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Getting on 'Let’s Make a Deal'

Getting on 'Let’s Make a Deal'

Let’s Make a Deal

The 40th birthday is a big deal in our society. I had thrown my husband a large surprise 40th birthday party. He loved it – he had the best time!

I, on the other hand, spent a ton of money, a ton of time and stressful secrecy trying to keep it under wraps and spent that day running around like a crazy woman setting up for the party, making sure everything went smoothly, all rules were followed so I could get my deposit back and then I cleaned everything up. It was fun but exhausting.

I didn’t want my husband to have to deal with that. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a party that was going to be ton of work for me or my husband. So what to do?

How to mark this significant occasion?

I decided to take a look at my bucket list and knock something off that was a bigger deal than a normal weekend but not too expensive.

I scroll through my list and see – be on a gameshow. Yes!

This is it. I grew up watching all the classic game shows and always wanted to be on one when I grew up. I look at the on camera audience website and see there are free tickets to Let’s Make a Deal on my actual birthday. Perfect.

I reach out to some friends to see who can drive up to LA for the weekend and go on a game show with me. I’m able to finagle a handful of people willing dress up in costumes and go on television.

I begin researching – how to get on Let’s Make a Deal. There are five key points that if you follow, you can better your chances of being picked on the show.

First – The importance of a costume

  • Having a complete, accessorized costume will be a plus
  • No scary costumes – they don’t want to pick people who are frightening
  • Clean cut, creative costumes are chosen the most frequently
  • Group themes are also popular and help with a pick

Second – Arrive early and wait in line

  • They only allow 200 people in – if more show up, you are turned away

Third – Have something interesting you can say about yourself

  • They give you an information card to fill out with your info – it’s imperative that you add something interesting to this card be ready with your antidote
  • Did you travel to get there? Producers love that – mention it
  • Write something that will set you apart from the mundane of the majority

Four – be kind, fun and upbeat through the waiting and interview process

  • You will be interviewed – you want to be memorable, fun, enthusiastic and again, share your interesting tidbit about yourself. Stay away from cocky, crazy and shy.
  • After your interview, continue to be kind, fun and upbeat – they are watching.
  • They watch you through the entire process – they have plants mixed in with you, all workers are on watch to catch the phonies. Joke around with the people around you, have fun the people who came with you – talk, laugh, enjoy – they are watching.

Five – once you are in the studio – stay upbeat!

  • They are watching always – they have their short green lighted list, as well as a yellow light list. If they see someone on the green light list being listless, boring, sitting when others are dancing, scowling – they will cut you and add someone from the yellow list.
  • Do not sit down unless they ask you to
  • They have music pumping in the studio like a club - Dance, laugh, sing, smile

I followed all the steps – and I had so much fun doing it. The taping is going well, we’re getting farther into the show and none of our group has been chosen. After a break, Wayne Brady announces the beginning of a another game and asks if there is a Jolie in the audience.

Oh. My. God.

I’ve been picked!

Now, you’ll probably never see this, so I’ll go ahead and give you the rundown of what happened:

I jump up and immediately all coherent thoughts leave my brain. The blood drains to my feet and I cannot believe this is happening. They then call up another person along with me.

I run up to Wayne and say – Oh my god! I love you and adore you! I’m Jolie from Santa Cruz!

There is a flamboyant alligator next to me who is absolutely adorable and demanding the limelight. Wayne offers the alligator a quick dance and he struts his stuff.

I’m standing next to Wayne clapping my hands – go alligator, go alligator!

Wayne announces that we have the chance to win a car!!

We have to pick the numbers between 1 and 8 and spell Toyota without getting zonked.

I choose the first number – 3. I get a Y.

The alligator chooses 7 – he is zonked and out.

It’s all me.

I choose – 2 – because I have two kids. I get an O.

Wayne offers me money – I say – No thank you

They ask for my next number. Do I look at my group, like you’re supposed to do?


Again – no coherent thoughts.

Do I look to the audience for the fun of all classic game show moves? No.

Again – no coherent thoughts. Do I’ll look to you know – what number should I pick? What number?

I’m looking at a 2 and 3 pulled with letters and a 7 with a zonk. What number would you choose next?

Sound like you are smart enough to realize, I should go closer to the first zonk.

Well, as a reminder – no coherent thoughts. You want to know what I thought? Well, I choose two for my two kids and I have one husband. Soooo… One!

And.. Zonk!

Jolie is out – do not pass go, do not collect $200

I go back to my seat and we finish the final 20 minutes of one of the best birthday experiences I could have asked for. We ended the night riding a mechanical bull (another bucket list check).

All five people who came with me, felt the same – even though they weren’t picked - we all talk about it to this day and count it as one of our best memories.

Now that you have the pertinent information – I hope that one day I might see you too on Let’s Make a Deal!

All views are my own and are not reflective of any organization I am a part of

All views are my own and are not reflective of any organization I am a part of

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