the perfect world, what would that solution be? they're so busy and their problems that they hadn't even thought about. Thinking about a solution.

[01:12:13] They're never going to figure it out because they love reveling in their problems. They're not stuck. They're stuck because they're stuck. It's like everybody. Now you can see this pandemic two ways. I see this is what everybody, most people say. See it. Everybody's sitting around, waiting for it to come back the way it used to be.

[01:12:32] And if you are sitting around waiting for it to come back the way it used to be, you will be sitting around waiting for it to come back the way it used to be while I'm standing there looking to a frontier of opportunity of making my own thing, custom of living, my dreams of everything is new now, if you zoom, gain old, think about it.

[01:12:51] When we first started as Pam gimmick, we was what Skype and zoom. Now you got sick after you got you. Got I'm on 10 platforms all the time. Different platforms, right? Paradigm has shifted. Everything has shifted. Everything is new. Now you can make your own land. It can be custom. Now you can make another lane.

[01:13:07] That lane is going to get you to your promised land of that. Then your land's gonna get you to the promised land of that. Now you got a highway and it's your highway. Now you can go anywhere. You want to go. It's a new frontier. People don't even get it. And it took years. It, and here's the thing. My responsibility is to do this every day. And tell everybody that things, I wish somebody had told me when I was a young man

[01:13:32] Jolie Downs: [01:13:32] Thank you for

[01:13:32] DC Glenn: [01:13:32] that I would have listened to them, but I wish you had told me. Because,

[01:13:36] Jolie Downs: [01:13:36] but when, hopefully, like you said, even if you argue with it, sometimes it sits there, it sits there and percolates, so you're planting those seeds. And even if they're not ready to listen right now, your story will stick and hopefully they'll listen soon, but this is, this has been amazing.

[01:13:52] Honestly, I feel like your story is is a collection and epitome of living all the things that I've learned through this podcast of all the life lessons of what you're supposed to just embodying all of that in a person. And it's really beautiful and you can see how it benefits your life and what you're able to do when you just open yourself up to these different things.

[01:14:12] DC Glenn: [01:14:12] and I am so grateful for, to you because the one thing that our conversation does for me, Is that I've gotten so much smarter and I am a better man than I was hour and a half ago, some things out, sometimes you learn more through just talking to people and having a conversation. You learn about yourself, you learn about other people.

[01:14:36] You're telling me other people's situation scenarios. When you tell me something general, that means everybody's thinking it right. You wouldn't say it. You wouldn't say it in a general way. If there weren't a lot of people saying it to you all the time, because they say it to you so much, it irritates you.

[01:14:51]What is that?

[01:14:52] Jolie Downs: [01:14:52] Yeah.

[01:14:53] DC Glenn: [01:14:53] I don't look at it from a judgmental or emotional perspective. I look at it as an opportunity to learn what not to do.

[01:15:01] Jolie Downs: [01:15:01] Yes.

[01:15:02] DC Glenn: [01:15:02] like I said, you can't actress. She was upset. She had worked all week on this audition and her camera messed up. She couldn't turn the audition and she was upset for the whole weekend.

[01:15:18] She was pulling her hair out. She was like, DC. I'm so mad. And I was like, okay, that's the glass half empty. What's the glass half full. What is said? What's the glass half full. What do you mean? What is the glass half full to what you just told me? Oh, no. You tell me, I said you did the work.

[01:15:43] Jolie Downs: [01:15:43] you get the

[01:15:44] DC Glenn: [01:15:44] I think you want me to get that audition? That's how you got to go into it. You did the work. I don't ever think I'm going to get an audition when I do it. I want to do more auditions. Cause I know the path to my success is through audition. So if I got to do a thousand of them, I'm a willing to do it. You got to put in the work.

[01:15:59] You just put in the work. Even if I don't turn the audition in, or if I'm late, I still do the work. I still do the audition. I just don't turn it in. I'm still doing the work in my head, do the work. everybody input pro quo, but audition. I'm going to be a star. Diane, not, you're gonna, it's gonna lead to another audition because somebody is going to see growth.

[01:16:23] And they're gonna say, Hey, we can trust them a little bit more than we did yesterday. Throw them this though. Them that, Oh, they're ready. Now. Pull them.

[01:16:31] Jolie Downs: [01:16:31] yep. Listeners, I can't tell you how many times for those who aren't watching via video, that I've silently clapped my hands to the things, that

[01:16:42] little fist pump. Yes. This has been so amazing DC before we go. I want to ask, because this is one of my favorite questions, just to hear an answer to what is it that you are sure of in life?

[01:16:55] DC Glenn: [01:16:55] I am sure that the only thing stopping me is me.

[01:17:03] Jolie Downs: [01:17:03] yes. Little goosebumps there.

[01:17:05] DC Glenn: [01:17:05] I call him Mr. . Ms. Right? Come on, man. We don't need to do that. Come on, man. Let's just sleep in a day, man. Come on, man. We will need to do that. Shut up. Get up. Let's go.

[01:17:18] Jolie Downs: [01:17:18] Yep. Set up the saboteur.

[01:17:20]DC Glenn: [01:17:20] He's trying to sabotage me, but the only thing that could stop me is me.

[01:17:26] Jolie Downs: [01:17:26] Thank you for that.

[01:17:27] DC Glenn: [01:17:27] Remember that Phil, in a sense, whatever outcome comes, it is your fault because you quit the non stop.

[01:17:34] You, people try to use every excuse. People try to use racism and people try to use this. People try to use, money. People try to use your standing in life. People try to use your opportunities. I'm like I won't care what it is. The only thing that could stop me is me And you just keep playing offense.

[01:17:53] If you play an offense, you can't stop.

[01:17:55] Jolie Downs: [01:17:55] Nope.

[01:17:58] DC Glenn: [01:17:58] Something happened. And let me be clear. None of this is easy.

[01:18:03]Jolie Downs: [01:18:03] No, it's not easy, but it's worth it.

[01:18:06] DC Glenn: [01:18:06] all of it is brutal. Olive. It makes you cry. All of it breaks you down. All of you gives you gas. All of it is hard. What is the difference between good and great people? The great people do it. Anyway.

[01:18:20] Jolie Downs: [01:18:20] Do it anyway. They do the hard,

[01:18:22] DC Glenn: [01:18:22] They do the hard anyway. They don't want to do it. They want to be lazy. They want to do all the things that you're doing that are not doing, but they can't because something about them, they got to drive.

[01:18:34] They got say, Hey, I can't, I got to do it anyway. They just don't quit. And that's what you gotta be. you just gotta keep you just got to not think about it, just go for it.

[01:18:45] Jolie Downs: [01:18:45] Yes. Thank you for this.

[01:18:46] DC Glenn: [01:18:46] to I appreciate you guys. I hope you got something out of my running my mouth all this time, but I know that I just live by a little model that I've concocted over the years and this word for me, I give what I want first. And then I do all right. You know what I mean? I do. All right. So you guys have a great day. Thank you for having me. And I'll be back in a year talking about a whole bunch of other

[01:19:17] Jolie Downs: [01:19:17] Whole bunch of other stuff. We're going to find out what the next.

[01:19:21] DC Glenn: [01:19:21] going be levels. I'm not you don't, you're never too old.

[01:19:24] Jolie Downs: [01:19:24] No, you're never too old. Never stop and look at all the layers you've added.

[01:19:28] DC Glenn: [01:19:28] yeah. My knees wouldn't agree, but I feel like I'm 25.

[01:19:33] Jolie Downs: [01:19:33] I'm right there with you. I'm right there with you.

[01:19:35] DC Glenn: [01:19:35] Exactly. Exactly. So

[01:19:37] Jolie Downs: [01:19:37] Thank you.

[01:19:38] DC Glenn: [01:19:38] take care everybody.

[01:19:39] Jolie Downs: [01:19:39] Bye.

I love DC’s story – there are so many great pieces of wisdom

First off, DC’s first big success came from him making his own music. He didn’t wait for someone to hire him create a song, he didn’t wait for someone to request to make a song – he wanted to make music so he made music. Be what you want to become.

DC took the initiative to just do what it was he was wishing and by doing so, he created the reality he was seeking. He has continued to do this over and over throughout his life.

Applying that learn how to learn philosophy.

He learned how to hustle at a young age.

He wanted to record a song, he learned how to do it and then he wrote and recorded a song.

He wanted to fight an unfair lawsuit, he taught himself the equivalent of a paralegal and carefully prepared his case for the lawyers resulting in a big win.

He decided he wanted to learn about finance and he went out and got his brokerage license.

He needed the right kind of publicity, he went out and learned how to do PR, marketing, SEO and everything else needed to create his own publicity machine.

He wanted to voice act, he learned how to work his voice.

He wanted to act, he learned from every teacher he could find and became an actor.

How inspiring is this?

Anything you want to learn you can go out and start doing it, any time you choose.

Anything you want to master, you have the abilty to do so.

Especially in this day and age – there are so many avenues of opportunity for learning.

What have you always wanted to learn? What do you wish you could do really well right now?

Take DC’s advice and learn how to learn. Start going after your interest today.

Everybody can learn how to learn and once you do, the world is overflowing with opportunity.

Learning is a practice, just like a good memory takes practice, or enhanced creativity takes practice – you just keep doing it

DC had great tips on taking that learning to the next level. When he needs to pass a certification, he’ll take the test allowing himself to fail so that he can learn what the test is about. This is brilliant, understanding expectations always leads to greater success. When he wants to learn about a new industry or topic, he’ll call the associations and or companies and ask questions, learning everything he needs to know to make the right next decision for him. DC also hires a variety of teachers to educate him on the topics of interest. There are so many websites out there offering the services of talented and knowledgeable individuals willing to teach you the things you want to know.

If you could learn anything, what would it be? Make a list of all the things you want to learn tonight. Then decide which is most appealing to you right now and spend some time looking up potential teachers, groups, or associations that could help you advance in that area. Do this for yourself tonight. Do yourself the favor of bringing in new insight and new ways light up your life.

Another thing DC taught himself was how to put together a business plan. There are two things I wanted to make note of here. The first is that DC learned how to create a business plan so he could pitch his idea and let's be clear. He pitched his idea before he knew how to actually do it. He did not have the experience and know how to execute.

When he pitched him the idea which resulted in him being paid to learn again, brilliant. Now, not only will he assuredly learn this new skill since he is being held accountable, but he is also getting paid to learn the very skill he planned to learn. Anyway. Mastering how to create the business plan, allows him to recreate this process anytime a new passion is realized.

Now, secondly, the business plan is an important aspect to success. Did you know that most small business owners do not have a business plan? This does not surprise me. I did not have a business plan. When I started my own business. A business plan can be a mental barrier to getting started, and sometimes you just need to leap, however, the vast majority of successful mid-size to large companies do have a business plan.

So this tells us something very important that once you leap and get yourself started a very important aspect of your success is developing that business plan. It helps you set your intentions and helps activate your awareness to the opportunities around you.

At the very basic level, it's writing down your vision and what you want to see for your business. This is the very thing you should be doing for your life. As DC said, you need to run your life like a corporation. You need to create your business plan for your life. Companies with a business plan, grow 30% faster than those who do not compounded year over year.

This is a significant difference. Imagine where you would be in life. If your personal development grew by 30% year over year. Creating a business plan, just like creating a life plan does not decide your future, but it does help you create your future. What is your vision for your life? What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?

What kind of culture do you want to create? What is your ideal purpose? Your personal mission statement, where is your ideal location? Who are the ideal people to surround yourself with? What are your strengths and how do you bring value? The life plan is a powerful tool that will help you create the life you want to live.

When he tasted that fame, he kept a good head on his shoulders, He remained kind and even keeled, he didn’t need to act like a star. I love this, we need so much more of this. It’s easy to let success inflate your head and ego and I greatly admire the people who are able to see life clearly, able to see how important and special every human being is and how we each deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of where we are in life. I love how DC put this, he didn’t need to act like that because he had all the love in his life. How true and powerful is this. When we feel loved, when we feel worthy, we want everyone to feel loved, you want to raise people up. When people are feeling lonely, sad, scared, unworthy, unloved, that’s generally when they are at their rudest. Hurt people hurt people.

If you find yourself hurting others, perhaps it’s time to spend a little time giving yourself some self care and love. Truly happy fulfilled people have no desire to belittle others.

I can’t even imagine the level of frustration Tag Team must have felt over all the issues with the contract. This one life event would send so many people into a negative tail spin. I love that DC didn’t allow himself to get stuck in that mess. Instead of playing the blame game and wallowing in the anger, DC took responsibility for the situation and asked himself, what can I focus on, to make a difference. He focused in on what he could control and in the process added to his skills, knowledge and know how. He turned his victim story into a victor story.

And you can to.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, then I ask you, where are you putting your energy? Pull your focus away from that which you cannot control and put your energy into that which you can. This simple act of awareness often results in a huge life shift.

DC had so much great life advice. I loved the story he shared about the guy wanting to open a pie shop – first he worked at a pie shop, learned all he could, then he opened his own, franchised it and sold it for $20 million. DC called this, being in the corridor. So how do you get in the corridor?

DC suggests, make yourself invaluable. Do everything you need to do and do it the best of your abilities. Even if you can’t stand your job, do way more than you are supposed to and make yourself invaluable because that WILL serve you later. All of your actions add up together and they serve you. The more you aim to do your best in all aspects, the more masterful you will become and it will pay off in your future. This is key advice from the truly successful, they have learned that giving their best every step of the way is the biggest gift they can give themselves in life.

These are your breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs that eventually lead to that bigger thing later on down the road, that bigger thing that happens BECAUSE you made yourself invaluable each step of the way.

DC talked about going into voice acting and how hard that was for him. He had a really difficult time, getting frustrated with his coach, but he stuck with it, getting better and better.

When DC had to start a new career after leaving DJing, it was terrifying. But he kept moving. As he wisely said – you can be terrified and keep moving. You can be uncomfortable and keep moving. You can be bad at something but keep trying and eventually you’re going to end up exactly where you want to be. Just keep moving forward!

Because of the work DC had put into the voice acting, not giving up, his hard work began to pay off with opportunities.

When there was a mention of DC in the media and a buzz was created, DC realized he didn’t have an online presence to help him take advantage of new attention. He could have beat himself up over this fact. He could have done nothing and considered it a missed opportunity but no, instead he learns from the experience and corrects the mistake. He turns his problem into an opportunity. He learned how to create a website, he learned all about SEO, he learned how to improve the Wikipedia successfully adding to his myriad of skills. Once again adding to his breadcrumbs that would eventually lead to Geico calling him to book for their commercial.

What problem have you been facing lately? How can you turn that problem into an opportunity?

As DC shared, the paradigm has shifted, everything is new and the possibilities are now only as limited as your imagination.

I loved DC’s story around the Gieco commercial. DC could have easily showed up to that commercial and done whatever was told of him, executing yet not shining, but DC came prepared. He put thought, passion and all of himself into the project and that is why it has been so successful.

When I asked DC what his greatest challenge was, he told me it was all hard, none of it was easy but you either find ways to adapt or you grow old and bitter. And how true is this. As DC said, though life, for continued success, you’ve got to keep playing offense, you just don’t stop. You do the hard work and you don’t give up. What is the difference between good and great people? The great people do it anyway. They do the hard anyway.

As DC said, this is no Phoenix from the ash story. This is Perseverance. This is Steadfastness, this is Tenaciousness. This is Never Giving Up. This is that story.

I’ll leave you with DC’s final thought - Give what you want first. Which embodies how he’s lived his life - he decides what he wants to be, embodying it and then becoming it. That is my wish for us all, that when you know what you want, you have the courage to Be, so that you can become.

Until next time

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